Mercedes vs BMW: Which One Should You Choose In 2022

If luxury is what you require in a car then look no further than these two top brands. Mercedes and BMW. These German-made cars are have been dominating the market since their inception. If you want a reliable car with modern design and technology these two brands are the go-to.

Deciding between both cars poses a great challenge to many, this is because it is hard to decipher which brand of car is the best. The quality of both cars leaves its potential buyers thinking a lot about which one of the two should they opt for.

In this BMW vs Mercedes article. I’m going to write about the quality of these two cars and which quality exceeds the other. Both manufacturers are good at their game so is not going to be easy to decide who wins, but hopefully, this article guides you to make an informed decision.

BMW vs Mercedes is a battle between two ingenious manufacturers, they both have special qualities which makes them unique. These qualities are the metric we use to ascertain which manufacturer is the best. Here are some of the factors that differentiate the two manufacturers and what makes one more impressive than the other.

BMW vs Mercedes

Model variety

These manufacturers are part of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world and they offer a wide range of cars that are specifically developed to tailor to the demands of their customers. Both manufacturers offer impressive options and designs when it comes to car models.

So let’s start with BMW.

BMW has been offering a wide range of cars since its inception, as technology improves BMW also makes sure their cars are also improving to the latest technological standard. When it comes to luxury cars look no further than BMW. They produce luxury saloons, sports, electrical, hatchback, SUVs, hybrids, and high-performance cars.

Cars are designed to meet the high expectations of their customers. They have the 3- series, 5-series, and 7 series. There are also other unique models such as the BMW M line, I line X, and Z4 series. These are all top-notch brands and a testament to the massive ingenuity of BMW.

Mercedes Benz cars parked with their headlights turned on
Mercedes Benz cars parked with their headlights turned on.

Here comes Mercedes which has proven itself to be a worthy competitor of BMW. Mercedes also has a wide range of car models to choose from. These state-of-the-art cars are a force to reckon with.

Aside from its luxurious car models similar to BMW, Mercedes has other brands of cars such as trucks, buses, pick-ups. and station wagons offering a little difference from BMW brands Mercedes can boast of having a variety of options than BMW.

BMW cars of various colors in a parking lot
BMW cars of various colors in a parking lot.

Its A-Class and S-class luxurious models are so impressive and are up to modern standard. It has an ultra-luxurious called the Mercedes- Maybach. This model is very impressive. Mercedes also produces more commercial cars than BMW giving Mercedes more options outside luxurious cars.


Every modern car puts much premium on its interior design, without that it won’t get a lot of buyers. Mercedes and BMW are top brands that put match premium on their interior design. Although, both cars have impressive interior designs there are slight differences in both.

White Mercedes Benz interior design
White Mercedes Benz interior design.

Mercedes has more luxurious interior settings than the BMW. The cabin of Mercedes is full of quality leather, nice wood, and chrome.

Mercedez guarantees absolute comfort in its interior design. Its inside environment makes the car a top brand.

BMW Black and orange car interior
BMW Black and orange car interior.

While BMW also offers luxurious state-of-the-art interior design more emphasis is rather placed on the driver experience inside the car. Its designs from technology to other features inside the car are geared towards limiting difficulties for the driver so although it has impressive designs it is just not as impressive as Mercedes but very user-friendly.


One of the main factors to consider before buying any vehicle is performance. Both the Mercedes and BMW are high-performance cars, their manufacturers did a good job in making the car very effective when it comes to its performance ability.

Expert Tip: Compared to any other cars both vehicles are great in performance the only slight difference is BMW tends to have smaller engines done Mercedes and Mercedes tend to have a broader engines

The lighter engine of BMW makes it perform better than Mercedes but this is just a subtle difference and this in no way makes the Mercedes a less performing vehicle. People also prefer broad engines such as Mercedes because of the high power it gives. Both cars are great when it comes to their performance abilities.


One primary concern you have to have when buying a vehicle is its safety. The safety of a vehicle is very important since your life will be at stake when things go wrong with your car. It is important to examine the features of a car to see whether it is safe before you make the purchase.

One of the benefits of driving a Mercedes or a BMW is its assurance of safety. Both vehicles are models that have advanced safety technology.

For instance, Mercedes has a pre-safe technology added to the car. Your vehicle will automatically apply brakes when it senses an accident is about to occur. This technology mitigates the severity of your accident or if initiated on time it prevents the accident from happening.

Night View Assist Plus can warn the driver of a potential threat posed by pedestrians or animals in unlit areas in front of the vehicle.

Modern Mercedes cars example Mercedes Benz has a night view assist, this helps you navigate the road safely during nighttime.

Modern BMW cars have assist and blind-spot monitoring, it detects hazardous lane changes and recommends if the lane is safe or not. This technology is present in most luxurious cars, the main provider of safety in BMW is its body design.

The Blind Spot Detection System detects traffic situations that could endanger the driver if he or she changes lanes.

It has a safe body shell that mitigates damage to its drivers and the car during accident encounters it also has a side impact protection that provides extra security to its users. Both cars have promising features which assure safety on the road.


When technology advances the better for modern cars Mercedes and BMW are well known for their state of the art technology inclusion in their vehicle. These two manufacturers are always improving the technological abilities of their vehicles. One thing to factor in when choosing between these two cars is what the manufacturers offer in terms of technology.

Mercedes has an impressive technology system added to their vehicle one of its most talked-about technology is the Mbrace system. This is a comprehensive system that provides entertainment, security features, and connectivity.

Expert Tip: The amazing aspect of this Mbrace technology is, you can control all the mentioned features and other major systems in your car using your smartphone or computer. It also alerts you about new information about your car.

BMW also has super-advanced technology added to its modern vehicles. Modem BMW vehicles have a head-up display this is a futuristic feature more like the science fiction movies we normally watch. This technology projects data directly into the driver’s line of sight, this allows the driver to stay focused on the road without any distractions.

Information such as speed, navigation instructions, and the lane guider also alerts you when pedestrians are on the road. You don’t have to look down or stretch to see this information, they are projected to you so you can see them with ease. It also has a drive system that can make you control your vehicle with your voice and gestures.

Both vehicles offer impressive technology.


Every quality car has to be dependable, the assurance you have whether your car is dependable or not is very important. A reliable car gives you a sense of relief because you know it is not always going to end up with the mechanic. Reliability is of main importance to both BMW and Mercedes.

Both manufacturers ensure their cars are up to standard and can be considered reliable. Reliability can be best determined by how many years a particular brand of vehicle has been used without major faults. Both have unique qualities and strength that makes them reliable.

But according to research done by AM online and other sources, found after six years. BMW requires more maintenance than Mercedes. Both are reliable but after a long period of time Mercedes tend to lack less maintenance than BMW.

There are some differences between the different models from BMW and Mercedes in terms of reliability and you’re going to find different cars in each lineup as better.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel can be quite expensive sometimes so when looking for a brand of car it is important to factor in its fuel efficiency.

BMW has a lighter engine and this feature makes the energy strong and helps it conserve fuel. Mercedes, on the other hand, has bigger engines compared to BMW and these engines are very powerful and their powerful engines take in more fuel compared to BMW.


The price of a vehicle is also one factor very important to consider when buying a vehicle. Mostly is good to know whether the amount you are paying for a particular vehicle is worth the price.

It won’t matter when the price is expensive but the vehicle has every feature you want and lives up to your expectation. It is rather very disconcerting to buy a vehicle at an expensive price when it doesn’t meet your expectation or you later find out it does not have the features you expected.

Expert Tip: That is why it is very important to do your research before you venture to buy a car. Unlike other vehicles, Mercedes and BMW give you a good run for your money. Its unique features make it part of the best vehicles available in the market.

Prices of Mercedes vehicles vary depending on the sort of Mercedes vehicle you want. The same applies to BMW but if you compare the two cars side by side Mercedes tend to be expensive than BMW. Again, both are quality vehicles and it won’t be a waste of money buying any of the two.

However, if you live on a tight budget. BMW will be the expedient option for you.


Insuring a car is the way to go. Prices differ depending on the type of car you use. Commercial cars are less expensive when insuring them but luxurious cars come with hefty insurance prices. Mercedes and BMW tend to have their insurance prices high.

BMW has its parts more expensive than Mercedes, replacing the parts of BMW cost more than Mercedes hence ensuring BMW is more expensive than Mercedes. Both are expensive to insure when they are brand new, premiums tend to be high. So these are factors you should consider before selecting any of them.

Target audience

Vehicles are not designed without having a specific group of people. Manufacturers always consider their customer’s preferences and what will appeal to them more before they manufacture a vehicle.

Mostly the design and entire make-up of a car can tell the sort of audience they are targeting. For instance, the styling of BMW makes it appeal more to younger people. Its make-up. technology ad futuristic features make it the preference for young people. Conversely.

Mercedes tend to appeal more to older drivers. Mercedes is not that complicated as BMW the technology addition in BMW is somehow more advanced than Mercedes and the elderly usually do not want too many complicated vehicles. However, both companies are making an effort to appeal to everyone in the market.

User experience

A man holding a Mercedes Benz Transponder key and A man driving a BMW car
A man holding a Mercedes Benz Transponder key (left) and a man driving a BMW car (right).

Both cars offer a different user experience when used. Mercedes drivers always claim their cars are the best so as BMW drivers so most at times it is based on opinions of the drivers of each car. However, there are certain characteristics of each car that makes their user experience different.

BMW is known for having a lightweight engine, this allows them to maneuver in tight corners with ease. BMW drivers tend to enjoy the flexibility the car offers. The presence of manual shifters also makes BMW perfect for a speed race Mercedes on the other hand has broad engines this makes not as effective during speed racing and taking corners like BMW.

Market Performance

These two manufacturers are up to their game and both are really doing well in the market but since this is a BMW vs Mercedes is best we analyze which of the manufacturing brands is performing better in the market in terms of sales.

The two german giant companies released their sales performance for the first quarter BMW had a sale increase of 33.5% while Mercedes had a sale increase of 22.3% this quarter, this means BMW did better than Mercedes this first quarter.

BMW had a better approach towards the market than Mercedes this year, according to them their increase in sales was a result of their ambitious growth targets of the year.

Both Manufactures adopting Electrification of their vehicles has been an immense help which has made them performed better than other brands in the market. Both are performing great but from this year’s sales. BMW has performed better than Mercedes.


A look inside the seats of Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars
A look inside the seats of Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars.

Comfort in your own car is probably one of the best qualities to look for when buying a car. Your comfortability in your own car makes you worry less. Luxurious cars off-late are designed with comfort in mind.

BMW Modern designs are such a way it gives ultimate comfort to its users. Its interior decoration is made to give its users ultimate comfort. Mercedes has the best interior design geared at giving its users the best relaxation experience when used.

The seats of Mercedes are designed with leather and have many adjustable provisions, state of the art features have been added to the interior design of Mercedes to give its users the absolute comfort they need. When comes to comfort both vehicles are great


Quality is one important feature every driver looks at before selecting a car. No one wants to drive a car of inferior quality.

Picking between Mercedes and BMW when it comes to the car with the most quality feature is a hard call and nearly impossible to choose one over the other. This is because both vehicles are made with quality In mind and there is no way any of the manufacturers of both Mercedes and BMW will produce a car with an inferior quality jeopardizing their respective brands.

But when you compare both cars in terms of quality they tend to interchange their first and second positions when it comes to the aspect of quality of each brand. For instance. Mercedes has a better interior than BMW in terms of quality the interior Mercedes is nicely designed with good leather and chromes than BMW.

Similarly. BMW has a high performing engine than Mercedes in terms of quality. So both are quality products but they sometimes have a slight quality feature more than the other.

Mercedes or BMW?

mercedes benz vs bmw
Mercedes Benz vs BMW: Which one should you choose?

Which is more reliable Mercedes or BMW?

To answer this tricky question, you will know which is more reliable after 5 to 8 years of using each brand. But each of them have their own loyalists and will vouch for their favorite brand.

While both of them are German brands which proves that each try to outdo each other in terms of quality, tech advancement and durability, both have their own merits.

Mercedes have a more vast lineup of vehicles compared to BMW. If you test drive both, you would distinctly find some differences. They ride differently and their handling aspects are unique, but in a premium manner.

For the small models, Mercedes has the edge in better quality interiors but for the larger variants, BMW gets a thumbs up. For road safety and performance, tests have proven time and again that BMW is better. BMW car owners can also vouch that their cars have better fuel economy and emit less harmful emissions.

But opinions are subjective and time will tell what is more reliable, Mercedes or BMW.

Is Mercedes or BMW better?

Mercedes Benz and BMW logo side by side
Mercedes Benz and BMW logo side by side.

We all have various preferences when it comes to cars, and we always want to have a vehicle with safety features. Some individuals are undecided about which car to buy because they offer distinct features, but which is genuinely superior: Mercedes or BMW?

These two car brands are known all over the world for their commitment to quality. They produce high-end vehicles with just slight variations in features. As a result, choosing between the two brands can be a challenge.

If you want a luxurious car, you won’t be disappointed with a BMW or Mercedes. They each have a wide range of cars and the luxury features you want. In the automobile industry, these are superb premium models. Both are available in a variety of models and specs. As a result, determining which one to use can be difficult, especially with new users.

If you’re looking for a corporate car, Mercedes-Benz is a safe bet. They manufacture high-end station wagons, vans, buses, trucks, and pickup vehicles. Mercedes Benz also excels in terms of safety, opulence, and technical innovations.

A Mercedes Benz vehicle is parked next to the house.
A Mercedes Benz vehicle is parked next to the house.

If model variety and fuel efficiency are important to you, BMW is the way to go. It’s also reasonably priced, offers outstanding performance, and provides a pleasurable experience of driving.

If you’re still undecided, the best solution is to test drive both and evaluate what works and is suitable for you based on your preference.


BMW vs Mercedes is a good challenge that reveals the special qualities of each vehicle. Both vehicles show promising and magnificent features. Both vehicles come with different specifications, none of the vehicles is exceedingly better than the other and this makes choosing the best amongst them quite complicated.

When choosing between these two cars is best to go over the features described here and select the one that appeals to you the most. Both cars are top brands and selecting either is a good choice.

Please kindly leave a comment if you have any questions.

Choosing the right car between these two manufactures is not easing because both are great brands.

But with the information here you can easily narrow your preference and choose the best that suits you.

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