11 Cars & SUV With Massage Seats: A Complete List

A new car purchase is a thrilling experience, especially when wanting to improve. The make, models, colors, and other characteristics buyers can choose from are numerous. Auto purchasers now have a different choice thanks to built-in massaging seats.

One of the most recent innovations impacting the market is cars with massage seats. In response to rising consumer demand for this amenity, many automakers are adding vehicles with massage seats to their ranges.

11 Cars With Massage Seats

1.     Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 is a premium luxury sedan with Volvo’s trademark look and performance, making it a surprising addition. The newest S90 sports a sleek interior with a massage seat type that includes easy side-seat buttons to change the massage levels.

The S90 offers five pre-programmed massage modes focusing on various back and shoulder areas, along with three intensity and speed levels.

The S90 boasts a high-resolution video system, extremely bright LED headlights, and massage features. The best thing about the S90 is how inexpensive it is compared to other luxury sedans; the base model starts at $53,850.

2.     Ford F-150

The new Ford-150 Platinum has heated leather massaging seats with ventilation, making it the most well-liked truck in the entire globe. The brand-new “Max Recline Seats” from Ford have an additional feature that allows them to be folded 180 degrees into a bed. You can alter comfort levels by rotating the seat’s top and bottom portions.

2023 Ford F150 Platinum massage seats.

The side-seat buttons near the base of the seat allow drivers to control the massage pattern and intensity simply. The infotainment touchscreen display also allows drivers to choose massage settings.

3.     Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln introduced the MKZ line in 2007, and it is currently in its second generation, making it another fixture in the luxury automobile market. The MKZ has heated and massage front seats and standard 10-way motorized reclining back seats. At an MSRP of $36,000, the MKZ is one of the most affordable luxury sedans and one of the least expensive vehicles with massaging seats.

4.     Bentley Mulsanne

The Bentley Mulsanne offers some of the most outstanding luxury features available from any manufacturer or brand, and it looks like something James Bond might drive. The EW has the traditional four-seat configuration, while the standard model has five seats.

Despite Bentley discontinuing this model in 2020, vehicles from that year included heating, ventilation, and a six-programmable massage feature as standard equipment. Bentleys are the epitome of class.

Thus they come with a hefty price tag. Starting over $300,000 for this exceptional driving machine is not good news for your checkbook. You won’t find a model more deserving of the moniker “luxury automobile” if you can afford it, though.

5.     Jaguar XJ

Our lineup’s full-size luxury sedan, the Jaguar XJ, which debuted in 1968, is last but certainly not least. The final model in the XJ range will be the fourth generation, which debuted in 2009.

The regular five-seat variant has a heated steering wheel, power reclining, leather upholstery, and optional front massage seats. Jaguars cost a lot of money, just like Bentleys. The current-generation XJ starts at $160,000, but the price will drop when Jaguar discontinues the range.

6.     Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Since its introduction in 1993, the E-Class full-size sedan has become synonymous with Mercedes-Benz. Four trim options are available for the newest E-Class, which has ventilated, multi-contour massage seats up front.

2023 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan interior detail.

The vehicle offers a variety of massage settings, including “hot stone” spa-like options. Apart from the massaging seats, the E-Class is a lesson in power and luxury thanks to its robust inline 4- or 6-cylinder engine and genuine leather upholstery. The most recent E-Class model has a reasonable starting price of $55,750.

7.     BMW 5-Series

BMW has been producing the excellent 5-Series series since the early 1970s, and it is a perennial favorite in the luxury vehicle market. The most recent model of the 5-Series has leather power front seats with ventilation and a 20-way multi-contour massage system to go with them.

The driver can access eight massage programs in the 5-Series’ Luxury Seats Package using the helpful massage seat buttons on the front door. The touchscreen information system’s massage intensity controls are also available. The most recent 5-Series has a starting price of $54,800, which is more expensive than comparable BMW models.

8.     Porsche Panamera

Porsche is traditionally associated with elegance and luxury; the most recent Panamera model is no different. The Panamera has ventilated seats, an entire leather interior, and front and back massagers. Porsche also never compromises on customization. Customers will likely find something that precisely matches their aesthetic tastes, with more than ten trims to pick from.

Naturally, a Porsche has a high price tag. The new Panamera model will start at an average price of $92,400 in 2023, which is more expensive than most other automakers. But the thousands of satisfied Panamera owners will agree that the cost was worthwhile.

9.     Audi A8

Audi has a long history of building luxurious cars with powerful engines. The A8, which is currently in its fourth generation, is a staple of Audi’s lineup and has its recognizable cozy cabin and a variety of accessories. Modernized A8 models have heated steering wheels, vented back seats, and massaging front seats.

The back seats have warm foot massagers that can change settings based on shoe size. The A8’s starting price in 2023 will be $86,500, at the top of the Audi price range.

10.     Lexus LS

Each of the four Lexus LS models has front-seat massaging features that resemble shiatsu massage methods. Using the touchscreen display, you may control seat heating and access massage features from the same menu. Shiatsu massage is the ideal complement to the interior’s soft semi-aniline leather.

2018 Lexus LS with reclining seats that offers Shiatsu massage.

Customers can choose butterfly headrests and seat massages, which improve driving comfort even more. Starting at $76,100, the LS range of Lexus cars is reasonably priced, considering their renowned luxury and performance.

11.     Ford Explorer ST

With multi-contour massage seats on most SUVs and the Ford Explorer ST, the best-selling vehicle in America, Ford introduces luxury elements to the inexpensive car classes. Only the top-tier Platinum trims have them.

Are Car Massage Seats Safe?

Indeed, receiving a massage while operating a vehicle sounds like an excellent concept, but owners could naturally be concerned for their safety. One possible concern is that your eyes and attention may be diverted from the road more frequently than usual due to your enhanced level of comfort and relaxation.

Yet prolonged sitting can also cause pain or discomfort, which can have a similar impact. If you keep the setting on the lower end, most experts and regulatory bodies concur that using cars with massage seats is entirely safe.


Like regular massage chairs, automobile massage seats have several air pockets flowing through the seat’s bucket and back. These pockets are filled with air by a tiny compressor, which causes them to swell and contract in time. This arrangement gives the impression that little rollers are covering the rear.

Massage controls may be included in modern cars’ touchscreen displays or consoles. The massage function typically has a time limit. Most cars’ front seats include massage features, but some also have them in the back.

Your car’s battery supplies power to the massage seats, just like it does to other electrical components. Along with headlights, the radio, and other electricals, massaging chairs when the engine is off might drain your battery.

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