How To Find The Right Spark Plug Socket Size

There are various types of plug sockets that are available in the market today. With the many options available, finding one that will suit you best is such a difficult thing to do.

What is a Spark Plug Socket?

You’ve probably heard of spark plugs if you’ve ever attempted to learn anything about automobiles. Spark plugs are little cylinder-shaped devices that go into your engine and are screwed in place.

A spark plug socket is a special type of socket designed to safely remove and install spark plugs. They often feature a foam rubber insert to sit within the socket and help keep the spark plug in place while preventing it from being damaged by the socket’s internal walls.

How to Find the Right Spark Plug Socket Size

  1. To begin, consult your car’s manual to determine the kind and model of the plug. This makes choosing the socket size simple.
  2. Second, check the size of the socket on the spark plug itself. If you have access to it, you can measure the hex (diameter) size with Vernier calipers. If you don’t know how to use it, you can simply seek advice from a trusted mechanic so he can demonstrate how to do it correctly.

The following are some common spark plug socket sizes:

Types of Spark Plug Sockets

Spark plug sockets are divided into two types: those that utilize a magnet to hold the spark plug in place and those that use a rubber boot. They have a striking resemblance. In fact, they are identical and perform the same function.

1. Magnetic Spark Plug Socket

A tiny magnet is contained within a narrow panel of the deep socket in a magnetic spark plug socket.

When you remove a spark plug, the magnet will switch to the edge of the spark plug and stop it from slipping off. This prevents you from misplacing your spark plugs while replacing them.

2. Rubber Boot Spark Plug Socket

A rubber boot socket features a rubber pull-out at the end of the spark plug socket, as its term implies.

When replacing an outdated spark plug, this is used to keep the spark plug tip in position. It protects the plug end by preventing them from any type of abrasion.


Knowing the proper size of your spark plug socket is critical to maintaining your vehicle’s safety and performance. When spark plugs fail, they have an impact on the entire engine and must be replaced in order to restart it.

You’ll need to know the size of your spark plug socket if you want to get a spark plug that actually works. Spark plugs come in a range of sizes, so be sure you choose the right one.

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