3 Wire Crank Sensor Wiring Diagram With Pictures

The crank or crankshaft sensor is a device that monitors the crankshaft’s position. You can find the crankshaft in diesel and gasoline engines. Crankshaft sensors come in two types: the Inductive and the Hall Effect types.

New vehicle owners may have difficulty figuring this out. This article will walk you through the crankshaft sensor. We will study the wire crank sensor wiring diagram in your vehicle’s user manual in this article, too.

The crank sensor differs from one car model to another. It is, then, necessary we know which is the more common arrangement and which is not.

Crank Sensor Wiring Diagram

Carmakers arrange the wiring diagram of crank sensors according to the needs and demands of their buyers. Due to this, you will find that the crankshaft sensor’s wiring diagram is different from one car make or model to another.

Study your vehicle’s user manual to familiarize its crankshaft sensor’s design. You can look into problems there if it’s designed well.

Diagram of the 2 Wire Crank Sensor Wiring

The ground and the signal wires make up the 2 wire crankshaft sensor. What sends the ECU voltage is the signal wire. Meanwhile, the ground wire completes the sensor’s electrical circuit. These two wires connect to the vehicle’s computer or its ECU.

Diagram of the 3-Wire Crank Sensor Wiring

The 3-wire crankshaft sensor, meanwhile, has both wires of the 2 wire crankshaft sensor and the reference voltage wire as the third wire. The 3-wire sensor is the receiver of the ECU’s reference voltage. The sensor’s ground is also from the ECU. Lastly, the signal wire connects the sensor to the vehicle’s main computer.

Difference of Hall Effect from the Inductive Type Crankshaft Sensor

The Hall Effect crankshaft sensor gets the voltage. Without any voltage received, the Hall Effect crankshaft sensor does not work. The Inductive type does not need any voltage. It produces a voltage on its own.

You can read and study your vehicle’s user manual to know more about the wire crank sensor wiring diagram.

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