BMW As First Car: Is It A Good Choice?

A first-time driver’s first car purchase is a momentous occasion. You can finally afford your first car now that you have your license or you’ve had it for a while. In any case, you’re undoubtedly ready to get moving and check out some potential first vehicles. An emblem of elegance and status, BMWs are popular cars.

BMWs are among the most well-liked luxury cars on the market, which is no secret. Like Mercedes Benz, BMW produces high-performance cars that novice drivers rarely operate. A BMW can, however, make a great first car under the appropriate conditions and with reasonable BMW lease packages.

A BMW can make an excellent first car because they are dependable and have a solid safety record, but the cost of ownership must be considered. The cost of purchasing and maintaining newer, more expensive models will be substantial. Lower-end cars can be reasonably priced on the used car market.

What Is A Good Entry-Level BMW?

It may be time to start with a base model if you want to understand why BMW customers keep choosing the brand, car after vehicle.

These models are less expensive than flagship options yet provide incredible functionality. One of these models will be ideal for you whether the vehicle is your first for a novice driver, a commuter car for a professional, a young family, or you want to enjoy the benefits of owning a BMW at the best price.

The best beginner BMWs are the A 1 Series, 2 Series, or 3 Series. They are the best options for those who have never owned a BMW because they are the most affordable to purchase and maintain.

BMW 1 series.

Is A BMW Good For Beginners?

A BMW can make an excellent first automobile because they are reliable and have a strong safety reputation, but the cost of ownership must be considered. The cost of purchasing and maintaining more recent and expensive models will be substantial.

On the used automobile market, lower-end cars can be reasonably priced.

Is A BMW An Excellent First Car For A Teenager?

Some advantages and disadvantages should be considered for young teenagers learning to drive BMWs. High safety ratings for crashworthiness and crash avoidance, as well as a variety of driving aids that both prevent accidents and help rookie drivers, make BMWs a suitable choice for a teenager’s first vehicle.

PHEV models also provide excellent fuel efficiency. Even though most models have more horsepower and performance than a teenager needs and lack a “parental mode,” the downsides include high purchase and maintenance costs.

Overall, the safety features and driving aids of new BMWs would likely be advantageous to a teen driver. The disadvantage would be the astronomical price of purchasing and maintaining a BMW. However, if the price is a concern, the earlier BMW models are likely a better fit for teenagers. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and require less upkeep.

Why Would A BMW Be An Excellent First Car?

The following elements may persuade you that a BMW is the best choice for you if you have a higher budget, the appropriate experience, and a proper mindset:

  • The safety record of BMWs is good.
  • BMW vehicles come with cutting-edge technology.
  • There are numerous driver assistance features in BMW vehicles.
  • BMW vehicles are opulent and comfy.
  • BMWs are stylish!
BMW 3 series featuring a large curved display.

It could be regarded a viable alternative as long as the potential buyer is aware of the costs associated with purchasing, maintaining, and insuring a BMW as a new driver and is aware that a powerful rear-wheel drive car can be trickier to operate than a front-wheel drive car with a small engine.

Is It Better To Buy A New Or Used BMW As A First Car?

As a general rule, new drivers should purchase a used BMW as their first vehicle instead of a new one. In addition to being less expensive, secondhand BMWs are more prone to sustain minor dings and scratches from inexperienced drivers.

If unfortunate scrapes occur, it is much better to be in an older vehicle rather than spend thousands of dollars repairing a spotless new one. However, the cost is the primary justification for choosing a used BMW as your first vehicle instead of a new one. New BMWs are expensive cars that lose value during the first few years of ownership.

Most new drivers prioritize cost. Thus it makes sense to purchase a BMW that has already seen most of its depreciation. Additionally, you can get some fantastic prices on secondhand cars.


BMWs are generally not recommended as first vehicles due to their high price, although there will always be new drivers who can afford one. If so, there are plenty of excellent BMWs, including the 1, 2, and 3 Series models.

If you choose to purchase a BMW as your first vehicle, thoroughly investigate all maintenance costs, especially if you’re buying a used BMW. It’s crucial to be aware that it will cost more than other possibilities for a first automobile, but if you’re okay with that, have fun driving.

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