Timing Belt Replacement Cost (Full Guide)

It is a must to check how a vehicle is doing inside before one decides it’s good to use it. Check the under the hood to see the condition of the engines and their other internal parts first. Are there no parts missing? Do you need to replace anything? How about your timing belt? Do you need to buy a new one to replace the old one?

And if it needs a replacement, then how much exactly does the timing belt cost today? These are some questions that one may ask when one owns a car, whether they are new to owning one or not.

What is a timing belt

For this write-up, let’s focus on the timing belt. The timing belt or the cambelt is necessary for vehicles to run smoothly. Without it, the vehicle may either break down or not run at all.

Now, what exactly is the cambelt? The timing belt is what keeps the combustion engines inside vehicles running.

What does the timing belt of vehicles do? The timing belt makes sure that the crankshaft and the camshaft rotation work in harmony. If these two do not work hand-in-hand, in perfect harmony with one another, then your car’s pistons and your car itself will not work.

when to replace a timing belt

If your car is having a difficult time starting, check its engines. Some parts of it may be missing, some may need replacements. Cover all bases and check if the cambelt and others are working well. It doesn’t matter if your car is brand-new or secondhand. It is crucial to see if everything is in place under its hood.

Two women checking the car engine.

Okay, so your car is not starting. You check the hood of your car and find that some parts of it may need replacing. You’ve decided you may need to replace your worn-out timing belt. But you’re not exactly sure yet.

Does it need to be replaced? How can you tell that a cambelt needs a replacement in the first place? Well, here are some signs that tell you your cambelt needs a replacement:

  • If your engine misfires, it’s a sure sign that your timing belt needs a new replacement.
  • A ticking noise that seems to be from the engine is also a sign that you need a new cambelt.
  • You may also need a new cambelt if there’s oil leaking from the front of the motor.
  • And last, if your engine is not turning over at all, then you surely need a new timing belt.

Check for all of these signs, symptoms, and more so you know better when to replace your timing belt with a new one.

How much does a timing belt cost

Now we’ve come to this. How much does a timing belt cost? A new cambelt can cost up to 1000 US dollars. That cost can go up some more if one includes the labor cost of installing the new timing belt. If the damage has extended to other parts of your engine apart from the cambelt, however, you have to be prepared to pay 2000 US dollars more for replacement parts and labor costs.

It is a lot of money for vehicle repairs and replacement parts. You must check the condition of your engine as frequently as you can to avoid such expensive repair costs.

The one above is just an estimate of the repair and replacement parts cost. The labor and the replacement parts cost depend on how much your chosen car service establishment charges for these. You should consult your car’s service center to get the best possible services at the most reasonable prices. Relying on other service centers may worsen the problem with your timing belt.

Replacing a timing belt and fixing your car engine’s problems is no walk in the park. It requires an automobile expert’s mind and capable hands. It’s not a task that you can do on your own regardless of whether you’d read your vehicle’s manual in full or not.

You should make sure to choose the right service center to fix your car engine’s problems. Make friends with your car’s mechanic. This way, you know better who to call when your vehicle’s engine breaks down again later.  

When do you replace a timing belt

Your vehicle’s engine needs checking once in a while. Now, the question is, when do you replace your timing belt? You can check with your auto repair shop about scheduled timing belt replacements. Generally, however, cambelts should be inspected and replaced after every 75,000 and 100,000 miles used.

Car hits 100,000 miles.

You cannot put off replacing your vehicle’s timing belt for later. A break in your cambelt can lead to worse damage on your car’s engine than just that of the belt if left unattended for a long time. When you’ve hit 100,000 miles worth of drive on your vehicle, you have to get it checked by your favorite auto service center. You can save yourself from paying more repair costs with regular check-ups and repair schedules like this.


Owning a vehicle isn’t easy as it needs regular check-ups, tune-ups, repairs, and more. But owning a car means having responsibilities like these if one wants it to last longer with them for more than just a year. You ought to be a responsible owner. Schedule your car’s check-up every year, regularly, so you can keep repair costs low.

Do not wait for the break on your timing belt to spread to other parts of your vehicle’s engine. Have your car’s engine checked once you see some of the signs and symptoms of a broken timing belt. When your car breaks down, call your mechanic as soon as possible. It helps to have his number on your phonebook in cases like these.

It may also help to have backup auto service centers if your go-to isn’t available for check-ups or some scheduled repairs. Shop around for auto service centers for your car, too, to get the best prices on labor costs of car repairs. You may be able to find some smaller auto service centers that offer repair costs for your car when you do. Settle only for the best services at the most affordable prices.

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