Cars That Start With Letter S: The Full List

There are more than 60 car manufacturers all over the world. Among these automobile makers, there are 33 companies made it to the Fortune 2021 top list. Among the top producers, 3 have names of cars that start with “S”.

Aside from the leading brands, there are old players since the 1800s that bear the letter “S” in their names. There are also a lot of brands under this category that shaped the automotive world. Curious to find out who they are? Read and find out!

cars that start with s

1. SAIC Motor (1955)

A white MG is parked next to a bay.
A white MG is parked next to a bay.

The top car manufacturer in the Fortune 500 list is SAIC Motor. This state-owned business has its headquarters stationed in Shanghai. China. The company has an average sales of 6 million units a year, making it the largest producer in the country.

This corporation has four divisions: MG Motor, Nanjing Automobile, Roewe, and Maxus. SAIC offers long warranty periods for its products which can extend up to 5 years. This company has also started making electronic cars and is cheaper than its competitors.

SAIC Motor Models: MINI EV, Maxus D60, MG 6 II, Roewe eRX5 plus

2. Suzuki Motor (1909)

A red suzuki car in a high way
A red Suzuki car in a high way.

Suzuki is a multinational company whose base is in Hamamatsu. Japan. It has a global influence with numerous production facilities in different countries. This brand has a vast catalog of automobiles and four-wheel drive vehicles. Suzuki is known for its reliability and can even rival the top carmaker Toyota in this aspect.

Expert Tip: They offer 60.000 miles or a three-year warranty on their products. Some models can have extended guarantees until 100.000 miles. Another positive review of Suzuki cars is it is cheap to maintain.

The repair cost of its automobiles is said to be one of the most reasonably priced in the market. Durable and cost-effective, no wonder the brand has thrived all through these years.

Suzuki Motor Models: Celerio, Alto 800, Vitara, Swift

3. Subaru (1953)

White Subaru car parked beside brown brick wall
White Subaru car parked beside brown brick wall.

Subaru is a Japanese brand, the headquarters of this producer is in Shibuya. Japan. The logo of this brand consists of six stars. The inspiration for this is the star cluster of the “Seven Sisters”. According to traditional belief, one of the seven stars is invisible, which explains why the official logo only has six stars printed.

The main feature of their cars is the box-type engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive. One of its main automobile models, the Forester is praised for its good mileage, can tolerate minimal off-loading, and runs satisfactorily smoothly. The vehicles made by this company will surely give a pleasurable driving experience.

Subaru Motor Models: Forester, XV/Crosstrek, BRZ, Impreza

4. Skoda (1895)

Silver Skoda sedan
Silver Skoda sedan.

Skoda is one of the oldest manufacturers on the list. It is a Czech brand originally known as Laurin & Klement. The company was bought by Skoda Works and after some time it became state-owned. Their headquarters is located in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, At present, this company is affiliated with the leading carmaker Volkswagen.

This partnership made Skoda partially privatized. In 2020, the company sold about a million units from its main product line. This brand is classified as a luxury brand but is working on variants to offer the middle-class market.

Skoda Models: Octavia, Kamiq, Karoq, Kodiaq, Fabia

5. Spyker (1880)

A classic Spyker car
A classic Spyker car.

Spyker is another brand that has withstood the test of time. This Dutch automobile maker managed to rise above threats of bankruptcy and keep its legacy alive. This company’s humble beginnings started with making Dutch carriages, aircraft, and automobiles until it initially stopped operations in 1926.

Then in 1999, through the initiative of Victor Muller and Maarten de Brujin. this brand was revived and focused on making high-quality sports cars. The original logo of the company is a combination of an airplane rotary engine that was kept after the rebirth of the brand.

Up to the present, Spyker has been struggling in the automotive market and has poor sales performance. Their management has gone through a lot of financial restructuring to keep them afloat. Hopefully, the company’s efforts will emerge victorious in the end like their company motto: “For the tenacious, no road is impassable.”

Spyker Models: Spyker C8, Spyker C12 La Turbie, Spyker C12 Zagato

6. Singer Motors (1905)

Bantam De Lux Singer Motors FZ200
Bantam De Lux Singer Motors FZ200.

Surprised to see this name on the list? At present, the brand Singer is known to be a leading market leader in the consumer sewing machine industry. But did you know that in automobile history there was also a top brand that was named Singer Motors?

This company managed to build its first car in 1905, with its headquarters situated in England. Their models consist of four-wheeled horizontal cylinder types and evolved into a range of 8-10 horsepower engines. In the 1930s, Singer cars even managed to win the prestigious Le Mans with its designed sports car.

This maker contributed a lot to the concept of light cars during the early stages of automobile evolution. The company managed through World War II and continued making vehicles. Unfortunately, in the 1970s Singer decided to do some restructuring, the company decided to halt its automotive assembly line.

Singer Motor Models: Gazelle, SM1500, Super Ten, Roadster

7. SEAT S.A. (1950)

Black SEAT S.A. car on a field during daytime
Black SEAT S.A. car on a field during daytime.

SEAT S.A. is a Spanish carmaker that was initially managed by Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI) an industrial state-owned holding company. This brand is the biggest supplier of automobiles in Spain. Then in the 1980s. the government sold the company to the automotive giant Volkswagen Group.

The stronghold of SEAT is in Martorell, Spain, and has other facilities in Zona Franca and Pamplona. Overseas plants also operate in Slovakia, Portugal, and Germany. This brand is selling an average of 427,000 to 468,000 units in a year. Both local and export to 75 different countries contributed to these sales figures. This automobile producer displays a strong interest in developing electric and hybrid cars.

SEAT S.A. Models: Alhambra MK3, Tarraco, Arona, Mii

8. Saleen Automotive (1983)

Saleen Sport Car
Saleen Sport Car.

Saleen Automotive is an American brand whose headquarters is in California. The company specializes in automotive parts and sports cars that feature a mid-engine design. This producer has made a lot of impressive fast cars. As proof, its flagship car the S7 won in four different categories in the 24-Hour Le Mans race back in the early 2000s.

Saleen has multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States namely in California and Michigan. They tried to venture into the Chinese automotive market Unfortunately, this endeavor did not work out as planned.

Saleen Models: S7, Saleen Tesla GTX, S302, S620 Camaro

9. SCC North America (1998)

SCC Ultimate Aero TT
SCC Ultimate Aero TT.

SCC North America was formerly known as Shelby SuperCars Incorporated. It was founded in 1998 and built its headquarters in Washington. Their main product line is sports cars powered by mid-engines.

The cars made by this company are guaranteed to run very fast. One of their prime models the “Ultimate Aero’ managed to land on the Guinness book of records as the quickest production car during the early 2000s. As of date, the new model called the Tuatara is being subjected to numerous speed tests.

Expert Tip: Based on industry standards at present the Tuatara is the fastest production car. It can rile up to 282.9 mph on a 2.5-mile runway at the Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility. The company is not yet satisfied with these numbers.

They are still working on developing the Tuatara to be the first-ever production car to achieve 300mph in speed. We wish them the best as SCC North America goes after this dream of making the best supercars.

SCC North America Models: Tuatara, Ultimate Aero, Ultimate Aero EV, Ultimate Aero XT

10. Saab Automobile AB (1945)

Saab car
Saab car in daytime.

Saab Automobile AB is a Swedish car maker that is known for its superb engineer and luxurious price tag. The lovely designs of this company have managed to find their way through films, television series, published essays, and books. Some of its popular appearances include mentions in James Bond novels and the hit comedy sitcom Seinfeld.

Due to market constraints brought about a declining customer base this brand had to file for bankruptcy. Their assets were bought by the NEVS or also known as National Electric Vehicle Sweden in 2012.

In 2016 NEVS, decided to cease operations in using the Saab trademark name. At the moment, the rebranded company is concentrating on making electric cars for the Chinese market. Hopefully, in the near future, they can open and offer their products once again to the world.

Saab Automobile AB Models: Saab 9-3, Saab 9-3 convertible, Saab 9-5, Saab 900-Turbo

What is a scorpion car? Things you should know

The Ronn Motor Company first developed the RMC Scorpion, a hydrogen-powered supercar, in 2008. The automobile was first shown at SEMA and earned a lot of positive feedback. The bizarre supercar astonished everyone in attendance; for many, it was the first time witnessing an environmentally friendly vehicle that didn’t make them want to run away.

The RMC Scorpion was a one-of-a-kind gasoline-hydrogen hybrid supercar. The RMC Scorpion was conceived after Ronn Maxwell, the company’s founder, had an epiphany.

There was an increasing demand for gas-powered cars at the time, and Ronn Maxwell understood it wasn’t sustainable, so he set out to find a better alternative.

“Can you make water move as quickly as you can?” Ronn Maxwell was led down a rabbit hole by a simple question that led to the development of a hydrogen-powered supercar. The RMC Scorpion was a true forerunner in its field. A stunning supercar with the potential to change the automobile industry.

Even by today’s standards, the Scorpion had a lot of bends. Wherever it traveled, the automobile was built to make an impact.

 Ronn Scorpion at Ranch with Matching Colored Horse
Ronn Scorpion at Ranch with Matching Colored Horse. (Image credit: RFord1, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Spyder Car

The Spyder car or also known as Roadster Car is considered a luxurious type of vehicle. Based on the information provided from various articles, it has a fancy appearance with the two-seat car and no weather protection. It was first modeled in the 18th century in Italy with its small built and open ceiling which was later modeled by other car producers.

Due to the emerging evolution of famous vehicle models, Spyder car has evolved with its convertible feature having an open-and-close ceiling option.

Expert Tip: Most of the famous car brands have their version of Spyder Car and usually have a high price value. It is perfect for those who wanted to look lavish like some celebrities.

Practically, this type of car does not seem to fit a relatively average number of families. If price is not part of the equation on having a good car, Spyder car provides comfort and quality all at once.

Final Thoughts

The automotive industry has a rich history of engineering innovations. Technology in the automobile sector has evolved into more than just being a mode of transportation. It has transformed into an outlet of challenging concepts of science, a profitable venture in the financial sector, means to practice and promote sportsmanship, and last, but not the list showcases the beauty of the past and what we are to anticipate in the future.

Has this write-up been interesting for you? If you have other queries about these cars that start with an “S’ feel free to comment down below. We would be more than happy to feed your curiosity.

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