Shaq’s Yacht: Shaq Yacht Cost & Inside Look

If you follow basketball and the NBA, you would have heard of the name Shaquille O’Neal. He was a basketball player active from 1992 to 2011. Standing at some inches above 6 feet and 7 inches, he has led the teams he was into a lot of wins until he retired in 2011.

Today, he is active as a host of basketball games, an actor and, a musician. Shaq has earned millions of dollars over the years he played basketball. Nowadays, he rakes in just as much as he did before with his media appearances here and there. Over the years, he has invested his earnings in various properties and his own luxurious and spacious yacht nicknamed Shaqapulco.

Shaq’s yacht was in Spain in 2019. Shaq had used it to party with friends and family then.

Cost of Shaq’s Yacht

Shaq’s yacht reportedly costs approximately 130 million dollars. It is a lot of money. It can accommodate 24 guests. Including its crew, it can hold a maximum of 40 people.

Shaq flexed his boat diving skills over the coast of Spain.


Shaqapulco has a lot of features. As a mega-mansion yacht, it has multiple rooms including the main deck, the spa pool and, the well-stocked bar with stools. The spa pool area doubles as the lounge area where people can drink, mingle with others, and be merry.

Some areas around the spa pool also serve as the casual dining area. Those are great spots to eat breakfast or lunch while hanging out with others as they swim in the pool or relax in one of two hot tubs by the spa pool. There are two hot tubs close to the spa pool, yes.

Shaq’s very own Shaqapulco.

The spa pool’s glass roof is retractable. You can easily let the sunlight or the moonlight in with the glass roof retracted to make the space more relaxing, fun, and romantic, even.

The yacht also has a main dining room and lounge room. Both rooms have chandeliers that light up the spaces for people to eat and drink with others and lounge around, too. The lounge has a piano where people can play with and listen to music while relaxing.

In the Shaqapulco are twin cabins and a stateroom where people can sleep comfortably at night. These rooms are comfortable for rest and sleep while riding the yacht to another place.

The yacht also has a spa room with a sauna. The spa room has glass windows that give you a beautiful view of the sea outside it.


Shaqapulco’s main lounge room is in a minimalistic shade of black and white. This color scheme makes this room specifically apt for business meetings and more.

The color scheme is almost the same in the other rooms. Casual rooms such as the lounge room have splashes of more fun colors here and there.

Shaq’s yacht is big and functional. You can use it for formal business meetings. You can also use it for lounging and playing around in the spa pool with the retracted glass roof.

Shaqapulco welcomes a lot of people Shaq and his family invite. It is worth looking into if you’re curious about how it looks and feels like to be there.

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