Moog vs Mevotech: Side-By-Side Comparison In 2022

Any person who owns a car always considers suspension parts availability. For one to choose the right and best suspension parts, they have to put so many considerations into it. It is not as simple as choosing a pair of sneakers to buy.

A car’s suspension system comprises many replaceable components. You are supposed to make sure the suspension system is in the correct shape. When it comes to controlling the vehicle, the suspension and steering systems work hand in hand. Mevotech vs Moog are brands that sell both suspension cars and replacement steering parts.

For a car to function properly, the replacement of the essential parts is very crucial. Mevotech and Moog are big brands that have been existing for a long time. They both offer quality suspension parts making each of them stand out on its own. We’ll look at these two brands in detail.

mevotech vs moog

What Is Mevotech And Moog?


Mevotech auto spare parts provide quality in terms of steadiness and comfortability considering their designs. If you have ever thought of purchasing auto spare parts, there is a possibility that you have ever thought of Mevotech or even heard of it. Mevotech is a company based in Canada. The company has been functional for over 40 years. This translates to the company’s experienced way of dealing with what their clients’ needs.

There are three brands under the Mevotech umbrella, each with a niche market focus. Mevotech Original Grade, Mevotech Supreme, and Tough Terrain Extreme (TJX) are the three choices available. To match or surpass original equipment requirements, the Tough Terrain Extreme components are ideal for heavy-duty vehicles such as work trucks.

The durability and stability of the Mevotech Supreme parts are of major importance since they are made for daily-use automobiles. Because they are made to OEM standards, Original Grade components are cost-effective, easy to handle, and durable for years.

With so much industry expertise, the company has a unique edge over most of its competitors since it knows how things work in the world of automotive trends inside and out. Even when it comes to its constituent parts, the company never settles for less than the best.

For this company, one of the keys to success is its commitment to product specialization, with the aftermarket as its major focus. With its specialization comes adaptability since it offers parts for almost any vehicle model and makes.


Additionally, Mevotech specializes in creating components that are in line with the market’s unique needs. When we switch to lighter cars, the suspensions become softer, making them less equipped to handle the increased weight on the chassis. There may be too much stress in older cars, making driving unpleasant.

If the platform is heavy, Mevotech has designed components that can endure it. To guarantee long-term durability and a smooth driving experience, the shape of the components is also taken into account when they are developed.

Mevotech has a very wide variety of spare parts in its catalog. Control arms, stabilizer links, ball joints, coil springs, and alignment aids may all be found in the suspension section. Section of steering consisting of idler arm and rack and pinion boot as well as inner and outer tie rods are also manufactured in this brand.

Wheel hub assemblies and CV boot kits, some of which incorporate CV axles, are available for the driveline. Mevotech uses an engineering procedure that cannot be compared to any other brand.

Mevotech’s relentless pursuit of new ideas has yielded over a dozen patents, a testimony to the company’s major advancements in replacement component technology. It’s built on a labor-intensive yet effective manufacturing process, and the results are always top-notch.

Vehicle and component research and design, platform-based designs, finite element analysis, design optimization, and three-dimensional prototyping are all involved in the engineering process. To further guarantee high quality, the parts are also put through a rigorous testing process.


On the other hand, Moog is a brand that has been in existence since the year 1919. It is an American brand. Its existence in the industry has marked a century. Only a few brands can beat Moog when it comes to spare parts delivery.

Moog is recognized globally for its supply of auto spares for both steering and suspension systems. In 2001, Moog cemented its global existence in the European market.

Moog has a variety of products to offer. They have a very decent and modern catalog that describes all the specifications of each part on it. Moog’s product line includes a wide range of things, including wheel bearings and steering rack gaiter kits, as well as axial rods. The company also sells repair kits, which may assist your mechanic’s toolbox by giving them the ability to handle any steering or suspension unit issue that arises.


Moog’s long-term existence in the industry makes it a better brand because it already knows the needs of its customers. This is noticeable when it comes to their packagings. If you happen to purchase any Moog product, be assured it will come with all the essential equipments.

These equipments make Moog a simple to use and effective brand. This company’s engineering processes target the durability of the products they manufacture. All spare parts offered by this company are of the best quality. Leave alone their user-friendliness.

Moog does not underestimate the power of educating its clients. The company does this by providing learning materials on its website. The site gives you a good overview of the spare parts available and how they suit your car’s specifications. This is a plus for this brand. Most companies do not offer educational materials on their websites for their clients. Moog educates its potential and already existing clients using newsletters and online training.

Mevotech Vs. Moog Differences

The best way to know which brand is the best is by studying its differences. The two brands offer both steering and spare suspension parts. However, there are those features that make these two brands different. Below are the differences between Mevotech and Moog.

Specialization degree

Mevotech company has specialized in the provision of spare parts for different models of cars and functional needs. Mevotech has a variety of exceptional brands, which are Mevotech Supreme, Tough Terrain Extreme, and Mevotech Original Grade. On the other hand, Moog does zero specialization.

However, the brand offers educational services on its website to educate its clients. The education offered by this company is mainly concentrated on car suspension and steering systems and the best process to follow while choosing the best spare part for your car.


Moog’s products are a bit pricy compared to Mevotech. However, the two brands’ price range is always on the high end.

Customer services

Moog offers its clients education about how to choose the fitting spare parts for your car. Moog educates its clients through its website, where it provides virtual training and newsletters. Mevotech does not offer such services on their websites.

The level of durability

If you are looking for spare parts that will last, Moog is the best brand to choose. However, both brands offer good quality products.

Considering the service life of these two brands, Moog products have a tendency to last longer than the same spare materials from Mevotech.

Manufacturing place

The two brands are located in different places. Moog’s main company is located in America. However, they have different factories all over the world. Mevotech company is located in Canada.

Warranty schedules

Mevotech and Moog offer different schedules when it comes to warranty. No one would love to use products without a good warranty. If you are one person who considers warranty covers, Moog offers the best warranty. It offers a warranty session of three years for any spare part they sell. On the other side, Mevotech only offers a lifetime warranty when you purchase a suspension spare part.


Always consider quality over quantity. When it comes to these two brands, it is not easy to choose the best quality over the other. This is because both are high-end brands. For you to gauge the best product, you have to put into considerations and use similar products from the two brands.

Some reviews show that Mevotech products are a bit low quality and vice versa. Those suggesting that Mevotech products are low quality go ahead to say that’s why they are a bit less pricy. The quality levels cannot be measured using one consideration. You have to weigh down all the options and choose the best one for you

Products specifications

There is a difference between the two brands’ control arms. Mevotech’s control arms are equipped with bushings and ball joints. Moog’s control arms are only equipped with ball joints, mevotech’s additional bushing in their control arms gives it more effective and less resistance to effects of abrasions.

Which is better: mevotech or Moog?

Which is better mevotech or Moog

The two brands offer the best suspension and steering spare parts in the industry. It’s a little bit tricky to decide on which is the best brand of the two because both offer high-end products.

Therefore, you should put into consideration certain aspects to come up with a better brand for you. For instance, you can consider aspects such as warranty schedules, prices, durability, and the quality of the products.

Mevotech and Moog offer high quality spare parts. However, mevotech products are a little bit less pricy. This gives Moog an added advantage to being referred to as the brand which offers the best quality.

When it comes to products specifications, mevotech products win. This is because they offer control arms that are equipped with ball joints and bushings. Moog’s control arms are only equipped with ball joints, mevotech’s control arms prevent them from damages caused by corrosions.

Moog’s spare parts are a bit pricy; however, their quality is incomparable to any other brand. In terms of warranty, Moog offers a three years warranty for any spare parts purchased from their stores.

For you to get a warranty from Mevotech, you have to purchase a spare suspension part. With all the above considerations, you cannot specify which is the best because both brands offer different advantages which distinguish each brand.

You’ve noticed that each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses; that’s where product preference comes in. you are advised to choose the best product that offers the specifications you are looking for.

Is Mevotech good quality?

Mevotech is a top-notch brand. It strives to provide the best services to its clients. Mevotech makes sure its engineering process meets the market trends. This gives the brand a better place in the market industry.

Also, Mevotech has some product features that distinguish it from other brands. For instance, its control arms have features that other brands do not offer. The control arms provide comfortability and give one an extra advantage of not having corrosions.


In conclusion, the availability of a car’s suspension parts is a factor put into consideration by a car owner. Mevotech vs. Moog are brands that sell both suspension cars and replacement steering parts. Mevotech brand is based in Canada and has been operating for over 40 years.

This shows that Mevotech’s long existence in the industry gives an added advantage of knowing and meeting clients’ specifications. On the other hand, Moog is a company based in America with several countless branches all over the world.

Moog has been in the industry for a century, translating to a better knowledge of customers’ needs. This is very noticeable when it comes to product packaging. There are a few features that distinguish Mevotech and Moog in terms of durability, warranty, product specifications, quality, and prices.

Both Mevotech and Moog are good quality brands. It all depends on what you are looking for. You have to study the two before concluding on which brand to settle for.

If you have used any of the two brands, kindly leave a comment below and share how your experience was. In case you have any questions, kindly ask below.

In summary, both Mevotech and Moog are high-end quality brands. Kindly consider the one that suits your car’s specifications when choosing the best replacement parts for your car.

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