How To Cover A Broken Car Window: Here’s 7 Ways To Do It

Did the neighbors’ pesky kids break a glass again while playing cricket? Oh no, it was your car’s window this time. How does it feel like to stand amongst those you considered misfortunate when you saw their car window glass shattered? Jokes apart, dealing with a broken car window isn’t a fun process, especially when you are running late for work.

This situation can come upon anyone, anytime and in any way, either by burglars or heavy hail, stone hitting, or even a collision. No matter the backstory, there is always one question that arises in the minds of the person experiencing the devastating situation. ‘How do I temporary fix my broken car window?’

Luckily for you, we have composed this entire article just to cater to this question. So, read on till the end and get to all the temporary fixes for broken car windows.

temporary car window

Why Should You Cover Your Broken Car Window?

First things first, why should you cover your broken car window when you can let it be until repair?

Whether you have a broken side window or rear window, you should immediately be replaced with glass. However, it is practically impossible because the time it takes for the process and the high cost it incurs causes a delay in getting it permanently repaired.

However, you can get it repaired in due time IF you scheduled your car window shattering and adjusted your routine accordingly to put everything else aside and head straight to the repair workshop, which, realistically speaking, isn’t a common practice.

So, coming back to addressing your question, you should temporarily cover your broken car window due to the following reasons:

Why Should You Cover Your Broken Car Window

1. Appearance

You must be thinking to yourself, ‘who worries about their car’s appearance when its window is already shattered?’ Surprise, surprise! While most of the population considers the appearance of their cars the least of their worries, others may still strive to keep their vehicle as presentable as possible, even when its window is broken.

As absurd as it may sound, temporarily fixing a car’s broken window doesn’t actually look messy. The only condition is that the work is to be done with precision.

2. To Keep the Passenger’s Protected

No matter which window is broken in your vehicle, it is hazardous for everyone riding the car. While driving a car with an untreated broken window, air pressure from the outside might cause the broken shards to detach, and the possibilities as to where they can land and how they can harm others are endless.

A broken car window can impose the risk of penetrating the eyes, seats, and kids’ seats and potentially harming pedestrians and motorcyclists.

3. Protection from the Harsh Weather

Even though a temporary window cover doesn’t fully protect your vehicle from the weather elements, it still provides some utility. Just imagine how disastrous rainy weather without a window would be or how scorching extreme sunny weather can be without any protective cover on your car’s window.

And it doesn’t end here! The debris and dust from the outside can damage your car’s interior. So, it is best that you get your car’s window temporarily fixed unless you want to spend extra on getting your car detailed in addition to getting its window permanently repaired. After all. something is better than nothing.

4. Say no to Burglary

Keeping your unattended with a broken window is an open invitation to burglars. And the last thing you probably want after getting your car’s window broken is diverting unwanted attention towards it.

With that said, a temporarily fixed car window does not give the utmost protection. Still, it gives a psychological relief that the vehicle is safe from the attention of burglars that an uncovered car would otherwise attract.

How Do I Temporarily Cover a Broken Car Windows?

broken car window fixed with clear plastic
broken car window fixed with clear plastic.

There are several options for temporarily fixing a car’s broken window. These can be anything that holds a firm shape and prevent debris from entering your car and damaging its interior.

Now if you have even the slightest of knowledge about repairing broken car windows, then you must be aware that the process requires several steps to be taken in order to maximize the efficacy of the temporary car window. Here’s what you need to do in order to prep your car for a temporary window:

Step 1: Remove All the Glass Shards

Since your previous car window got shattered, some broken shards must be left attached to the window frame. These can be hazardous for the driver as well as the passengers. Moreover, they can cause damage to the dashboard, tear the leather of the seats, and dent other features of your vehicle.

So, the foremost step while prepping your car for a temporary window fix is to remove all the remaining glass shards.

Expert Tip: While doing so, make sure to wear protective gloves, or you might end up injuring yourself. Pick the thick, detachable pieces with your hands, and use a vacuum to gather all the small ones.

You can also use a piece of kneaded dough to gather all those tiny shards manually. Just make sure to discard the dough later on.

Step 2: Wipe Down the Window Frame

Once all the glass shards from your broken window have been removed, use a wet cloth, preferably a towel, to remove all the dirt. dust, and debris that are accumulated on your windowpane. Next, let it dry off completely. This step is necessary to ensure that your temporary car window is sealed perfectly.

Step 3: Apply Masking Tape around Your Car’s Window Frame

While this step is largely overlooked it is very much necessary to put masking tape around the frame of your car’s broken window. What this does is that it protects the paint on the vehicle’s exterior from chipping off while pulling off the duct tape.

So, cover the window frame with a layer of masking tape, around two inches in width, to protect your car’s paint from chipping off and prevent the duct tape from leaving a sticky residue on your car’s exterior.

Step 4: Start Attaching your Temporary Car Window

Once all this is done, you can now move forward to actually putting up your temporary car window Can’t figure out what to use as a temporary fix for your broken car window? Fret not. as we have an entire section in this article dedicated to answering your question.

Here is an essential for your car!

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Temporary Fix for a Broken Car Window

Now that you know why you should use a temporary fix for your car’s broken window and how to prep your car for its untimely maintenance, it is time we discuss what material you can use as temporary fixes for your broken car window:

  • Duct tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Reflectix
  • Window Shade Socks
  • Fabric and Magnets
  • Perforated Vinyl
  • Car Shades
  • Plastic bags

1. Duct Tape

Duct tape on broken car window
Duct tape on a broken car window.

This is one of the most commonly used materials for temporary window fixing is Duct Tape. Not only is it highly efficient but also convenient to arrange.

How to Use Duct Tape as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

To fix your car’s window using duct tape, you will have to cut a long strip and attach it to both the borders of your car’s window frame. Put one strip at a time and overlap all the strips to make sure there are no gaps in between.

Expert Tip: Quick suggestion, use clear duct tape instead of the colored one so that you can easily see through your side mirrors. Voila! Your car’s window has temporarily been fixed!

2. Plastic Wrap

If you don’t like the sticky surface revealing on the inside of your car. you can replace the duct tape with plastic wrap, which pretty much does the same job.

How to Use Plastic Wrap as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

Firstly, cut plastic wrap the same size as your car’s window. Then tape its edges to your car’s windowpane. Quick tip, always tape from the inside of your vehicle so that you don’t peel off the paint while removing the temporary car window

3. Reflectix

If your car’s rear window got damaged and you don’t mind attaching a temporary window that is opaque, then we suggest that you go for Reflectix.

Don’t know what that is? It is basically a cardboard piece custom cut to fit car windows with a Reflectix material attached. The Reflectix coating protects the cardboard from mushing out in rainy weather and gives the most value per dollar compared to all the other materials mentioned in this list.

How to Use Reflectix as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

Simply take the Reflectix cutout and attach it to your vehicle’s window using tape. While Reflectix prevents other people from seeing in. it also doesn’t allow you to see outside, so this option is a big NO if the front windows of your car get damaged.

Reflectix on a car window
Reflectix on a car window.

4. Window Shade Socks

If you want a quick temporary car window fix that doesn’t make the inside of your car feel like a switched-on oven by blocking the passage of air, we suggest that you go for mesh window coverings.

Now, these come ready-made in a variety of colors, but if you don’t have one. you know, lying around in your house, you can even take an ordinary piece of mesh cloth and tape it to your car’s window frame.

How to Use Window Shade Socks as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

The ready-made car shade socks are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is slide them on your car’s window like a sock, and it will give you a temporary window fix that not also accommodates the privacy factor but also allows ventilation.

5. Fabric and Magnet

If you don’t have mesh cloth lying around in your home, you can be a little crafty by using any other material of cloth and magnets. Yes. you read it right! Can’t find magnets? Ask your children, and they’ll know where to find some.

How to Use Fabric and Magnet as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

For this temporary car window fix, you will need to cut your cloth in the size of your car’s window, hot glue magnets on the edges, and that’s it!

Expert Tip: You can either attach it to the metal doors of your car’s exterior or to pieces of metal on the inside of the window frame. The choice is yours!

This method allows you to quickly and effortlessly put up temporary window coverings and take them down whenever needed. This method will allow ventilation and block out dust and debris. No matter how much the colors tempt you. we prefer you use black fabric because it looks like it is tinted glass.

6. Perforated Vinyl

Perforated Vinyl is an excellent alternative for glass car windows. If you don’t know what Perforated Vinyl is, it is a vinyl sticker with a pattern of holes punched in it The material is white on the outside and black on the inside, which allows you to see out with ease, but makes it extremely difficult for outsiders to peek in.

How to Use Perforated Vinyl as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

Perforated Vinyl is extremely easy to use. You just need to cut the sheet according to your car’s window size, peel off the sticker backing, and stick it around your window. It’s as easy as that. Plus point, no one will ever notice the window on the inside is broken because they won’t be able to see what’s inside.

7. Car Shades

While all the other materials mentioned in the list might cause you some difficulty in searching for and arranging them, a great temporary car window fix, which you will probably have lying around in your car and which is easy to use. is a Car Shade.

How to Use Car Shades as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

Putting car shades up is almost self-explanatory. They come with metal tabs that easily pop in the window frame and lock in place. Using car shades for temporarily fixing your car’s broken window is the best hack for those who want a quick broken window fix without compromising on the appearance whatsoever.

8. Plastic Bag

If you have nothing at your disposal, you can simply use a plastic bag as a temporary fix for a broken car window. Clear plastic bags do a great job of preventing dust and dirt from entering the car and keeping rain from seeping in unless there is a bad car window fixing job done.

How to Use Plastic Bags as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows?

For this temporary fix. you will need to align the plastic bag to the inner top corner of your car’s window frame Next, attach the plastic bag to the masking tape outlined around the window with tape. Next, create a seal by going all around the window frame with tape to make sure that water keeps out.

The downside to this temporary fix is that it won’t give way to ventilation and will also poorly block the sunlight. Oh. and did we mention the plastic bag sound that you will have to bear with?

Which Material Best Works as a Temporary Fix for Broken Car Windows? Our Analysis

Car sun shade fitted to window in audi q2
Car sun shade fitted to window in audi q2. (Image credit: LastDeer on Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0)

If you ask for our opinion on which material works best as a temporary fix for broken car windows, we would blindly recommend Car Shades. Why? Because not only do they look fantastic and imitate a rolled-down window (one which is still intact and in good shape), but they also do a great job at protecting the car’s interior from dust. dirt, and debris, and the harsh weather.

The only downside is that it can be pretty challenging to manage during rainy weather because all the water would seep through anyways.

This brings us to our second-best alternative, the Perforated Vinyl. Suitable for both front and rear car windows due to its transparent structure from the inside and opaque from the outside. Perforated Vinyl is the best material which does a pretty good job at making a temporary fix for a broken car window.

Permanent Solutions for a Broken Car Window

Now that we have discussed the temporary solutions for a broken car window, let’s talk about the long-term solution to this inconvenience – getting your car’s broken window glass repaired!

You should contact a certified auto glass repair and replacement shop as soon as possible. Getting the work done at the very first convenience is helpful in saving from the unwanted headaches of having your car parked without a glass window.

Temporarily Fix Your Car’s Broken Window Now!

Now that you know of all the tips and tricks of temporarily fixing your car’s broken window the only thing left to do is to get started with the job. Good luck bearing with a temporary car window until you get yours fully repaired. Adios!

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