Car Alarm Keeps Going Off: Here’s The Fixes For You

Are you annoyed and wondering why your car alarm keeps going off? Then there are several reasons why it keeps going off from time to time. Unwanted car alarm buzzing is a typical problem that many people experience. When people are sleeping at night and your car alarm suddenly activates for no apparent reason, the situation is much more annoying.

A statutory nuisance notice may result from issues with your car’s alarm system. Even worse, it can prevent you from recognizing when a genuine intrusion occurs. Your auto alarm may sound repeatedly for a number of reasons, including defective sensors, a low battery, wiring issues, and a broken key fob. Unevenly closed doors are another potential source.

While most problems may be resolved with an alarm or ECU reset, others may need professional assistance. Finding out what causes your auto alarm to suddenly start beeping can help you choose the best line of action to permanently silence it.

Common Reasons for Defective Car Alarm

Here are the 6 common reasons why your car alarm keeps going off randomly:

1.     Dead or low battery

Car battery charger.

The auto alarm can also be used to locate your vehicle in a huge parking lot or to dissuade criminals. It might also be the warning your automobile sends you when your battery is running low. If the alarm sounds as you’re turning the key in the ignition, it might be trying to communicate with you.

2.     Batteries with corroded, rusted, or filthy terminals and dirty lock doors

The computer may detect “low battery” and notify you if the charge cannot correctly flow from the battery to the cables. Naturally, clean connections are essential for your battery’s best performance and longevity. Disconnect the battery and clean the terminals if there is any junk there.

Due to their location inside the door or trunk, they may be more difficult to access, but you may check the voltage with a multimeter to determine if any of them are setting off false alarms.

3.     Motion/Shock Sensitive Sensor

Even if a dog or cat lightly touches your automobile, a sensitive shock or movement sensor sets off the alarm. Whether your car has an aftermarket alarm system placed in it or a factory-installed alarm system substantially affects the type of shock and movement sensors you have in it.

4.     Wiring Issues

Signals can become strange if one of the sensors is not properly connected to the computer. The hood latch sensor is frequently the problem, so try first disabling and then re-enabling it. You can use the same procedure for the additional sensors if they are reachable.

5.     Defective Key Fob

A little plastic controller called a key fob is used with keyless entry systems. A short-range radio transmitter built into this tiny gadget transmits a separate signal to a receiver inside your car. When working properly, this controller makes it simple to kickstart your car’s ignition and lock or unlock doors with the push of a button.

Holding car key.

However, if it were defective, it would fail to correctly transmit the signal to the receiver unit within your car, causing your car alarm to activate for no apparent reason.

6.     Faulty alarm module or improperly installed alarm system

The computer customized for security systems is called the alarm module. Although some motorists opt to install aftermarket alarm systems, either those or factory systems can be fitted incorrectly.

What To Do If Your Car Alarm Keeps Going Off?

There are a few methods to attempt in case the key fob alarm button did not stop the awful shrieking after you tried them.

1.     Start the vehicle engine

Sometimes you can switch the ignition on while your automobile is screaming. If you can, go ahead because doing so might prevent the automobile alarm from repeatedly waking up the entire neighborhood. Try turning the key to the ACC position, if this doesn’t work (where you can play the radio without the engine running), it could take some time, so have patience, until it starts to work.

2.     Lock or unlock the doors of your car

Woman putting key in car door.

On occasion, the alarm can be remotely silenced by pressing the lock/unlock buttons on the key fob. Otherwise, lock and unlock the automobile doors using the real key that is concealed inside the plastic remote.

3.     Search for the off switch

A switch that can turn off or disable the car alarm is hidden near the driver’s feet on some aftermarket alarm systems. To find out if your auto alarm has this capability, consult the user guide for your alarm system. You need to already be aware of this information if a qualified mechanic installed your car alarm.

4.     Pull out the alarm fuse

Removing the appropriate fuse from the fuse box will solve the problem if other solutions like fiddling with the key fob and locking the doors do not work. To avoid electrocution, make sure to disconnect the battery connections before removing the fuse. Be aware that current vehicles already have their alarms built into the central electrical module, thus this option is only applicable to older models.

5.     Remove the Wires

You might be able to complete this task on your own if you installed your auto alarm system and have a mechanical aptitude. Even though the wires for the majority of aftermarket car alarms are hidden inside the steering wheel, I would not advise doing this unless you are knowledgeable of the car system.

6.     Reset the alarm on your vehicle

If your car alarm keeps going off at night, especially for vehicle security systems that come with their own alarm control units, it is possible to reset the alarm system. To find out how to perform something, consult the manual.

7.     Remove the car alarm system entirely

A car mechanic working under the wiring of the car.

The last resort, at least in the case of older autos, is to deactivate the entire system. Snipping the wires will allow you to partially remove the car alarm, or you can completely remove the unit and wiring from your car.

You can re-connect the auto alarm system in the future with partial removal. On the other side, there can be no going back after total removal. It will also require software modification to turn off your auto alarm on modern vehicles.

Where Are The Car Alarm Sensors Located?

The auto alarm system of a car is often in the center of the car, out of sight and out of reach. Any seat, the dashboard next to the steering wheel, or the center console of the car could be the location of the car’s center. Any of these remedies will work well to keep your automobile alarm hidden from everyone but you.

You can now start extending the leads to different areas of the car from this location. A sufficient amount of cable or wiring might be needed for this. And you might need to take special precautions if you need to link the alarm system to a switch, a power source, or a sensor.

As was already said, another possibility is to conceal the alarm system behind the vehicle seat. However, if you do, be careful not to cover it with a carpet. This is the case because you don’t want to overheat the box and harm the item.

You shouldn’t put the alarm system’s central control panel adjacent to any automobiles that have sound amplifiers under the seats either. This is because electromagnetic radiation from the amplifier may be particularly detrimental to the control system.

Tip: Another crucial thing to remember when deciding where to place a car’s control system is to be cautious enough to look around the mounting surface of the box to avoid accidentally rupturing a gasoline line or destroying a wiring system with your screwdriver.

Automatic activation sets off a passive alarm. The alarm activates automatically when the key is taken from the ignition and all of the car’s doors are shut. The alarm’s “passive” designation comes from this feature because the driver doesn’t do anything to arm it. The motorist must turn on an active alarm.

How Do You Reset A Car Alarm That Keeps Going Off?

You may reset your factory car alarm by using the procedures shown below as a guide. While some of these pointers might apply to aftermarket vehicle alarms, if you are having issues with your aftermarket system, it is essential to refer to a manual.

Reminder: Don’t undertake any repairs if you’re not confident you can handle them on your own. You should take special care when making any repairs because the alarm system depends on the battery for electricity.

It’s conceivable that the alarm remote or the key fob has stopped working and isn’t communicating properly with your car’s alarm system. If this occurs, the alarm on your car can unintentionally sound when you didn’t want it to.

A woman reading an owner manual.

1.     First, refer to your manual. The owner’s manual for an older vehicle may include instructions on how to reset the alarm remote or key fob. You might try taking out and replacing the fob batteries, although most methods will vary from car to car.

2.     Next is to use a code reader. With a code reader/scanner, the key fob or alarm remote may need to be reprogrammed on newer automobiles. You might find instructions for performing this reset in your owner’s manual, but you should still speak with a professional before doing it.

3.     Some of the simpler methods that can reset alarms more frequently take only a few minutes to accomplish.

  • First, unlock the vehicle. When you physically lock and unlock the automobile, an alarm may occasionally go off.
  • Next, to reset the alarm, you can also try starting the vehicle.
  • Third, lock and unlock using a key. Try turning your key twice: once to the locked position and once to the unlock position after inserting it into the door lock.
  • If you do this while driving, the car’s alarm can be momentarily disabled. Hold the key in the unlocked position. Try keeping the key in the unlocked position for two seconds as well.

4.     Another method is by unplugging the battery. You should exercise caution if you decide to try to reset the alarm by unplugging the battery of your car.

  • Next, remove the negative terminal wire. The negative terminal nut can be loosened using a tool, allowing the wire to be cut from the battery.
  • Reattach the wire in step three. Reattach the wire after a little while.

5.     The last is to disable the alarm. You might wish to fully turn off your alarm if it constantly disrupts you by sounding off erratically and frequently. However, keep in mind that if you turn off the alarm, your car will lose one less safety feature. Before making the decision to entirely disarm your alarm, you should speak with a mechanic.

Be warned that some alarm systems are integrated with the ignition of your car, which means that if you tamper with the alarm, your car might not start. Read the owner’s manual for your car. Consult the owner’s manual for your car to determine which wires to disconnect.

  • Next, remove the wires that connect the siren alarm control unit in step 2.
  • You can temporarily turn off the alarm by cutting the wires that connect the siren and the system’s control panel.

While malfunctioning car alarms can be quite bothersome, it’s crucial to check to see if there are any more serious problems going on. Even while these do-it-yourself solutions might work, you should always visit a mechanic if the problem looks like it has more complicated solutions.

Ask one of the qualified automobile mechanic experts to visit your house or place of business and perform the task for you if you need a fuse changed or a new battery fitted.


After reading this article, you will never get annoyed again by your malfunctioning car alarm systems because the information will guide you to troubleshoot and fix the problems. You ought to be able to handle the issue without difficulty.

Apart from ensuring you and your neighbors a restful night’s sleep, the information in this book will help you avoid penalties and public humiliation while also ensuring that your car alarm system is in good working order.

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