How Many Miles Does Subarus Last? A Complete Guide


From experience, the Subaru can last as long as 20 years, and the really good news was that at that time there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. It seems to be a tough car that just keeps going, and if you ask me how long Subarus last it could be as long as 25 or 30 years.

Many people on rural properties choose to have them on the farm, often allowing them to keep driving the car for farm use even when no longer registered.

The Subaru

Back in 1994, when Subaru launched its Outback, it was known as a recreational vehicle, with two-tone paintwork. Over the years Subaru has only got better. The brand is synonymous with being totally reliable and even skilled auto-testers say that it can last from 150 to 200,000 miles without a problem.

How Many Miles Does a Subaru Car Last?

According to the manufacturers, 97-98% of vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road today and many will still be on the road in another 10 years’ time. However, it is the old Subarus from the 90s, that are still on the road that are impressive, and some of them have done an excess of 200,000 miles during their lifespan.

1990s Impreza WRX model on the road.

How Many Years Does a Subaru Car Last?

Many people say that they last indefinitely, but there is one proviso, and they do have to be maintained. If you fail in your scheduled maintenance program it will ultimately give you problems later on.

One exception is the Subaru Forester which is fine for ten years and then starts to have serious problems. This is a positive as you have ten years of doing minimal maintenance and then you trade it in.

The really good thing is that Subaru holds its value extremely well, and even a 5-year-old car holds its value. Regular oil changes are important, and Subaru responds best to a six-monthly oil change. The oil and air filters also require regular changing.

Close up of car oil change.

In most countries, Subaru doesn’t lack parts or service locations, but it is important to find a mechanic that understands the product.

Some Subarus have actually done 300,000 miles which is incredibly high mileage. I suspect in the 90s this was common before it became illegal to wind the Speedometer back. Some Subarus were very hardy vehicles that would go on for years. The old recreational vehicle of the 1990s was one of these, and they were often seen on fire trails and bush tracks, before going on off-road excursions became popular.

When the mechanic was asked, how long do Subarus last? He thought for a while and said some older ones last forever.

In the bush today, if you want a Subaru that will hold the fire trails, that latest Outback is far superior to most SUVs, many of which are front-wheel drive and use AWD systems. This enables it to hold on to both snow and mud. It also has heaps of safety and tech features.

How Reliable are Subarus

The new Outback has a five-star ANCAP safety score and offers great interior dimensions with room for cargo. It comes with an iPad-sized infotainment screen that everyone is surprised to see. The front and second-row seats are very comfortable, and the cabin is quiet with generous foot and leg space provided.

It is perfect for driving on the Bitumen, remaining both secure and predictable. The 2.5-liter boxer engine is probably a bit less powerful than it should be. If you want to go off-road without buying a huge 4WD, this is the perfect car for the trip.

Fortunately, when it comes to repairs and maintenance, Subaru is not the most expensive car out there and it will remain reliable for years.

Keep your car clean and polished with a regular trip to the car wash, and it will maintain its exterior for a lot longer when you get rid of the residual dirt and grime.

What is Considered High Mileage for a Subaru

Forbes compiled a list of cars most likely to drive for 250,000 miles, and Subaru made it into the top 5 vehicles. The report was based on subscriber surveys on vehicles between 2005 and 2014. They take into account 17 problem areas from the drivetrain, brakes, and paint trim.

The Forester is the number one selling model around the world and is made in a factory in Japan. The boxer is a unique engine design, is named for the way the pistons move. The boxer engine design causes less vibration and reduces wear and stays lubricated with the rolling movement. Staying lubricated causes less friction.

Many of the Foreseor enthusiasts belong to an off-road club where they can have adventures with their utilities. Subaru drivers are loyal to the brand, and it is not surprising to them that their car is likely to go more than 250,000 miles. Once you have purchased a Subaru you are more than likely to follow it up with another one.

Is Subarus Expensive to Fix?

The good news is that Subaru offers a capped price servicing plan for all models. All Subarus from July 2014 onwards enjoy the benefits of a program that covers every item required for a standard service. When it comes to the servicing schedule, the older model requires servicing every six months, while the newer model every 12 months, still a short time frame by today’s standards.

The brand only offers 12 months of roadside assistance with many claiming that this is not as good as it could be. The model is known for its longevity, but as stated earlier it does require regular servicing.

The First Subaru

How long does Subarus last? This is interesting as one from the 1970s was at a recent car show in town, and it was in excellent condition.

The early Subaru with its use of a boxer vehicle engine layout was introduced in 1972. The logo based on Japanese tradition and mythology contains six stars similar to the Pleiades open star cluster. The first Subaru car was named the Subaru 1500 with only 20 manufactured (back in 1954).

Some of the past advertising slogans used by Subaru in the past include “Inexpensive and built to stay that way”, “The world’s favorite 4-wheel drive” and, “Technology that gives you confidence in motion.”

Subaru car cruising pass a Japanese village.

Subaru is distinct from most of its Japanese competitors in that in 2016 it still made nearly 75% of its cars in Japan. However, Subaru’s overseas manufacturing facility is located in Lafayette, Indiana and due to continued sales growth in North America, vehicle production in Lafayette is set to expand to 390,000 vehicles annually.

Subaru Outback

If you are buying your new Subaru Outback to do the family road trip across the country, we now know that it is important not to leave the kids alone in the car.

In many countries, like Australia, the car becomes too hot in minutes, and this can prove fatal to a small child. Even on a mere 20-degree day, the inside of a car can heat up to 60 degrees in a few minutes.

Children traveling in car.

Traveling with children can be quite tiring for everyone, so arranging for frequent stops at points of interest, and having an entertainment screen in the back seat always helps the journey pass more quickly for children.

Subaru Solterra

This year the new fully electric Subaru Solterra will debut internationally. The EV and SUV will be launched in the United States, Canada, China, and Europe at this stage they won’t be offered in Australia.

The all-new Solterra model on the road.

Many people are now embracing electric vehicles and since the recent conflict in Europe fuel, both petrol and diesel have become very expensive. Many of us are looking for our next car to be electric. This is a really exciting-looking design and will be popular with the many loyal Subaru followers across the globe.

Subaru Impressa and Subaru Crosstrek

Mechanically Subaru Crosstrek is a Hatchback with so much potential. It has a new outdoor trim and a 2.5-liter engine plus advanced safety features. If you are young and like the sporty look, the Impressa may be the car for you.

Subaru Crosstrek with accessory equipment.

It holds the road well and has the totally reliable Subaru feel, making it a highly competent car for the day-to-day commute, to work and to school. It makes a great second car for home and comes in different colors. If you are a lover of Subaru cars you must have at least one Impressa in your life.

Does Subarus Break Down a Lot?

Every vehicle has its specifications and might break down over time. Does Subarus break down a lot? The vehicles are well worth it to those in the know. The vehicle has the owner’s manual for anyone to read. That is a time-honored tactic that owners should be using. They can read the manual and learn more about potential problems. Tires wear down and the brake pads could break. But the car might have other issues as well.

Take the vehicle in for routine inspection and maintenance work. Does Subarus break down a lot? That project could win over a lot of car drivers in real-time. That is why the buyers seek out added info that they want to find. The cars could break down soon, so get proper maintenance done in record time. Trust that the vehicle is strong since it was designed by an expert company.

Can Subaru Last 20 Years?

Think about the question, “Can Subaru last 20 years?” Toyota brand products have always been known for longevity. Toyota owns the Subaru brand and wants to carry on that same legacy. Subaru is a luxury brand in every sense of the word. That brand is going to be a leader for a long time as well. The Subaru brand hopes to make cars that are worth it to buyers. New car buyers ought to ask, “Can Subaru last 20 years?”

The new reviews might signal a new voice for the car company. The cars are well designed and people want to give that a try. The Subaru brand name is helpful in every sense of the word. “Can Subaru last 20 years?” The simple answer is yes, but it does take some routine maintenance. The car design can last a while, provided that the car owner is ready to maintain it.

Do Subarus Last As Long As Toyotas?

Subaru vehicles are well known for their luxury and quality. They are made to stand the test of time by the driver. The Toyota brand actually owns Subaru and monitors the quality of the vehicle. The Subaru vehicles are perhaps best appreciated by the fan base. They want to know, “Do Subarus last as long as Toyotas?” The brand is well worth a look by modern car buyers. Seek out the info and learn more about what it takes.

Think about the new reviews for what is being offered. “Do Subarus last as long as Toyotas?” That is a long lasting project and people want it to work. The new reviews are topical and people want it to proceed. The Subaru brand name is going to be a leader. They rely on durable cars and other manufacturing equipment. Read the reviews and learn more about the quality of vehicles.


We now know that Subarus are not only totally reliable but how long Subarus last is important as they actually last for years and years and are highly economical to run.

Recently the technology has advanced and the safety features are absolutely faultless, and we are able to travel off-road like never before. Fortunately, the Subaru is a car that seems to tolerate a high speedometer reading, and when you become fond of a car you can be reluctant to part with it.

Subaru makes a car for everyone. Subaru is the right car to keep you and your family safe whether you live in the town or the country.

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