The Exact Bolt Pattern Of A Chevy Cruze

The size of an ideal circle built from the vehicle wheel’s lug centers is set by the Chevrolet Cruze Bolt Pattern often spoken as a lug pattern. The Pitch Circle Diameter or PCD describes the number of lug holes incorporated by the rim and defines the diameter of the imaginary circle drawn by the centers of the wheel lugs.

Bolt Pattern

Keep in mind that each Chevy Cruzes with gasoline engines have a bolt pattern of 5×4.134′′ (5x105mm) with a central diameter of 2.22′′ (56.6mm). The bolt pattern on the diesel engines is 5×4.53′′ (5x115mm), and therefore the center bore is 2.76′′ (70.2mm), all of them require five M12 x 1.5 threaded lug nuts that ought to be fastened with 103 lb-ft (140Nm) of torque.

Cruze is out there during a style of the base model and engine configurations, it will typically last between 200,000 and 220,000 miles.

A Cruze must visit the garage for unplanned maintenance 0.41 times each year, with a 12% probability that the matter is severe. Additionally, Chevy Cruze owners spend a minimum of $545 a year on maintenance.

For illustration, if the bolt pattern dimension is 5×114.3″, it implies your rim has 5 wheel bolts and a Pitch Circle Diameter of 114.3″, detain mind that the wheel bolt pattern can’t be modified because it’s unique to every vehicle. Even yet, universal rims that match a spread of lug designs, not only for Cruze, could also be found.

Wheel Adapters

Similarly, wheel adapters are often accustomed change the bolt pattern and properly fitting the wheels, allowing a wheel from one automobile to suit the hub of another vehicle, this can be also true when it involves adapting aftermarket wheels for the Cruze that were designed for the following vehicle.

Expert Tip: It’s critical to use a suitable motor for your Cruze since any disturbances might cause the lug nuts to come back automatically if they’re not correctly fastened

Whether you’re trying a tire rotation on your own or just replacing the factory wheels with alternative counterparts, you’ll end up following the right Cruze wheel bolt pattern. It is important to grasp the bolt pattern so you do not find yourself with a wheel that’s too small for your Chevy Cruze.

Close-up photo of wheel adapters or spacers without bolt.

To avoid the inconvenience or loss that will result from this issue, you want to first determine the precise bolt pattern in order that you’ll be able to purchase the proper wheel within the end. A wheel adapter may be used because the name indicates, this can be an aftermarket modification that alters the initial design of your wheel, allowing you to put in a brand new variety of wheels on your vehicle.


It entails replacing the Original Equipment Manufacturer wheel discs with customized ones. Assure you obtain the correct ones for the wheel you want to put in. It’s advisable to urge a high-quality wheel adaptor and have an expert install it so it doesn’t fly off on the highway.

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