Who Is Cadillac Made By: A Complete Guide

Cadillacs have long been known for their luxury, but that is not the only thing this brand can do. When you say Cadillac, people learn to expect great vehicles. It is a brand built on performance and excellence. It has a long history and an exciting list of models. Who makes Cadillacs car? What are some of the top Cadillac cars made? Get the scoop on this information below.

Who Makes Cadillac Cars

General Motors presently owns Cadillac, a premium vehicle brand founded in 1914. As the first vehicle manufacturer to win the Dewar’s Trophy twice, “Standard of the World” was coined. V8, V12, and V16 engines have all been introduced by Cadillac as a result of the company’s affiliation with General Motors, which allowed the company to produce the first-ever production V16.

Furthermore, The V8 engine with overhead valves was also introduced. It has been a leader from the get-go, having invented the V8 machine, among other things. Cadillac is at the top of GM’s best-performing brands because it lives up to its “Standard of the World” moniker. It evolved into the epitome of American luxury cars that provide a touch of elegance and class with modern technology.

Cadillac History

Cadillac is an American vehicle brand that was formed in 1902. The corporation was initially known as the Henry Ford Company. However, following a disagreement with one of its investors, Henry Ford departed the company, and it was renamed after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, one of Detroit’s founders.

Cadillac logos over the years.

Cadillac is a luxury automobile manufacturer that develops, engineers, and produces vehicles offered in North America, Europe, China, and the Middle East. Cadillac is a division of General Motors Corporation. Under GM, the brand is notable for pioneering automotive technology and designs, such as the V8, V12, and V16 engines.

Where Are Cadillacs Made?

GM operates over 50 factories worldwide, but only seven of them manufacture Cadillacs. The majority of Cadillac production centers are in the United States and China, the brand’s two largest markets. If you were in Europe, you could have your Escalade catered for by Avtotor in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Moreover, the XT4 compact crossover is made at the General’s Fairfax. On the other hand, units like the XT5 crossover and CT6 sedan are made in Spring Hill, Tennessee, alongside the new XT6 crossover. Even as Cadillac expands its lineup, Spring Hill will continue to make all of the brand’s SUVs and crossovers, including forthcoming electric models.



Cadillac is one of the first-born car brands globally and the top American luxury vehicle with the longest history. In 1902, it was formed from the ashes of Henry Ford’s company and bought by General Motors, which produced some of the best automobiles and advancements in the industry at the time.

In addition, it is pretty much the definition of American luxury and stands at the top of GM’s pecking order. It does not sell as many cars as BMW or Mercedes-Benz, but it makes up for that with a lineup of SUVs, sedans, and EVs, making any automotive enthusiast weak in the knees. Hence, bold and daring both in design and performance, the Cadillac is a sensation on the road.

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