Can A CD Player Be Installed In A New Car? CD Players In New Cars Explained

If CDs are your priority, finding a new automobile will be challenging. Nearly impossible, but not quite. That is the state of the market now. A CD player is no longer a standard feature in all modern vehicles. The likelihood of finding plug-in or Bluetooth-enabled infotainment systems is substantially higher.

Nowadays, Bluetooth audio and streaming services are more common in new automobiles than CD players, while some manufacturers still provide CD players as an option. Some car models from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Ford still have CD players.

There will be few new cars with CD players anymore. That’s because GM and numerous other producers no longer use them.

What New Cars Come With CD Players?

CD players are still available in some specific versions from some manufacturers. They might need to be installed as an optional upgrade because they are only sometimes standard. However, it takes time to locate them.

In the upcoming years, CD players need to be updated. But if you look closely enough, you can still find them in one or two well-known brands, like the Honda HR-V LX and some Odyssey specifications. Sequoia and Highlander from Toyota, appear to be unique to Japanese automakers only.

Although not comprehensive, CD players are now quite hard to find.

Why Don’t Most New Cars Come With CD Players?

Spotify, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are the three most popular options. Apple asserts that CarPlay may be available in 98% of new vehicles. Additionally, according to their research, 79% of Americans would only purchase a new automobile if it included the feature.

Apple CarPlay starting up on an iPhone connected to a car.

Although that statistic may be skewed, CarPlay or Android Auto are undoubted features in most vehicles. It demonstrates how the market is moving. The entry of Apple and Google into the automotive business is also worrying for the sector as a whole. But that’s another tale.

Their marketing tactics have a part to play, but the majority is because the general public believes what they are selling.

We have thousands of songs, podcasts, eBooks, and other audio files on our cell phones. Compared to NASA’s rockets from the 1960s, modern technology is faster.

Automakers will create and construct their vehicles to sell as many as possible. After all, they want to make a profit. CD players are viewed as unnecessary and bulky in the age of digital media, especially since the majority of people don’t use them.

They obstruct the infotainment system and take up room behind the dashboard. They are also hefty, and producers always try to reduce weight. In the end, you are now (sadly) in the minority as a CD enthusiast. Because so few people want one, a manufacturer is unlikely to create a car with one. They would consider it a waste of money.

How Can I Play CDs In My New Car Without A CD Player?

Your newer model car most likely has a USB port. Purchase a CD player with a USB adapter and connect it. It would help if you thought about a power supply. Look for a plug-in cord that your car will accept, or buy a player with battery power.

Remember that a portable CD player should be able to be used in a vehicle when choosing which one to buy. Some CD drives are computer-only devices. Please make sure the player is mounted or positioned so that it won’t move while you’re driving. You want to make sure to catch every single note of your favorite tune.


You can have a much larger infotainment screen without a CD player. Additionally, taking out the CD player lowers the price of the car. The CD player is still present in a few new vehicles.

One of the most well-known brands in existence today is Nissan. Check with the Honda dealership in your area as well.

In 2021, some of them will also have CD players. Technology is constantly evolving. Sadly for individuals who loved CDs, the development abolished the CD player in your vehicle. However, you still have choices. Choose the best option for you, then start driving.

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