Hybrid SUV With 3rd Row: Here’s The Top 7

Those who desire spaciousness, off-road ability, electric motors, better fuel efficiency, and horsepower to match are increasingly buying three-row hybrid SUVs.

In light of this, we’re investigating the top hybrid SUVs with third-row seating, dissecting each SUV to see how it stacks up against the competition and what makes it unique.

7 Hybrid SUVs With 3rd-Row Seating

1.     Ford Explorer Hybrid Limited

Ford, a different company with millions of devoted customers, has been a pioneer in everything automotive since the early 1900s. Ford’s internal mechanical components distinguish them from other automakers; they truly know what they’re doing when assembling a car, not only in terms of the exterior bells and whistles.

A considerable number for a hybrid with an electric motor, the Ford Explorer Hybrid Limited’s 3.3-liter hybrid engine enables the car to drive fast on off-road excursions. It allows the vehicle to tow up to 5,000 lbs. There includes:

  • A 3.58 non-limited-slip rear axle
  • A 3—L EcoBoost I-4 engine with auto start-stop technology
  • A terrain management system
  • Rear-wheel drive
Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid 4dr SUV exterior shown.

The push-button start, 360-degree camera, lane-keeping system, wireless charging pad, ambient lighting, and rear parking sensors are all available to you. Also, you may stay connected while driving thanks to the 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen. The music will play continuously with 12 speakers and a subwoofer while traveling.

In addition to having numerous front and back USB connections, the vehicle also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Seven passengers can ride comfortably in the Ford Explorer Hybrid Limited, making your upcoming road trip, road trip, or leisurely drive a complete dream.

Model 2023 pricing begins at $47,000.

2.     Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE

Toyota has a dedicated client base globally because it creates durable, trustworthy, and rugged cars. They are favored by people working in heavy industries and drivers seeking a little more elegance when commuting.

The automobile may be switched with minimum hassle thanks to the Electric on-demand AWD system. The Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle 30 is also great for people worried about its environmental impact.

Moving on to the tech, there is a backup camera, a blind spot monitor, and a six-speaker audio system. The vehicle boasts a wireless entertainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 12.3-in. screen has four USB connections and supports hands-free operation—Touchscreen for Toyota Audio Multimedia.

Brake assistance, an anti-lock braking system, and electronically controlled brakes are all included for safety. For kids in the back, the rear seatbelt reminder is fantastic. The third-row seating accommodates up to eight individuals. The expansive sunroof is available to all passengers, making long trips fun.

Model 2023 pricing begins at $40,220.

3.     Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Hybrid

A ten-speed SelectShift Automatic Modular Hybrid transmission with paddle activation is included with the Twin-Turbocharged 3.0L V6 Grand Touring Plug-in Hybrid engine that powers the vehicle.

Lincoln Aviator interior detail.

No matter where you’re traveling, you can feel secure in your plug-in hybrid thanks to the all-wheel drive and hill start assist. Moreover, the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring sports an excellent traction control system, adaptive suspension, and lane-keeping system.

A 14-speaker sound system, voice activation, a Lincoln Connect 4G LTE Embedded Modem, and four USB ports are also included. With ten seating options for the driver and eight for the passenger, this plug-in hybrid boasts heated leather seats in the front rows.

Model 2023 starts at $54,535.

4.     Kia Sorento Hybrid

If you’re looking for a hybrid SUV with third-row seating, consider the Kia Sorento Hybrid. The vehicle has 227 horsepower and combines a hardy exterior with turbocharged performance. The car is strong and will become your new reliable traveling friend.

Even on the most rugged terrain, the 19” alloy wheels and the all-wheel drive will keep you comfortable. This is an excellent choice for those who like camping or other outdoor activities due to the roof rails. But the Kia Sorento Hybrid also includes front and rear parking sensors and highway driving assistance to ensure you get to your destination securely.

Driving long distances is enjoyable thanks to the panoramic sunroof, especially when it’s rainy outside because you’ll feel like you’re in a cloud without getting wet. Don’t worry about low visibility; the LED fog lights will come in handy when you make your way through a bad patch of weather. Also, this vehicle has a total range of approximately 665 miles, making it ideal for extended trips.

It also gets 37 combined MPG, which is very good for fuel efficiency. No problem if there isn’t a charging outlet nearby! This hybrid’s regenerative braking allows it to recharge.

This Kia vehicle is among the list’s most fuel-efficient while maintaining performance and flair. Seven people can fit comfortably on the second row of captain’s chairs, but the third row is handy if you have more than four passengers traveling with you.

Model 2023 starts at $36,590.

5.     Lexus RX Hybrid

A luxury brand called Lexus has emerged to compete with SUVs in strength and design. Seven people can fit inside the Lexus RX, including the third-row seats.

The vehicle’s powerful V6 engine combines with two electric motors to provide 308 horsepower, a significant amount of power for an SUV. Long road excursions with friends and family are made ideal by the Lexus RX’s comfortable interior and smooth ride.

Dynamic torque management adjusts the power distribution between the front and back axles of the vehicle based on your driving conditions to provide you with a balanced drive regardless of the weather.

The car also has a Sport S+ mode, activated by a simple dial, and immediately accelerates the vehicle while enhancing the suspension and handling.

Driving is also made simple by the eight-speed automatic transmission’s paddle shifters, which improve torque while reducing fuel consumption. Navigation and performance monitoring is made simple with the 12.3-inch informative system and 12-speaker audio system.

For families with children, the DVD/CD player in the back seat is quite popular so that no one gets bored on the lengthy drive. You will value the pre-collision system, road sign aid, radar cruise control, and intelligent highlights regarding safety and security.

Starts at $50,150 for the 2023 model.

6.     Toyota Sequoia

With the brand-new 2023 Sequoia, now just a hybrid vehicle, Toyota competes with itself in the three-row hybrid SUV market.

2023 Toyota Sequoia SUV exterior.

Considering its size, the third row of the Tundra-based Sequoia is somewhat uncomfortable. When towing a trailer, the brand-new Toyota Sequoia is also reportedly a slight judder, but if towing is your top priority, there are many other options.

Although four-wheel drive with a 2-speed transfer case will be the majority of the models on lots, rear-wheel drive is still the preferred configuration for most vehicles. The maximum tow rating is a staggering 9,520 pounds, provided you don’t mind some juddering.

The 8-seat Sequoia provides something different from the more urban-focused Highlander thanks to its rugged exterior and remarkable off-road prowess. The only problem is the significant boost in the price for a model that will only provide you fuel economy ratings of up to 21 mpg in the city, 24 mpg on the highway, and 22 mpg combined.

7.     Volvo XC90 Recharge

The 2023 Volvo XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid is an outstanding hybrid SUV with third-row seats that can comfortably fit up to seven people if you judge it only on those grounds. My issue with Volvo is how it fits into the market.

The 2023 Volvo XC90 is a respectable-looking, if unexceptionally dull, three-row SUV. The interior is quite comfortable, and the construction quality is excellent.

The T8 plug-in hybrid system has a 455-horsepower output, a 5.0-second zero-to-60 mph time, and a commendable 58 MPGe fuel economy. One-pedal driving on the Volvo maximizes its electric mode for up to 32 miles before switching to the gas engine.

The safety records are practically unbeatable, as with any Volvo. So, what’s the deal with the XC90, then? A classic example of modest Nordic restraint and sensibility is the XC90.

What Are The Advantages of A Hybrid SUV?

With a hybrid SUV, you may choose the driving style that works best for you. While they cost more upfront, you will save money in the long term from the fuel economy of automobiles. A hybrid’s increased eco-friendliness is another significant benefit.

Does A Third Row Make A Difference For A Hybrid SUV?

Yes. A three-row hybrid SUV has ample room for goods and more passengers. If your seat four or five in the two front rows, the third-row centers can act as storage space – to store tents and, more astonishing cases, when you go camping, for example.

What Is The Most Reliable Hybrid SUV With 3rd-Row Seating?

You can’t go wrong with the Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE because the company is one of the most reputable in the world, and each of its cars has outstanding characteristics. The fact that these vehicles are designed for off-road handling and outdoor activities is a benefit for Toyota.

Finding someone working in the repair sector who doesn’t believe this car is essential will be challenging.

What Is The Best Three-Row Hybrid SUV?

The Kia Sorento is, without a doubt, the most excellent option in this market. The Telluride would surpass the Sorento if offered as a hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle. Unsurprisingly, the Toyotas are also worthy contenders, but the Kia tops our list for 2023 due to its exceptional value.


Hybrid vehicles are gaining popularity across the board in the automotive industry because they allow drivers to select the fuel source that best suits their needs while saving the environment.

Families with many children must purchase SUVs, so third-row seats are helpful. SUVs are also fantastic for folks who enjoy the outdoors because they offer much more room and provide extra equipment that makes off-road driving safe and enjoyable.

Your vehicle becomes the ideal companion for driving off-road and in crowded cities when the hybrid characteristics are added.

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