Here’s The 5 Best Car Air Purifiers For Your Car

Cars are prone to acquire dust and other particles that can be hazardous to health. Being on the constant move, it could not be avoided that it can accumulate all the tiny particles. Cars need to be constantly cleaned for that reason. However, some people are too busy to have their car interiors constantly cleaned.

Car air purifiers ensure that your car is safe from all these harmful particles. Putting an air purifier in your car will put your mind at ease. Choosing the best car air purifiers can be tricky sometimes. The market can overwhelm you with the available choices.

Top 10 Best Car Air Purifiers

1.     IQAir Atem Car Air Purifier

IQAir Atem Car Air Purifier

Do not be fooled by how small the size of the purifier is. It is capable of cleaning the air faster and better than its competitor in the market. It is no surprise that it is considered one of the best in the market.

It has a HEPA filter that you might need to replace every year but the unit itself has a 3-year warranty. The kind of assurance that the manufacturer has given their customer when it comes to the unit’s durability to last that long. The HEPA filter replacement does not come when buying the unit so you have to buy it separately.

One of the best things about IQAir Atem car air purifiers is that they have excellent customer service. They can easily accommodate their customers and provide them with the assistance they needed.

A compact purifier, durable, and can be adjusted using a mobile app. If these are the qualities you are looking for in a car air purifier, then this is the product that is best suited for you.


  • Can be controlled through the mobile app
  • It comes with a car mount
  • Cleans the air 20 times within an hour
  • Small in size


  • Expensive

2.     NWK Portable Cordless Ozone Generator

No products found.

NWK Portable Cordless Ozone Generator is a car air purifier that is easy to operate. It does not come with a mobile app but it has a timer. This is needed since you cannot use this purifier while inside the car.

Setting the timer will automatically shut off the purifier. This car air purifier does not have a HEPA filter so there is no need for an annual cost. It also needs low power so you can plug it into the cigarette plug and it will work.

It works in small compact spaces so it can even be used to purify the air in the room. This is one of the advantages of using the NWK Portable Cordless Ozone Generator. You can use it to clean small rooms. This car air purifier is perfect for removing odor. You can set the timer depending on the intensity of the smell that is inside the car.

If you are looking for an air purifier that is easy to use, can be used in other spaces aside from your car, and does not need high maintenance, this could be the car air purifier for you.


  • Easy to operate
  • No need to change the filter
  • Portable


  • Affordable
  • Can only be used if nobody is in the car
  • Ozone is not breathable

3.     VR-Robot Car Air Purifier

VR-Robot Car Air Purifier

Cars are often the best place to puff a stick of cigarette. Whether you are a smoker or not, some of the people you know may smoke inside your car. This is one of the reasons why having a car air purifier that can remove both the smell and the dust is necessary for a car.

The main feature of the VR-Robot Car Air Purifier is that it is can remove dust and other particles as well as the smell that you do not want inside your car. If you are to use this car air purifier, you do not have to buy a car air freshener. This car air purifier comes with scents you can choose from.


  • Have different fan speed
  • Works faster than any other vacuum


  • Is big and may not be compatible with other cars
  • When turned on, it can be loud

4.     Philips GoPure GP5611

Philips GoPure GP5611

If you want an air purifier that is a little over the size of your coffee mug but can do more, the Philips GoPure GP 5611 is the one for you. This car air purifier filters the air and can destroy airborne microbes and pathogens.

This car air purifier can be used while you are inside the car. It ensures that the air quality you breathe is better while you are on the go. The pandemic is proof that air quality matters. Airborne diseases can easily affect everyone.

While we do not have control over the air outdoors, we can easily do that when we are indoors. Especially when we are traveling, it is important to make sure that we have safe, quality air while on the go.

Philips made sure that the UVC light for this device is sealed. Lab tests had shown that there is no leakage so it is safe to use around people of all ages. This car air purifier does not require special ignition. It turns on and off when the car ignition starts or stops. It has a stylish design so it does not look bulky and does not need a special place.

You can put it in the cup holder and start your car worry-free. There is no need to change the LED that emits UVC light regularly since this lasts longer.


  • Portable
  • Can be used in other confined space


  • Expensive
  • Needs to replace the filter annually

5.     Philips GoPure GP5212

Philips GoPure GP5212

When traveling, the biggest challenge is the fumes coming from other vehicles along the road. While it is impossible to control the air quality outside of your car, you can do that easily with Philips GoPure GP 5212.

You would not want your loved ones to be exposed to harmful toxins from the fumes outside. Even for big cars such as SUVs, this car air purifier will be able to clean 50% of the air in 10 minutes, this ensures that the car, no matter how big will have safe, breathable air.

Philips GoPure GP5212 is ideal for any size of vehicle. This car air purifier comes with a 4m 12V charger so you can put it even at the back of the car. There is no need to worry about how to turn it on or off when driving since it starts and stops with the car ignition.

You can drive worry-free while enjoying quality air. When it is time to change the filter, the air filter indicator will switch on. This car air purifier can be put over the headrest, on the armrest, or chair and it will be able to function all the same.


  • Airmid certified to remove 90% of the allergens
  • Cleans air fast


  • Filter needs to be regularly replaced
  • Costly

6.     Figo ThinkGA Car Air Purifier

Figo ThinkGA Car Air Purifier

A handheld car air purifier that can easily clean the air you breathe inside the car. That is what Figo ThinkGA Car Air Purifier is. This car air purifier works through ionization, has an aluminum body, and does not cost much compared to other car air purifiers.

It does not have a filter but instead releases negative ions. The ionization process allows it not only to filter the air but easily get rid of the smell inside the car. A major challenge when traveling in city traffic is the fumes coming from other cars and other pollutants that cause odor inside the car.

Car fresheners can easily make your car smell good but the particles that are harmful to health cannot be eradicated by car fresheners. It can also clean 10 cu. m of air. Aside from cars, you can also use this to clean other enclosed spaces.


  • Does not cost much but is very durable
  • Portable


  • Disposable can only be used within 12 months

7.     Pure Enrichment PureZone

Pure Enrichment PureZone

A car air purifier that has an auto shut-off mode you can choose from and comes with a sleek design. Pure Enrichment PureZone is for those who are looking for an aesthetic design but can do the job.

This air purifier is suited for both cars and enclosed spaces. It is small in design and could easily fit in small spaces. It can be put on a table or a cabinet but it does not distract the design.

This air purifier also comes with 3 fan speeds as well as an auto mode. Leaving it in a room or a car is doable since you can set it to shut off within 2, 4, or 8 hours. You can use it while the car is running, or while you are out of the car, this is entirely up to your choice.


  • Widely available
  • Can auto shut off


  • Filter needs to be changed regularly

8.     Autowit Car Air Purifier

No products found.

This car air purifier has a 3-stage filtration. Autowit Car Air Purifier has a compact design that can fit any space. The limited space in the car where you can put the air purifier would not be a challenge at all since it consumes very little space. It does not need a special charger since it can be charged using a USB.

This purifier can also be charged using a power bank. This purifier comes with a 1 -year warranty and the HEPA filter needs to be changed regularly once every quarter. Despite the size of this car air purifier, it can easily cleanse the air even in a bulk-sized SUV.

This air purifier is ideal for those who are constantly on the road since it is small, easy to carry, and filters the air easily. This is one of the most efficient car air purifiers on the market.


  • Small and sleek design
  • Comes with a humidifier


  • No onboard battery

9.     Pure Car Air Purifier

Pure Car Air Purifier

If you need a car air purifier that is not complicated to use, small and does not need to change filter constantly, then Pure Car Air Purifier is the one for you. It also does not have carbon filtration.

This car air purifier simply emits negative ions into the air so the cigarette smoke, pollen, and other allergens could be weighed down and will not be inhaled. This air purifier is perfect if your only goal is to keep your car smelling fresh. This is also easy to use. You just have to plug it in the cigarette plug and it will already work.

Also, if you need to charge your phone, this air purifier comes with a dual charger design so you can use it while charging other devices. If you constantly use it for 7 days, it will be able to get rid of all the allergens inside your car.



  • Disposable after 1 year of use

9.     Homdox Car Air Purifier

No products found.

If you want a car air purifier that has a HEPA filtration and activated carbon filter. Homdox Car Air Purifier is the car air purifier you are looking for. Despite having such features, it is extremely quiet. It is even described as one of the most soothing purifiers on the market. It has a 3-stage filtration to improve the quality of the air.

This is also easy to use since you just need to hook it up to the cigarette filter and it will already work. Its best feature is that it has an indicator of the air quality inside the confined space. It has 3 color indicators showing the different levels of air quality. Changing the filter within 6 to 8 months is necessary to ensure that the filtration quality is still good.


  • Indicator for the air quality
  • Get rid of odor because of the carbon filter


  • No indicator if it is time to change the filter

Which Is The Best Car Air Purifier For A Car?

When choosing the best car air purifier, will depend on one car to the other.

There are factors to be considered before choosing the best-suited air purifier for the car. There are many reasons why you want an air purifier for your car, but the first reason why you want an air purifier is to ensure that you are breathing fresh and clean air when inside your car.

This will also be the consideration you have to think of when buying an air purifier. The different kind of pollutants that gets in your car.

Pollutants can differ from one car owner to the other. Cigarette smoke, pollen, pet hairs, and odors are just a few of the pollutants that can enter your car. Since each car is used differently this can differ as well.

From there, you need to evaluate which air purifiers best suit your lifestyle. If you have pets, your car might need a HEP-A air filter. Pets sometimes leave a smell and hair inside the car that cannot be removed by a simple purifier.

Car vacuuming inside the car.

The number of times you clean your car should be considered. Some people are too busy to have their cars cleaned or vacuumed once a week. Dirt and other pollutants will accumulate and this can be harmful to your health.

The material used for the seats can also be a factor. Fabrics can retain the odor and are more difficult to clean compared to leather seats. Thus, cleaning it is more difficult. When using a car air purifier with an ionizer, odors are lessened.

Can Air Purifiers Be Harmful?

Car air purifiers are not harmful. Although there are car air purifiers that should not be used while passengers are still inside the car, air purifiers in general are helpful. They clean the air we breathe. Some purifiers are also capable of getting rid of allergens that we do not want inside our bodies whether we are driving or not.

As long as instructions are followed, air purifiers would be a great help on your journey when driving your cars. You have plenty of choices for the car air purifier and you can choose which best suit your needs and your lifestyle.

How Long Do Car Air Purifiers Last?

These devices control cleaning the air of pollutants and allergens by sanitizing the particles. These particles are microscopic, so maintaining the purifier to do the job is critical to one’s health. A car air purifier can last between 2-5 years before having to get a new one.

Here are some tips for maintaining a car air purifier for maximum time.

1.     Read the manual

Reading the manual is vital because every brand of car air purifier works differently than another model will. The manual shows how to install the tool correctly and for what car it is made to be integrated.

2.     Air circulation

The majority of air purifiers have air intakes, so if they are blocked by clutter in a car, they can’t correctly circulate the lousy air into good clean air. Heavy objects should not be on top of the air purifier as well.

3.     Filter Management

Replacing filters or cleaning permanent ones will allow for longer shelf life. Failing to replace filters that aren’t meant to be reused will provide stress in a unit and cause it to break prematurely. Also, warm or hot water should be used to clean off excess dust on a permanent filter.

Some car air purifiers are placed in the cup holder and some can be plugged into the cigarette outlet. An air purifier for a car can last for years if the tips mentioned are followed.

How Long Should I Leave My Air Purifier Running?

When you purchase an air purifier, you may be wondering how long you should leave it running. Typically, you will want to leave your air purifier running for at least a couple of hours each day, but you can also turn it off at certain times, such as when you leave the house or are sleeping.

Some people even run their air purifiers during the night, as a form of white noise. The amount of time you leave your air purifier on will depend on the size of your room and the power of your model.

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of death, and it can come from both indoor and outdoor sources. Outdoor pollution comes from cars and fires, while indoor air pollution can be from cooking, industrial byproducts, and mold.

Expert Tip: Using an air purifier is a great way to reduce the number of contaminants in the air, but you need to be sure to run it for the right amount of time and replace the filters on a regular basis.

When determining how long to leave your air purifier running, you can look at the CADR or air quality measurement of your unit. This measure indicates how much time it takes for the air in your room to filter. A high-quality air purifier will take approximately one hour to filter the air in a 375-square-foot room. A low-quality unit will take two hours to clean the air in a larger room.

Do Air Purifiers In Cars Work?

There are many reasons you may want an air purifier in your car. You may be concerned about allergens or pollution. But whether it works for you depends on what type of purifier it is; and what purpose you want it to accomplish.

1.     Ionizer purifiers

These purifiers plug into your car’s cigarette lighter or a USB port. These devices will remove allergens from the air. The allergens may be temporarily gone, but they also can remain on surfaces of your car. These also don’t get rid of odors or gases.

2.     HEPA filters

These purifiers are good at removing pollen during springtime, so allergy sufferers will be pleased if they choose these devices. They are also effective at removing some pollution you may find when driving through a big city. HEPA filters also don’t remove odors and gases from the car.

As you can see, air purifiers may not solve all the problems you may hope they will.

If you wonder what else you can do to improve the air quality in your car, be sure to change your air filter on a regular basis.


Whatever your lifestyle is, your priority is your health. There is so much you cannot control, but the quality of the air you breathe when inside the enclosed space or within our space, can be cleaned.

The car air purifier helps us in more ways than one. When breathing healthy air, we can provide good oxygen for our body to function well. It is better to spend a few hundred dollars to avoid getting sick than to spend a few more dollars to have lifetime consequences of breathing in polluted air.

With hundreds of car air purifiers in the market, we listed the top 10 best car air purifiers in the market to choose from. You can select what is best suited for you and enjoy the fresh air.

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