Wheel Lock Removal: How To Remove Wheel Locks Without Key

One of the most effective and highly dependable tools you can install in your car is a wheel lock. If you own a newly-purchased car, your rims will definitely look all shiny and polished. Polished car rims are closely drawn to tempt car thieves. If this happens, it will cost you a thousand bucks to replace your stolen rims. Now. is there a way that your rims can be saved from theft? Well, installing a wheel lock is your saving grace.

In this article, we will go through each step of removing your wheel lock. If you follow these steps, it will save you tons of stress and time to remove your wheel lock.

Let us check each step.

removing wheel locks

Importance of Installing Wheel Locks

Each car has a different model. This means that every car has a different rim. Now. installing a wheel lock replaces the lug nuts of your car and makes sure that the rims are safe and intact A car’s wheel lock comes with a key. This key is provided alongside the wheel locks that you purchased. If a car thief attempts to steal your rims, it will be an impossible feat to do so.

All in all. when you install wheel locks in your car. it provides added protection and overall security. Purchasing wheel locks will surely guarantee that your rims are not stolen and they are kept where they truly belong.

Different Types of Wheel Locks

There are varying types of wheel locks that you can fully install in your car. Each type of wheel lock has varying size, diameter, and thickness. Before purchasing your wheel locks, make sure that you do tons of research. Take into account the model of your car. its size, and parts such as your car’s tires.

Here are some types of wheel locks available in the market

Alloy Wheel Lock

Obviously, wheel locks that are made out of alloy are pretty strong, sturdy, and solid. Most of the time, these wheel locks can be purchased from a specific manufacturer. When you plan to purchase one from a manufacturer, these wheel locks come with a designated socket or key for you to use. This key or socket is purely fit to remove your wheel locks without a sweat.

Clamp Wheel Lock

A car wheel is locked using a clamp
A car wheel is locked using a clamp.

As the name goes, this wheel lock is often called a boot. This is a locking clamp placed on your wheels that makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your rims. This is a car thief s worst nightmare. Also, bear in mind that you cannot drive your car if you cannot remove the clamp first. On a daily basis, using a clamp wheel lock can be pretty challenging.

But. when you park your car in an area where there is a high theft rate going on. then using this wheel lock is your best chance against thieves.

A Locking Lug Nut

This wheel lock serves two purposes: aesthetic and utility purposes. A locking lug nut just looks like your ordinary lug nuts, making it less susceptible to attracting unwanted attention from a passerby. Other than this, using a locking lug nut is highly effective to protect your rims which makes it difficult for thieves to steal them.

All in all. using a locking lug nut as your wheel lock is highly advisable and reliable to secure your rims.

A Spline Drive Wheel Lock

If you own a custom car. then using a spline drive wheel lock is your best option. This wheel lock has a thinner diameter compared to the other types of wheel locks. More than this, if your car has a narrow and thin lug nut. installing a spline drive wheel lock will surely fit the wheels of your car.

Step-by-step Ways in Removing Your Wheel Locks with a Wheel Lock Key

It is now high time that you need to change the tires of your car. This can only mean one thing: you need to remove your wheel locks. Well, if you have remembered and secured your wheel lock key, then removing your wheel locks is a much easier job.

Here are some steps you should take into consideration when removing your wheel locks with a wheel lock key.

Items Needed:

  • Your wheel lock key
  • Your carjack
  • Your lug wrench
Step-by-step Ways in Removing Your Wheel Locks with a Wheel Lock Key

Step #1: Safely Park Your Car

Before you can remove your wheel locks, make sure that your car is parked in a safe and secure area. Also, make sure that you engaged the brake of your car for added safety and security. When you can now find a safe parking lot or area, this is now the time that you can work in removing your wheel locks.

Step #2: Align Your Wheel Lock Key with the Wheel Lock

As we have mentioned before, your wheel locks come with a specific wheel lock key. This key is specifically designed to fit your wheel lock. Simply, your wheel lock can only fit with the key that comes with it.

In this step, you need to align your wheel lock with the key itself. If you have placed your key with the lock, all you need to do is to slowly turn it until the pattern and the design of the lock and key perfectly fits together. After this, your key will just perfectly fit and fall in your wheel lock.

Step #3: Turn Your Wheel Bolt

In this step, you need to firmly hold your wheel lock key while turning your wheel bolt in a counterclockwise manner. This step requires you to exert force while turning the wheel bolt. In doing so. your wheel lock is put in place and will stop moving at once.

Step #4: Release Your Wheel Lock Key

After placing your wheel lock, you can now release your wheel lock key. This step is an easy one because it only requires you to let go of the wheel lock you are holding.

Step#5: Place Your Tire Wrench in your Wheel Bolt

At one end of your wheel bolt you have placed earlier, you will need to mount and attach your tire wrench. If you have already mounted your tire wrench, you need to exert a higher amount of force and strength in releasing it.

Expert Tip: Make sure that you turn your tire wrench carefully. As you turn it. you increase the pressure while rotating it thus loosening your wheel lock. At this point, you can remove your wheel lock and start unscrewing it.

Step-by-step Ways in Removing Your Wheel Locks without a Wheel Lock Key

Losing your wheel lock key is not an uncommon problem. Some people tend to forget where they have placed or secured the wheel lock key. Others may have had a broken or stripped lock key. This is a common problem because wheel lock keys are often worn from repeated use in removing a wheel lock.

Now how are you going to remove that wheel lock without using the wheel lock key? Here are some ways you can follow in removing your wheel lock without the wheel lock key.

Step-by-step Ways in Removing Your Wheel Locks without a Wheel Lock Key

Step#1: Purchase a Kit for Wheel Lock Removal

If you have lost or misplaced your wheel lock key. buying a wheel lock removal kit is your best and easiest option. This kit comes with the tools that you can use in removing your wheel locks.

Expert Tip: Most of the kits come with different sizes of sockets. All you need to do is to find the closest match of your wheel lock from the available sockets in the kit Make sure that when you mount that socket, it perfectly fits your wheel lock.

If you managed to match the size of your wheel lock to the socket found in your wheel lock removal kit you just need to repeat the same process in removing your wheel locks with your wheel lock key. This is one of the options you can try if your wheel lock key is lost or broken.

Step #2: Do It All by Yourself with Necessary Tools

Items Needed:

  • Your available sockets
  • A six-in-one screwdriver
  • A hammer

How to Do this?

  • The first thing that you need to do is to clean your wheel lock. Make sure that the surface of the wheel lock doesn’t have any debris or dirt. This will make the job easier in removing your wheel locks without using the wheel lock key.
  • If you have an available 12-point socket in your tool kit. this socket can be a perfect fit in your wheel lock. Make sure that the socket is not too tight or not too loose when mounted with your wheel lock.
  • At this point, you need to firmly hold the 12-point socket in place with your wheel lock. You can use your hammer in tightening your socket to fit the wheel lock. Make sure that you wear your safety gloves to avoid any injury. Also, when you hammer the socket, do not over-exert pressure or force. It may break or strip your wheel locks.
  • Then, you will need to use a wrench in unscrewing the socket You need to turn the socket wrench in the left direction.
  • Now. your wheel lock is attached to the socket you used. In order to remove the wheel lock from the socket, you need to use your six-in-one screwdriver in loosening the socket from the wheel lock.
  • Release the wheel lock from the socket. Now. removing your wheel lock without using the wheel lock key is all done!

This is another option you can definitely try if you have lost or misplaced your wheel lock key. Do not be discouraged if your lug nut socket seems not to fit your wheel lock. Repeat the same process and just be patient while doing it.

Step #3: Contact Your Mechanic/Local Car Repair Shop

Most of the mechanics have special sockets that can perfectly fit your wheel lock. If you can contact or ask for a mechanic, they can help you remove your wheel locks without using the wheel lock key. Also, it depends on the type and size of your car. An auto mechanic can surely help you assess the situation and remove your wheel lock.

Step #4: Visit Your Local Car Dealership

If there is a local car dealership in your place, you can surely give it a try and ask for help in removing your wheel lock. Since your car has the same brand with which you bought it from a car dealership, mechanics may have a manufactured wheel lock key they can use in removing your wheel locks.

If you want to remove your wheel locks in a car dealership, you do not need to set an appointment. The dealer may have to charge you with a labor fee for removing your wheel locks.

A car is parked outside a car dealership office
A car is parked outside a car dealership office.

What to do if you lose your Wheel Lock key?

Losing the Wheel Lock Key is one of the common problems that automotive companies encounter. The main purpose of locking the wheel keys of your car is to ensure that your wheels can’t be stolen.

Through repetitive use, wheel locks wear out naturally and it is hard to remove the wheel locks. There are instances where lock keys are broken. So what should you do if you lose your Wheel Lock Key?

These are the things that you can do if you lose your Wheel lock key:

Call any local auto repair shop

If you don’t have a specific mechanic, just call any local repair shop near your area. They have special tools for this problem that will allow them to remove the wheel lock without keys.

Visit the service department of your local dealership of the same brand

You may need to pay for the labor because dealership mechanics have the manufacturer-specific master set of keys that can easily remove your wheel locks.

Purchase a new key

This can be expensive but each key comes with a code so you can order a replacement from the vehicle manufacturer.

It is recommended to store your lock keys in a place you can easily remember or place them together with the jack and the wrench so you can less from buying a replacement key. It will also save you a headache from looking at it everywhere. It is also recommended to install regular nuts if the vehicle is old.

Are Locking Wheel Nuts Worth It?

Mechanic locking wheel nut
Mechanic locking wheel nut.

You might be asking yourself, are locking wheel nuts worth it? Let’s find out in this article.

Locking wheel nuts may seem like a fad, but they are available for purchase at most auto parts stores. These locking wheel nuts can help reduce the chances of your car being stolen and used in ram raids or some other crime.

The purpose of these particular types of wheel nuts is to make it more difficult for thieves to remove them with tools such as drills or impact wrenches. Locking wheel nuts may also make it more difficult to remove the tire and use it to steal something, such as a bicycle.

The best thing about locking wheel nuts is that they are straightforward to install. All you need to do is screw or press them into place on your car or truck rims. These particular nut types require a key or a special socket to be removed, so thieves are far less likely to steal your car.

The most common types of locking wheel nuts have either internal or external notches that prevent them from being removed with the wrong tool. Once you attach the wheel to your vehicle, all you need is a wrench or an adjustable spanner to remove it.

Expert Tip: It is important to remember that locking wheel nuts are not 100% foolproof. If you do not correctly tighten them, it may be possible for someone to remove them using the special socket wrench.

Locking wheel nuts can also wear down after years of driving on them. You will need to check them periodically to ensure they are still in working condition. Most of these nuts are u- or star-shaped, so it is possible for someone with the right tools to remove them without needing a key.

Overall, locking wheel nuts can help reduce the chances of theft on your car. Suppose you are serious about protecting your vehicle from being stolen. In that case, you should also invest in a steering wheel locking device for your steering column.

These devices can be purchased at most auto parts stores and will prevent anyone from being able to drive away with your car quickly. You may need to take a few minutes to remove the locks every time you park somewhere, but it is well worth it if you value your car or truck.

Locking wheel nuts may initially cost a bit more than regular nuts. Still, it is well worth paying to protect your vehicle and other personal belongings.

How locking bolt works in alloy wheel

How do you get a replacement wheel lock key?

Are you suffering from a stolen wheel lock key or just lost your keys and is looking for a replacement?

Removal of the wheel lock bolts is a time-consuming and cumbersome process, so we recommend this practical and effective solution: Replace your stolen wheel lock key with a new one.

Replacing a broken or lost wheel lock key is easy. There are two ways to get a replacement:

  1. A new complete set of matching keys can be produced at any locksmith. The price for this service varies per locksmith. You will also need a keychain with both keys and a new lock body.
  2. The other option is to exchange the wheel lock cylinder onsite with a matching spare part from your unit’s manufacturer. Because of different opening mechanisms, it is impossible to copy your old wheel lock cylinder exactly.

Unfortunately, neither of these options is for free. But you can save the costs of a locksmith visit with sufficient preparation. You can also avoid the wait time at your dealer’s workshop because you still have to turn in the cylinder anyway.

Final Words

Owning a car requires you to be cautious and responsible in keeping it safe and secure. More so. if your car has shiny and polished wheels, it will surely attract unwanted attention from thieves. This is where wheel locks come into the picture. Installing wheel locks in your tires is your saving grace. It is your best option in securing the rims and tires of your car.

Wheel locks serve as a safety device for thieves. It is inexpensive but highly effective in securing your rims and wheels. This is a good bargain if you want to make sure that your rims and tires are kept in place.

Have you tried to remove your wheel locks without using the wheel lock key? Or. have you tried to do it with the key? Did you ever lose or misplace your wheel lock key?

Well, if you have further questions, clarifications, or pro tips that you want to know in removing your wheel locks with or without the key. we got you covered. Drop your questions and feel free to comment your queries. Just don’t sweat this small stuff; we are here to help!

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