Clutch Replacement Cost: How Much Is A Clutch Replacement?

Does your vehicle have a clutch problem? Has it been giving you problems for a long time? A mechanic can fix it for less than the manufacturer.

Clutch replacement varies depending on what type of vehicle the clutch is in and how much labor costs where you live. Generally, the average cost to replace a manual clutch is about $260. A standard automatic clutch ranges in price from $300 for a professional installation to just over $500 for an independent mechanic installation.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Clutch Replacement

Many factors determine how much a clutch costs to replace. Although things can get very expensive or very cheap depending on location and quality of service. Let us look below.

1. Location

Labor costs in some areas can be very high. For example, a clutch replacement might cost about $500 for complete installation in Los Angeles County, CA. It would likely cost the same to install another clutch in Atlanta, GA.

A raised car being worked on in a car repair shop.

The difference is the average hourly wage of the technicians and the average labor rates. In Los Angeles, an experienced mechanic will earn $30-$40/hr. while in Atlanta, they will only earn $10/hr.

2. Parts

The quality of parts can vary greatly between manufacturers. It is common for mechanics to use cheaper parts or those on hand. The quality and durability of these parts will also be different from one manufacturer to another.

3. Level of Knowledge

An experienced mechanic may charge more because he has learned ways to do things by himself without paying for labor costs. Experience will lead you to know how it best can be done the right way the first time.

Man logging the car details in a repair shop.

4. Timing

The timing of when you take your vehicle in to be worked on can also impact the total cost of repairing your clutch. It is always wise to take a vehicle in as soon as it breaks down to prevent more extensive damage and more expensive repairs.

5.  Age of vehicle

The overall condition of your car will have a big effect on how much parts and labor cost to replace your clutch. A newer car will have better parts and workmanship than an older one. Newer vehicles are also less likely to break down in the first place.

6.  Type of car

The type of car will affect how much parts and labor cost to replace your clutch. A luxury car has more moving parts than an economy car. More parts will mean more labor costs.

In most cases, the manufacturer replaces manual transmission clutches for free under a warranty. Most models will also provide free replacements for up to a certain number of years after buying the vehicle or after driving so many miles (usually around 100,000 miles).

Cost of Different Types of Clutch Services

1. Complete Clutch Replacement

The average cost of a complete clutch replacement is from $300 to $500, depending on location and labor rates. This includes the entire labor to remove your old clutch and install a new one.

Close-up view of a clutch in a car’s engine.

2. Clutch Removal and Reinstallation

Clutches can also be replaced by removing them and then reinstalling them after the work is completed. This way, the technician does not have to remove any other parts to get the clutch out of your vehicle, thus saving time and money.

However, don’t expect to pay as much as if you had a clutch installed. This can be less than $100, including installation.

3. Just Replacing the Friction Plate and Inner Bearings

Some clutches will also just have the friction plate, inner bearing, and adjustment bushings replaced without removing anything else from your car. You’ll save about 15% on this service but still be charged $80 for labor.

Auto mechanic holding old clutch release bearing over a car engine.

4. Clutch Rebuild

Repairing a clutch can be just as expensive as replacing it if you’re not careful. Repairing a clutch doesn’t include replacing any parts but works to restore some of the wear done to it by servicing what is needed. A typical clutch repair costs $80 to $150 in labor, depending on location and the quality of service provided.

5. Emergency Clutch Service

An emergency clutch replacement is a quickest and most expensive way to get your vehicle back on the road, even if it is not your only option. There is no time for careful diagnosis of what exactly is wrong, as you can’t afford to be without a car any longer.

Depending on location and time of day, anywhere from $250 – $600 will be spent on this service.                                                                        

6. Replacement of Clutch Pressure Plate

Some vehicles will have their clutch pressure plate replaced as a preventive measure for conventional wear and tear. When the clutch lever is repeatedly used, the pressure plate will begin to crack and become less effective over time.

The replacement of this part solves that problem by providing greater efficiency and longevity with zero risk of further damage or failure. It may cost around $80 to $150 to replace the pressure plate.

Clutch disc and pressure plates in the car store.

As you can see, clutch replacement costs will vary greatly depending on the service provider, location, and how long you have been waiting for it. The higher cost in Los Angeles (and other areas of California) may be due to a labor shortage or high costs of parts.

Expert Tip: If you decide to take your car to a mechanic who has experience working on your vehicle, be sure that he has the proper equipment and experience.


Comment if you have any questions about the clutch replacement. Depending on the location and how long you have had your vehicle, they may need a bit of encouragement. It may also be a good idea to find out if there are any extended warranties on your vehicle that can reduce the cost of labor.

Do you know any ways to reduce the cost of clutch replacement? Let us know in the comment.

So, in conclusion, if you need a new clutch replacement, then don’t worry. I’ve listed all the different ways to get your car back on the road fast, depending on your budget and location.

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