What Coolant For BMW: 5 Coolants For Your BMW

The BMW coolant is an engine cooling fluid that circulates the engine, keeping it at optimal temperatures. The coolant used in these systems is typically glycol-based antifreeze solutions with many additives to help prevent corrosion, control evaporation and maintain the freezing point

The types of coolants available for your vehicle depend on its age, make and model. Be sure to consult your car’s owner manual before you purchase any coolants or other fluids for your car, as the wrong mix can cause damage to your car’s cooling system. Read on to find out what are the approved coolants for BMW Vehicles.

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BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant

Thanks to the BMW antifreeze coolant your car’s radiator and expansion tank will never go dry under pressure. The ethylene glycol-based formula protects metals such as cast iron, steel and aluminum, which you can’t find in any other product on the market.

This particular type of antifreeze even contains a Bittering agent to avoid unpleasant taste or scent. It comes in a one-gallon container and is perfect for those who want cooling fluid with the highest quality and stamina available on the market today!

BMW 82141467704 also prevents deposits from forming on the cooling system surfaces, which reduces drag. It also prevents foaming due to cavitation. This is based on the different ratios of non-toxic ingredients used in the manufacture of the product.

BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant Specifications

The composition of this coolant includes water, corrosion inhibitors and other additives necessary for its performance. The following are its main components:

  • 95% ethylene glycol-based solvent.
  • 0.35% mono-ethylene glycol.
  • Alcohol 40 – 60%.
  • Sodium formate 1-2.5 %.
  • Phosphate esters & amines <1%.
  • A unique proprietary blend includes; alkalinity sources, anti-oxidants, defoamers, pH buffers, viscosity modifiers and corrosion inhibitors.

Among the Advantages that You Can Get from Using this Type of Coolant Include:

Effective at Low Temperatures

It has a good freeze point which ensures that the vehicle’s cooling system’s protection even in cold temperatures as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it is well-suited for areas and seasons with extreme cold weather conditions.

Low Toxicity Levels

The product is non-toxic to humans and those who handle it due to its high water content. This makes it safe even if consumed or inhaled by accident without causing any adverse effects.

Keeps the Parts Safe

This is non-conductive, and hence, various metals in your car. such as aluminum and copper, are not affected by corrosion. It also prevents any builduD of rust and scale inside the vehicle’s coolina svstem due to its anti-corrosion Drooerties.

High Heat Transfer Efficiency

The low viscosity level present in this type of coolant enables it to quickly get through small spaces like engine gaskets, radiator fins and other tight spots. As a result, heat will circulate properly, which improves heating performance during cold weather.

What makes BMW 82141467704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant Different from the Rest?

BMW 82141467704 Coolant is a quality coolant that comes with different benefits. The coolant has better chemical stability than most other coolants available in the market. It comes with a rust and corrosion inhibitor that prevents any corrosive material from spoiling its effectiveness.

This also ensures that the engine isn’t exposed to any harmful chemicals resulting in low maintenance cost and long-lasting engine performance. It also keeps the engine at lower temperatures without having to reduce power, fuel efficiency or acceleration.

BMW 82-14-2-209-769 Antifreeze/Coolant

BMW’s original coolant is a propylene glycol-based antifreeze-coolant that has shown to be a very effective and long-lasting corrosion inhibitor. Due to the inherent qualities of propylene glycol, it will prevent any freezing up to -58 F.

BMW also uses a borate/glycine additive to passivate against steel corrosion and cavitation damage in engines. The resulting organic acid produced from this process forms a protective oxide surface on the metal parts helping to protect the cooling system from rusting or pitting caused by electrolysis.

The finished product also includes other inhibitors for specific applications such as PTFE (Teflon) for turbos, nitrite for gearboxes, and more. The best thing about this coolant is its longevity.

Propylene glycol-based antifreeze-coolants will last at least 2 to 3 years or 100.000 miles before needing replacement, along with the corrosion inhibitors still being fully active in protecting your engine’s cooling system.

What Makes this Coolant Different from the Rest?

Barium helps to neutralize acidic effects from coolants that have been in the system the longest.

  • It also forms a protective oxide coating on metal surfaces, which helps resist corrosion and wear.
  • Combined with silicates – as found in BMW Antifreeze/Coolant. it imparts enhanced protection against corrosion of aluminum parts and cavitation damage in water pumps.

These properties are significant for use where plain water-cooling systems do not provide sufficient protection.

Or for engines operating under hefty load or at high speed such as those found on turbocharged vehicles and new generation standard rail diesel engines. Silicate containing coolants also offer enhanced protection of exhaust catalysts in modern cars fitted with lambda sensors (oxygen sensors).

  • Foaming is reduced to a minimum.
  • The longer service life of the engine, thanks to its high boiling point, means fewer cooling system stop-offs for refills.

Zerex G-48 Formula Full Strength Antifreeze / Coolant

Zerex G-48 Coolant protects against freeze up to minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 37 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for use in all types of domestic and foreign vehicle cooling systems, including those incorporating oxygen sensors, aluminum engines and radiators.

It is also suitable for heater cores, oil coolers, transmissions, power steering pumps, and ABS systems, which require ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolants. You should use this product wherever an extended life antifreeze product is recommendable.

What Makes Zerex G-48 Formula Full Strength Antifreeze / Coolant Different from the Rest.

This is one of the most highly concentrated coolant formulations; this exclusive formula provides extended life protection and superior cold- weather operability. The company designed this high-performance antifreeze coolant to be compatible with modern aluminum engines and radiators.

Zerex G-48’s high boiling point (over 265 degrees F) makes it the ideal full-strength coolant for diesel pickups. SUVs and other high output vehicles. In contrast, its freeze point (-34 Celsius [-29 Fahrenheit]) offers maximum protection in icy climates.

It also protects against corrosion and rust while inhibiting scale formation for long engine life and durability (Zerex G-48 Full Strength Antifreeze/Coolant meets or exceeds all OEM specifications and performance standards for all modern vehicles).

BMW 81 -22-9-407-454 Antifreeze / Coolant

This coolant is a non-bio and Low silicate, high-performance coolant and antifreeze for BMW vehicles. This coolant has the exact specification as BMW’s Long-Life Vehicle (LLV) coolant, and you can use it as an alternative to replacing LLV if required.

You should mix this quality Cooling system concentrate as per mix ratio 1:19. It is suitable for use as a mixture of pure water or demineralized water.

Provided you produce it according to strict pharmaceutical standards, you may use this product to contact foodstuffs without restriction under EC Directives 89/107/EEC and 2000/13/EC relating to food contact materials.

The BMW Coolant works well with aluminum and other metals without causing galvanic corrosion. It is also used as protection against solidification at low temperatures, especially in the presence of high concentrations of calcium ions.

The product is free from nitrites, amines or any other substances dangerous to health or harming the properties of the cooling system. It contains corrosion inhibitors that protect all metal surfaces, whether coated or not coated, new or old. BMW 81-22-9-407-454 Antifreeze / Coolant has a service life of up to 5 years/150’000 km.

What Makes this Coolant Different from the Rest?

  • This coolant is silicate so that you can use it in both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • It contains no methionine.
  • It has a higher boiling point than other kinds of antifreeze/coolants without being heavier or thicker. And its high-quality ingredients allow you to use up to 8% Ethanol (E85) without hurting the cooling system components like plastic parts.

Prestone All Vehicles Full Strength Antifreeze/Coolant

Prestone All Vehicles Full Strength Antifreeze / Coolant can help to protect your BMW engine by providing superior heat control during extreme conditions.

It is the only antifreeze that is non-glycol based, ethanol-free and has 2-year full-colour stability when used per manufacturer’s service recommendations for your BMW vehicle model. They designed it to protect against scale, rust and corrosion of all cooling system metals, including aluminum.

Ready to Use the formula that is 50/50 prediluted. You can use it for small volume top-off or complete drain and refill of the cooling system in your vehicle. This advanced formula contains superior protection against antifreeze leaks with increased adhesive power and increased detergency with a long service life in temperatures up to minus 40 F (-40 C).

What Makes Prestone this Coolant Different from the Rest?

  • It provides up to 70% more freeze and boils protection.
  • It contains a unique corrosion inhibitor used in all cooling systems: aluminum, cast iron and copper – including marine and motorcycles.

PEAK OET Antifreeze/Coolant

PEAK OET Antifreeze/Coolant is a high-performance, long-life hybrid organic acid technology (BIT) coolant that meets the most stringent European vehicle requirements. This antifreeze protects against rust and corrosion to all cooling system components while protecting other vital automotive systems like brake and transmission fluids.

They designed PEAK Coolant for use in BMWs. Jaguars. Volvos and other European vehicles that require a Silicate Enhanced Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (Si-HOAT) formula.

When installed as part of a complete flush and fill, it’s guaranteed to provide service life protection of up to 150.000 miles or five years! The product comes premixed at 50% for quick top-offs.

What Makes this Coolant Different from the Rest?

PEAK OET Antifreeze/Coolant is unique in many ways. PEAK OET features the patented water wetter technology, which reduces surface tension allowing for improved heat transfer and increased component cooling capacity. It also reduces operating temperature and improves pressure differentials to ensure the efficient operation of high-performance components.

High Tech Corrosion Inhibitors

The technical grade polymers offer outstanding protection against corrosion, ensuring maximum protection for aluminum radiators and engines. Unique chemistry enhances system coolant life up to 4 years or 240.000km.

Antifreeze Functionality

Functions as both an antifreeze and engine coolant to provide enhanced engine component protection down to -34 degrees Celsius.

Different Color

PEAK OET is purple, just like its predecessor. DISTILLED WATER BLUE coolant, but it has a much lower freeze point of -34 degrees Celsius, making it much safer to use.

Freeze-up protection down to -40 degrees Celsius

This is particularly important for winter conditions where temperatures can drop below the freezing point. It is tough to find antifreeze products that provide freeze-up protection in severe winter conditions (-40oC) without significantly affecting performance or increasing corrosion risk..

Is it Okay to Use Normal Coolant on a BMW?

The main job of coolant is to regulate water temperature and remove harmful acids from your engine while also preventing corrosion on metal parts with a protective coating. This job becomes much more demanding in high-performance engines, making BMW coolant an automatic choice for drivers who demand reliability when off-roading or driving at full throttle.

While you might get tempted to use less expensive but lesser quality coolant, there’s a good reason why many people stick with OEM replacement fluid.

BMW uses organic acid technology in its manufacturing process, which puts them ahead of most other automakers in longevity and performance. Another benefit is that BMW injects salt into their coolant, which helps prevent rust and corrosion from forming inside the radiator.

A man pouring coolant into the car
A man pouring coolant into the car.

BMW coolants have a shallow freezing point, ensuring that there’s no turning back once it’s mixed into the water system until you drain it out again. In addition to these benefits, your car will be more efficient at burning off carbon buildup in the engine when mixed with BMW coolant.

Because of all these positive characteristics, sticking with BMW coolant is a better option, even if it does cost a bit more than other options on the market. It may seem like a waste of money for something that gets flushed out regularly, but after five years or 100k miles, you’ll be glad you did!

After How Long Should I Change My Coolant?

The answer varies by your driving habits, climate, and type of engine. Generally speaking, when the coolant level falls below the ’cold warning’ line on the dashboard panel sensor or when the SES light comes on in the car’s instrument panel.

Expert Tip: Every car has a built-in warning system that sounds if it detects that your freeze level has dipped below what’s needed for proper engine operation during startup.

The most important thing is not to drive the vehicle until you figure out why the freezing level descended so low and fix it immediately before anything wrong happens to your engine.

What kind of coolant does a BMW take?

BMW coolants are a mixture of water and various chemicals. These chemicals in the mix differ to meet several requirements, including lowering the risk of corrosion, anti-foaming properties, increased heat transfer rates and others.

There is no one ’correct” type for all vehicles because factors such as the age and make of your car determine what is best.

What kind of coolant does a BMW take?

It’s essential to find out what coolant type your car needs, so you know who you’re getting it from, how much it costs and where to get it serviced when you need more.

It can be pretty costly, but I’ve found that prices online tend to be about 10% cheaper than at my local parts store for smaller containers or 50-60% – 80% cheaper for larger containers. It’s worth shopping around!

Bottom Line

BMW coolants can be an essential part of maintaining your car. They keep the engine operating at the required temperature and prolong the life of your vehicle. Several factors determine whether or not you need BMW coolants, such as how long you drive, the type of drive (city, highway, etc.), and vehicle age and condition.

Do you have any questions? We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment.

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