AutoZone Oil Recycling: How Does It Work?

There are many excellent reasons why a car owner might favor performing their oil changes. First, performing an oil change is relatively easy, even for those entirely new to DIY auto care. You may save time and money by performing your oil changes.

In particular, if you’d like to get to know your car better, learning how to take care of your car is powerful. Knowing how to change your oil and doing so are important, but it is only one aspect of the process. Knowing how to dispose of used motor oil properly is equally crucial, and recycling is always the best option.

Does AutoZone Still Take Used Oil?

Without a doubt, they do. AutoZone will collect used oil from customers for free as part of its Oil Care recycling program. Just leave a container with old oil inside; that’s all required. By doing this, landfills won’t receive it. AutoZone recycled twelve million gallons of used motor oil in 2021, and more are planned for recycling in the upcoming years.

Given that every AutoZone location may have a unique system, it is advised that you contact your neighborhood store to learn more about its oil recycling program. Recycling used oil is easier than ever, thanks to the more than 6,000 sites spread across the nation and Central America.

Putting used engine oil inside the barrel.

How Is the Process Of Taking Used Oil to AutoZone?

  • Get the old engine oil into a container; attempt to catch as much as possible. Substrate the area where you are working with a plastic sheet or tarp. Place a container beneath your engine and above the tarp to catch the oil as it drains.
  • Clean out the oil filters, pierce a hole in the dome, and allow the oil to drop into the drip pan. The filter should be placed in a plastic bag and sealed to recycle any remaining oil.
  • Prepare the oil for shipping by transferring it into a container made of polyethylene or another appropriate material. You’ll be able to transport and store the fat this way. Make sure not to combine it with other materials because it won’t be recyclable.
  • Before you drop it off at AutoZone, store the used oil; keep it in a cool, dry area.
  • Deliver the container to Autozone.

Does AutoZone Charge To Take Used Oil?

Not! Their free oil recycling service is available. Even better, you can receive redeemable certificates when dropping off oil at particular stores. You should be aware that government regulations set a daily cap on the amount of oil AutoZone can accept, so follow these regulations to the letter.


If you change it at home, it can be challenging to locate a location to dispose of your leftover oil. Throwing it down the drain or into the sewage is dangerous since it can have negative environmental repercussions that are rather severe.

Knowing how to recycle motor oil goes beyond merely avoiding the harmful effects of doing otherwise. Recycled motor oil can be processed and distributed endlessly. Recycling is far more environmentally friendly and an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint. In reality, recycling spent motor oil is an effortless operation.

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