Mazda CX 5 Reliability Issues: Here Are The Mazda CX 5 Issues Explained

A small crossover SUV, the CX-5 made its debut for the 2013 model year. It frequently gets excellent ratings from auto critics and is seen as a luxury car with a reasonable price tag.

Despite the glowing reviews, no car is faultless, and in this post, we’ll discuss the Mazda CX-5’s most frequent problems.

Seven Common Mazda CX-5 Problems

1.     Infotainment Issues

The issue, affectionately known as “ghost touch,” causes the infotainment screen to scroll and randomly click on buttons as if an evil spirit possessed it. This occurrence has been reported by owners both while parked and in motion. Common symptoms include:

  • Changing radio stations.
  • Exiting navigation.
  • Selecting random buttons.
  • Switching between functions.
  • Dialing phone numbers.
  • Beating the system display to night mode.
  • Repeatedly rebooting and freezing.

Although this problem is not immediately life-threatening, it is incredibly aggravating. Ghost problems have been observed on models from 2017 to 2021.

Solution: Owners claim that after the warranty has expired, Mazda won’t address the problem. Some owners have been able to resolve this problem by turning off the touchscreen, eliminating the ghost touch problems.

The procedure entails the following:

  1. Using a trim removal kit to remove the dash will allow you complete access to the display.
  2. Remove the bolts on the left and right, just below the LCD, using a 10mm socket (look for two big circles on the left and right).
  3. Next, take out the screws that are just underneath the bolts.
  4. Place the bolts and screws in a secure location.
  5. Unclip the wires coming into the unit’s rear, and the team should come off.
  6. You must find a tiny yellow ribbon once the radio device is out.
  7. To get to it, you might need to cut a piece of the unit away, or you could fish it out.
  8. Cut the ribbon after that and reassemble the device in the opposite direction from how you took it apart.

2.     Exploding Sunroof

Many Mazda CX-5 owners have reported that their vehicle’s sunroof glass has broken spontaneously and quickly. This is not a result of falling objects or collisions from above, to be precise.

Sunroof on car.

Unwary drivers have been startled by this because it has been compared to the sound of a gunshot, and some have even had facial injuries. From 2016 to 2022, reports of this unsettling behavior on CX-5 vehicles indicate that it primarily occurs on hot, sunny days.

Solution: Some have theorized that this is brought on by a design flaw that doesn’t allow for heat expansion because it typically happens on sunny days when the climate is hot. To prevent this from happening, the manufacturer will need to modify clearances.

Although it is not legally required to get your sunroof fixed if it breaks, it is probably better to do so. You should contact your insurer if the dealership refuses to do so under warranty. Some owners claim that Mazda paid their insurance deductible back.

3.     Won’t Shut Off Properly

Owners of the Mazda CX-5 frequently claim that the vehicle won’t shut off properly. The battery continues to provide accessory power even if the engine shuts off. The 2013 and 2014 model years have received the most reports of this issue. The problem is that the electrical/ignition system does not turn the battery off when the car’s engine is switched off.

The clock and dashboard are still on, indicating this. This problem has the effect of draining the battery, which prevents the automobile from starting and leaves the owners stranded.

Solution: If you take your CX-5 to the dealer, they should be able to replace the malfunctioning sensor, which is what’s causing the problem, for roughly $250.

Put the car in park and press the power button to simulate the situation when the battery turns off but the engine stays running.

One solution is to restart the vehicle, change gears, and then cut off the power; at some random point, the battery will be powered off. Other automobile owners advise driving the vehicle briefly before turning it off again.

4.     Windshield Defrosting Problems

Some CX-5 SUV owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the windshield defrost, which they claim only defrosts the middle portion of the windscreen, substantially impairing visibility when driving in cold weather.

Even though we only came across a few complaints regarding this (for models 2016–2021), we felt it was essential to highlight; if you reside in an area with severe winters, this is something you should check before parting with your hard-earned money. Owners have claimed that it is nearly impossible to maintain the windshield free of ice when the temperature falls below 25°F.

A woman scraping snow from the windshield.

Solution: Little can be done because this is how the vehicle has been designed, according to owners who have spoken to Mazda about this issue. We can only recommend keeping an ice scraper in your car just in case you run into similar problems.

5.     Daytime Running Lights Failure

The 2016 CX-5 experienced issues with its LED daytime running lights (DRLs). The functioning of the low and high-beam headlights was unaffected by this problem.

DRLs are intended to increase the car’s visibility throughout the day and improve road safety by facilitating drivers’ instant identification of other vehicles. These headlights’ malfunction puts other drivers and pedestrians in danger.

Solution: Mazda recalled more than 36,761 CX-5s for malfunctioning DRLs because this problem endangered other people’s safety. Given that it is a recall, the dealer must correct it without charging the consumer.

Owners who have already paid for the fix on their own should get in touch with Mazda to get their money back. Inadequate specs for a gasket that seals a wiring connector are the root of the issue.

As a result, the circuit in charge of managing the lights is vulnerable to corrosion, which prevents the light from receiving power. The sealing gasket will need to be changed to resolve this problem, though occasionally, the entire headlamp may also require replacement.

6.     Windshield Cracking

Model years 2014 to 2017 experience this issue the most frequently. According to internet complaints, the windshield of the Mazda CX-5 often develops too-easy cracks. Owners claim that the fracture suddenly emerges, starts small, and keeps growing.

There is usually no evidence of anything impacting the windshield, and some owners have even left their cars in the garage overnight, only to find them the following day with a spider-web crack. It is incredibly distracting to drive with a gap in the windshield and depending on the state you are in, you can break the law if you don’t have it fixed.

Solution: The only option if your windshield cracks are to have it fixed immediately. If you need to progress with the individual you are dealing with, always seek to speak to senior management. It would help if you pushed to have this covered under warranty. Otherwise, insurance will pay for it.

7.     Transmission Problems

Transmission problems are the second most common Mazda CX-5 issue for 2015. The 2015 Mazda CX-5 is among the worst model years since the transmission is a crucial part of any car, and any repairs can cost thousands of dollars. The customers complained that the transmission made a whining noise and clicked when shifting, among other problems.

Solution: It is strongly advised to have a professional who is skilled in doing so repair it. Although the expense of the repairs may be high, they are unquestionably worthwhile.


Over eight model years, CX-5 owners have filed 366 complaints. It has severe windows and brakes issues, and according to our PainRankTM system, is the most miniature reliable vehicle overall. The CX-5 delivers many safety features, reliable engines, agile handling, and a stylish interior. It also has a six-speed automated transmission with FWD or AWD options.

However, customers of the Mazda CX-5 have voiced concerns about the vehicle’s flimsy windshields, problematic engines, premature brake wear, defective daytime running lights, etc. These issues might be anything from very trivial to the grave. Additionally, the cost of repairs varies considerably based on the problem’s nature and the model year.

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