Honda A12 Service: What Does It Mean?

The Honda Civic is one of the best-known vehicles for dependability. It will remain working hard for you if you keep up with its upkeep. Occasionally, the car will use codes like A12 to notify you that maintenance is required.

The Honda Civic’s maintenance code A12 displays for what reason? When your car decides it involves maintenance, these codes typically appear on the dashboard. If you notice any principles, you should act to service the vehicle.

What Is Honda A12 Service Code?

If the A12 code shows on the car, replacing the engine air filter, changing the oil, or rotating the tires might be necessary. There is a lot to learn about Honda Civic maintenance codes. The easier it will be to take better care of your car, the more you understand what they signify and how to fix them.

When a maintenance reminder happens, you may see other items mentioned on your dashboard along with code A12. Here are some specifics.

1.     Wrench

On the Honda Civic’s dashboard, there is also a yellow wrench. This wrench indicates that there is a need for service. You won’t discover any instructions on what should be done, but you will be urged to bring the car to the dealership so they can provide you with further details.

Also, you get a code that goes with it. You can use the code to complete some of the jobs independently. Your car needs a significant oil change to keep it operating smoothly and avoid future costly problems.

Auto mechanic man doing wheel service on a car.

For maximum vehicle safety and performance, rotate your tires every six months. Once a year, have the engine air filter checked to make sure all the internal components are working correctly.

Checking your car’s fluid levels, brakes, shocks, and tune-ups regularly will help you maintain the value of your vehicle and enhance its performance over time.

2.     Fuel Life

This is the state of the oil. When you replace the oil in your car, the number must be 100 percent. As a result, the proportion will start to decline after that. It’s possible to start noticing indicators of oil life reduction at around 15%. Looking at the balance represented will allow you to determine when your oil will run out.

3.     Your car requires a significant oil change

Honda advises a significant oil change every 7,500 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. When a considerable oil change is necessary for your car, the Honda A12 service code lets you know.

Your automobile requires a shift of the synthetic engine oil and filter and other suggested maintenance like tire rotation and brake inspection if you don’t have the Honda A12 service code.

4.     Tire rotation is required every six months

You can keep your tires in good shape and prevent expensive damage by rotating them every six months. The successful execution of this maintenance procedure requires the presence of the Honda A12 service code.

Before changing your tires each time, check the air suspension, alignment, and tire pressure. A jack and a lug wrench are required to do the job effectively. If you have any queries or worries regarding rotating your tires, speak with a specialist.

5.     Inspect the engine air filter annually

You can arrange an engine air filter check at a Honda dealership using the service code with Honda engines. You can keep your car operating smoothly by frequently inspecting the engine air filters for dirt and particle buildup.

Dirty engine air filter shown.

A yearly engine air filter inspection might spot issues before they worsen and expensive repairs become necessary. Enter your vehicle’s service code into our online tool to schedule the service with your dealer. Regular maintenance, including an annual engine air filter check, can keep your car in excellent shape.

What Does A13 Mean On My Honda?

You should call a professional to handle the following service codes: ‘A’ for replacing engine oil, ‘1’ for rotating tires, and ‘3’ for replacing transmission oil. I recommend having a professional or your mechanic come and take care of it for you if one of these procedures cannot be completed by you because of an issue with your vehicle.

In the long run, knowing which service code corresponds to which topics will help you save time and money by ensuring that repairs are carried out correctly the first time. Each service code may have common symptoms, such as trouble starting or driving your car, strange noises beneath the hood, or poor fuel economy/performance.

How Much Does The Honda A13 Service Cost?

Depending on where the work is done and how it is done, Honda A-13 servicing charges can vary. Oil changes, tire rotations, and transmission fluid changes are “minor services” that may be charged for. Transmission fluid changes can be pricey, particularly if your car has more than 100,000 miles.

Man pouring transmission fluid in car engine.

Labor is only charged if it’s necessary to perform the service if you have all the required parts. Before making an appointment, be sure to enquire about any additional costs or discounts that might be applicable.

What Does Code A12 Mean On A Honda Pilot?

A12 on the dashboard of your Honda Pilot indicates that the air cleaner element needs to be replaced. To ensure safe driving and maintain the condition of your car, rotating your tires is essential.

Do not hesitate to contact our professionals nearby for Honda service and repairs. Use the handy advice below to keep track of the codes on your Honda Pilot; they can help you keep your car in good working order.

What Is Honda Maintenance Code A12?

The Honda Civic A12 maintenance code warns that specific parts of your car need to be replaced or repaired. It’s critical to take action and arrange a service appointment as soon as you notice this code. Make sure to keep an eye out for those symptoms because certain items fall under the A12 category that needs to be replaced.


The engine or transmission may need to be replaced, according to the Honda A12 service code. It’s critical to take your car to a mechanic for inspection and potential repairs if you notice this code. The Honda Civic A12 maintenance code warns that specific parts of your vehicle must be replaced or repaired.

It’s critical to take action and arrange a service appointment as soon as you notice this code. Make sure to keep an eye out for those symptoms because certain items fall under the A12 category that needs to be replaced.

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