BMW vs Audi: The Ultimate Comparison

This topic is as old as time, when automobile fanboys gathered round, expect to hear until the wee hours of the morning the debate on car supremacy. Which do you think has the edge in this century-old debacle of German automotive supremacy of Audi vs. BMW?

We will dissect all information presented and we hope this will erase all doubt and ease the tension. We are inviting you to scrutinize all the details together with us. Let’s end this battle once and for all. Let’s start.

Audi vs. BMW: Difference

To help us get started with this never-ending debate on Audi vs. BMW about which car is better, we need first to understand the two cars common denominator. Both automobiles are the product of German ingenuity. If we are to consider this truth, it’s hard not to be impressed with German car-manufacturing passion. It is second to none.

BMW car factory in Germany.

German car brands like Audi and BMW don’t rest on their past laurels. Even with their success all throughout the years, these two brands often fight tooth and nail in creating the most innovative car designs and they continue to outdo each other performance-wise. Is it a bad thing? From a consumer’s standpoint, it’s definitely a good thing.

Handling At High Speeds

We are aware of Germany’s obsession with speed, so to put things in perspective both BMW and Audi platform has an emphasis on better handling of burning rubber on the Autobahn. For the past years, both car manufacturers kept on pushing the envelope as far as aesthetics, functionality, and handling are concerned.

One article online leaned towards BMW in the ultimate driving experience category. According to this article, it says:

“In BMW vs. Audi, BMW slightly edges Audi in terms of better handling when at high speeds. Audi is less agile because BMW has a stiffer suspension that maximizes a smoother and more comfortable ride.”

The BMW M3 Competition drive sedan.


This is one of the topics that I hated the most because at this point every inch of discussion is subjective. The colors, textures, and the car’s overall feel whether we admit it, is quite subjective. Both colors and textures of the interior boil down to one’s personal taste and preferences. But despite that, I will try my best to be as data-driven as I can.

Audi, as its custom interior design, comes in a more subtle but sporty styling. If you are to look at their other models, you can conclude that almost all of their models are almost similar. It seems Audi has a knack for simplicity and utility. I’m not implying anything or whatever. If you are a fan of Audi’s interior configuration, Audi would be your brand of choice.

The Audi E-tron GT Quattro interior.

BMW is bolder with its interiors. But it’s not the case in most of their classes. Higher tier models like the 7 series have an elegant and more premium feel. While the 2 or 3 series, has a more black plastic vibe and is a little bland. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but if you’re looking for a more classy and more refined feel, I understand, it is a little disappointing.

As I was saying, BMW vs. Audi has been in a neck-in-neck battle for German car supremacy for some time. Are you a fan of BMW’s more muscular approach with its interior, or do you prefer Audi’s minimalist approach in its dashboard and other parts of its interior? Either way, it’s a close battle.

BMW Z4 red and black interior.

In the car interior battle, I gave my slight nod to Audi. It’s not that I don’t like BMW’s interior, it’s just that Audi’s interior gives you a more relaxed ambiance. But like what I’ve mentioned, the car’s interior is a little subjective. How about you? Do you favor BMW’s brusque approach or Audi’s more subtle presentation? Tell me what you think.

Engine And That Oomph Effect

Most car fanatics and enthusiasts had the notion that BMW has a better driving experience than an Audi. Audi shares parts with other cars under the Volks group. With that said, Audi is a little inferior.

But in a more technical sense, it’s hard to make a generalization of that aspect. Although The Audi A3 shares the same engine as the VW Golf, it doesn’t mean it’s bad as in BAD. But if you intend to do a little drift racing on the weekends, Audi’s choice of hardware may seem lackluster.

BMW X1 model car engine.

If during weekends you have a much heavier right foot, then Audi’s not so impressive performance may put you disappointed and wanting. In my honest opinion, I think it’s true that BMW is better in the OOMPH department. The stronger pulling power of BMW’s engine will surely knock the wind out of you.

Audi vs. BMW: Fuel Economy

Both cars have acceptable results. Most Audi and BMW models deliver a reasonable mpg on most of their cars. Remember to consider that both brands are luxury-class vehicles. Both brands offer a range of plug-in hybrids and fully electric models.

In terms of fuel efficiency, it’s a hard contested tie between the two. But in terms of power, BMW wins with a very narrow margin.

Audi RS e-Tron GT is being charged electronically.

Audi Vs. BMW: Reliability

In terms of reliability, both cars are German brands, hands down. Then it’s time to look at those little details that would make the other stand in this very close-contested neck-and-neck battle. For the longest time, when we say it was from Germany, it’s hard to argue about reliability, because for quite some time, German cars are excellent in almost all aspects.

Recently, the Volkswagen group has been involved in a lot of reliability issues. And some Audi owners are sharing a lot of not-so-pleasant experiences with their cars.

Audi ranked 34th out of 40 in terms of reliability in the Reliability Index. They (Audi) may have excellent and unique cabin features, but since they share a lot of components with other cars in the VW GROUP, they have somehow tarnished Audi’s reputation in terms of reliability. It’s depressing, but it’s true.

A BMW i8 Roadster.

In recent years, they mostly scrutinized VW group cars with their issues on the engine, cooling and heating system, electrical, and on their fuel systems. Audi’s warranty of 3 years or 60,000 miles may put your mind at peace at the very least. You can only hope that nothing serious plagues your Audi. Just cross your fingers and everything is going to be fine.

BMW has not shied away from its share of reliability issues as well. In recent times, it shook the reputation of BMW because of some reports regarding reliability issues. The long-standing reputation of German quality was in question.

So in terms of reliability, BMW scored a more favorable figure of 31st out of 40 compared to Audi’s 34th out of 40 in terms of reliability.

My vote goes to BMW for reliability.

Audi Vs. BMW: Cost Of Ownership

Audi and BMW are both German powerhouse for luxury cars. If you are extra conscious of the acquisition cost, I may recommend a more budget-friendly Korean or Japanese counterpart. In terms of fuel efficiency, luxury cars are not really cost-effective as the hardware for luxury cars generates more power and torque.

If you now fixed your sight on these two German car brands, I would suggest digging deeper into your pockets because it will go to cost you a little. So, to move further with this Audi vs. BMW debate, which do you think is more cost-effective to own? Let us delve deeper into the details because it’s not as easy as choosing a candy bar. Cars are more intriguing.

In order to have a fixed anchor on cost, we will get our hands on the cost of purchase, lease, insurance, repair, and other stuff. If you are ready, let’s start.

Allow me to compare these 3 sets of car models from both Audi and BMW. This was last year’s price. Yup 2021. Please note that the figures are in (£) pounds.

BMW 1 Series VS. Audi A3

For BMW 1 Series, they price it at £23,335. While Audi A3, it’s at £23,560. For their insurance group, BMW 1 Series rates at 16, while Audi A3 rates at 14. (The smaller the number, the cheaper the insurance).

As for their cost of repair after 5 years, BMW 1 Series cost is at £531.70, while Audi A3 is at £447.16.

BMW 5 Series VS. Audi 6

BMW 5 Series cost of acquisition is at £36,525 while Audi 6 is at £38,450. For their insurance group, BMW 5 Series rates at 28, while Audi A6 rates at 30 (Again, the higher the number, the more expensive it would be).

For their average repair cost after 5 years, the BMW 5 Series repair cost is at £523.80, while Audi A6 is at £541.75.

BMW X3 VS. Audi Q5

BMW X3’s cost of acquisition is at £39,710, while the Audi Q5 is at £40,175. For their insurance group, BMW X3 rates at 28, while Audi Q5 rates at 30. For their average repair cost after 5 years, the BMW X3 repair cost is at £552.50, while Audi Q5 is at £774.43.

Things to Consider

If you are to observe all the information given, there is just a slight difference between the two manufacturers’ prices on their three models that were compared. As you have noticed, the car’s prices fluctuate, and it slightly varies from model to model.

A study conducted by Motoring Research has rated BMW as the most expensive brand to own. They estimated it to cost £2,411 as its cost of acquisition for a year. While they estimated Audi to cost at £2,214 per year. While BMW’s cost of ownership is challenging, Audi’s cost of repairs is quite high.

Technical upgrades are being done by an authorized BMW service center.

A lot of folks raise their eyebrows with Audi’s high cost of repairs. But I suggest you need to take this insight with a grain of salt. Before signing the dotted line, exert an effort to do more digging about your preferred brand. I assure you, that the extra effort you will do can help you save a lot in the long run. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time.

Honestly, I am torn between the two. If I am to rate this part, I think based on owners’ narratives, I would lean favorably with BMW with this one. But again, I am suggesting you need to take my rating with a grain of salt.

Audi Vs. BMW: Which Has A Better Performance?

BMW’s reputation for excellent performance is a stuff of legend. Well, if you come to think of it, BMW has a lot of a head start in the sedan category compared to Audi. Both BMW’s M3 and M5 models have raked a lot of fans on a wide global scale. Its tagline, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, stands the test of time for several decades.

When the world was gearing towards a greener and cleaner approach, BMW followed suit. It made some of its iconic models run on electricity or converted some of its sedan and SUV to hybrids. Audi is also keeping track of changes in times. In fact, Audi is giving BMW a run of its money.

Audi has quite a list of EV models as compared to BMW. Their youthful and dynamic design is has made a lot of with the much younger car enthusiasts. Audi’s elegant exterior design is just plain beautiful, hands down. To simplify their comparison and see it clear in a nutshell, BMW has better road handling while Audi can make you fall in love with its interior in an instant.

By this time, you need to narrow down your preferences. Are you the fast and the furious Dominic Toretto kind of driver, then you’ll go to love a BMW? But if you’re like the cool and elegant Tony Stark kind of dude, I guess you’re better off with an Audi.

What Is The Best German Car Brand?

Germany has become a top country in terms of car production. Top brands include Audi and BMW on the market now. The industrialized nation of Germany has quickly become a leader in terms of car manufacturing.

Their brands compete at the highest levels in the automotive market. The brands make room for the leading automotive makers. Trust the brands and see what they have in stock. Remember top brands like Audi or BMW for the next car purchase as well.

Read the reviews left by the buyers and the critics. These sources have keen information that new buyers will need. That is why the prices will be fit for the next purchase. The car brands are on the rise and they deserve much respect. Pay for the cost and drive away in a nice car. That is well worth the effort and buying the car is an investment in style.

Is Audi Or BMW More Prestigious

Many car buyers want to buy a luxury brand model. Is Audi or BMW more prestigious? The simple answer is both are acclaimed by the fan base. The dealerships want to sell the newest model cars to people.

But there are some considerations which people need to follow. That could lead new car buyers towards the best choice. Know that Audi and BMW both make many different car models. Sedans and SUV models are routinely made by the automaker in time.

The 2022 BMW M3 and M4 competition cars.

The price tag is now listed and people can share the tips. They can speak to the auto dealer to make a bargain possible. The auto dealer wants to learn more about what is happening. The sales event is marking down the price to pay. Buy on sale and benefit from the incredible advantages of the car. That same car can hit the road in style and class.


To be honest with you, this topic has actually caused me a lot of migraines. In the battle for German car supremacy, both Audi and BMW are always neck-and-neck in almost all categories like handling, fuel efficiency, comfort, and overall handling performance.

Which car would be best for you is all about your personal preferences. Choose wisely which car specs are best suited for your style because, in the end, it’s you who will spend a lot of time behind the wheel. I am a more rugged speedster while my better half loves the aesthetics. I am more inclined to choose a BMW, but my better half loves to graze her stare on Audi’s aesthetics. So if I were you, choose wisely.

How about you? What do you think? Are you more impressed with BMW’s rugged but classy appeal, or you are more at home with Audi’s sassy swag? Tell us more of what you think, and maybe we’ll see each other in the parking lot looking for a shade to park our rides. Take care and stay safe. Ciao!

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