Cooper Endeavor Plus Review: A Full Guide

In the ever-evolving world of electric bikes, the Cooper Endeavor Plus emerges as a novel blend of elegance and efficiency. This blog post aims to explore the Cooper Endeavor Plus in detail, revealing its specifications and key maintenance indicators.

In the journey that ensues, we shall delve deep into the features that make this bike a reliable choice for city commuting or recreational riding, and how to keep it at its best performance. Let’s embark on this exploration of the Cooper Endeavor Plus, an e-bike that redefines the balance between style and substance.


At the heart of the Cooper Endeavor Plus is a sturdy aluminum frame that is both lightweight and robust. The bike is powered by a Bosch Performance Line Gen 3 motor, offering smooth, responsive assistance when you need it. With a 500Wh battery, it can achieve a range of up to 60-100 miles depending on the terrain and level of pedal assistance.

The Cooper Endeavor Plus also features a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, ensuring a wide range of gears for tackling any gradient. For smooth and controlled stopping, it comes with hydraulic disc brakes, and the comfort of the ride is ensured by the SR Suntour front suspension fork.

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The bike is equipped with integrated lights, fenders, and a rear rack, making it a practical choice for commuting. The LCD display provides essential information such as speed, distance, and battery level.

Maintenance Indicators

Keeping your Cooper Endeavor Plus in excellent condition involves monitoring and maintaining several key areas:

Battery Care

The e-bike’s battery life largely depends on how it’s managed. Regular charging and avoiding complete discharge can greatly extend the battery’s life. It’s also advisable to store the battery in a cool, dry place to prevent any damage.

Brake System

Regular inspection of the hydraulic disc brakes is crucial for your safety. Watch out for worn-out brake pads or any leakage in the hydraulic system.

Tire Pressure

Regularly check your tire pressure. The correct tire pressure can help ensure a smooth ride and prevent flats.

Gears and Chain

Keeping the chain clean and lubricated extends its lifespan and ensures smooth shifting. Also, check the gear system periodically for any signs of wear or damage.

General Inspection

Regular general inspection of the bike for any loose bolts, unusual noises, or wear and tear helps in early detection of potential issues. Remember to keep all the components clean and free of dust and moisture.

By monitoring these areas, you can ensure your Cooper Endeavor Plus remains in prime condition, delivering the optimal performance and safety you need for every ride.

Factors Associated With Cooper Endeavor Plus Tires

Let’s delve deeper into the various factors associated with the Cooper Endeavor Plus tires:

Material & Construction

The tires of the Cooper Endeavor Plus are made of a durable rubber compound designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. They are puncture-resistant, thanks to the tough internal layer, ensuring that you can ride with confidence, even over sharp or rough surfaces.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of the tires is a crucial factor in determining grip and control. The Cooper Endeavor Plus tires feature a balanced tread pattern that offers excellent traction on various surfaces, including wet roads. The tread pattern is also designed to provide a smooth ride and low rolling resistance, making your ride more efficient.

Tire Width

The width of the tires on the Cooper Endeavor Plus strikes a balance between comfort, traction, and rolling resistance. The wider tires offer a comfortable ride by absorbing road vibrations and offer better grip and stability. However, they are also designed not to be so wide that they significantly increase rolling resistance, ensuring your pedaling efforts are used efficiently.


Tire pressure is a critical aspect of tire performance. The right pressure ensures optimal contact with the road surface, providing better grip and control. It also impacts rolling resistance and ride comfort. Over-inflated tires might lead to an uncomfortable, bouncy ride and increased risk of punctures, while under-inflated tires can make pedaling harder and can lead to a flat tire or rim damage.


As mentioned, these tires are puncture-resistant, offering high durability. This feature extends the tires’ lifespan, reducing the likelihood of unexpected flats during your ride. Regular checks for any signs of wear, such as thinning tread or sidewall damage, can help ensure your tires last as long as possible.


Proper maintenance is a must for any tire. Regular inspection for any signs of wear or damage, maintaining the correct pressure, and cleaning to remove any sharp debris can keep your tires in top condition.

By understanding these factors, riders can better appreciate the design and functionality of the Cooper Endeavor Plus tires and ensure their correct maintenance for optimal performance.

Should I Buy the Cooper Endeavor Plus?

Deciding whether or not to buy the Cooper Endeavor Plus ultimately depends on your individual needs, preferences, and budget. However, to aid your decision-making, let’s consider some of the standout features and potential drawbacks of this e-bike.

Reasons to Buy:

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  • Performance – With a Bosch Performance Line Gen 3 motor and a 500Wh battery, the Cooper Endeavor Plus offers impressive range and power, making it an excellent choice for both commuting and recreational riding.
  • Versatility – The bike is equipped with all-weather, puncture-resistant tires and an SR Suntour front suspension fork, which allows it to handle various terrains and weather conditions effectively.
  • Convenience – Features like integrated lights, fenders, and a rear rack make the bike practical for daily use. The LCD display also provides essential ride data at a glance.
  • Quality – The use of high-quality components like the Shimano Deore drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes suggests durability and reliability over time.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Price – As an electric bike with top-of-the-line components, the Cooper Endeavor Plus may be more expensive than other e-bikes on the market. It’s worth considering whether the features and quality match your budget.
  • Weight – While the aluminum frame is robust, it may also make the bike heavier than some other e-bikes. This could affect portability, especially when the bike needs to be carried up stairs or stored.
  • Maintenance – As with all bikes, regular maintenance is required to keep the Cooper Endeavor Plus running smoothly. This includes battery care, checking the hydraulic disc brakes, maintaining tire pressure, and taking care of the chain and gears.

In conclusion, the Cooper Endeavor Plus is a high-quality e-bike offering robust performance and versatility. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, practical, and powerful e-bike for commuting or recreational riding. However, potential buyers should consider their budget, the bike’s weight, and the commitment to regular maintenance.

What Sets The Cooper Endeavor Plus Apart From Other E-Bikes In The Market?

The Cooper Endeavor Plus stands out in the crowded e-bike market due to a combination of its high-quality components, elegant design, and impressive performance. Equipped with a robust Bosch Performance Line Gen 3 motor and a reliable 500Wh battery, it provides excellent range and power.

The 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain ensures smooth gear changes while the hydraulic disc brakes guarantee precise stopping power. Moreover, its thoughtful extras like integrated lights, fenders, and a rear rack enhance its utility, making it an excellent choice for both commuting and recreational riding.

How Does The Cooper Endeavor Plus Fare In Terms Of Rider Comfort?

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Rider comfort is a key strength of the Cooper Endeavor Plus. The bike features an SR Suntour front suspension fork, which absorbs road bumps effectively, ensuring a smoother ride. Additionally, the all-weather, puncture-resistant tires contribute to ride comfort by absorbing vibrations from the road. The bike’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable riding position, reducing the chances of fatigue on longer rides.

How Reliable Are The Cooper Endeavor Plus Tires, And What Makes Them Special?

The Cooper Endeavor Plus tires are designed for reliability and versatility. They are made from a durable rubber compound that can withstand varied terrain and conditions. These puncture-resistant tires offer excellent traction, even on wet roads, giving riders confidence in their safety. Additionally, the balanced tread pattern provides a smooth ride and low rolling resistance, making pedaling more efficient.

How Important Is Regular Maintenance For The Cooper Endeavor Plus, And What Does It Entail?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the Cooper Endeavor Plus performing at its best. This includes taking care of the battery, which involves regular charging and avoiding complete discharge. Regular checks and maintenance of the hydraulic disc brakes are crucial for rider safety.

Tire pressure needs to be checked regularly to ensure a smooth ride and to prevent flats. The chain and gear system should be kept clean and lubricated for smooth gear shifts. Lastly, general inspection of the bike for any loose bolts, unusual noises, or wear and tear helps detect potential issues early.

Who Is The Target Market For The Cooper Endeavor Plus?

The Cooper Endeavor Plus is designed for a wide range of users. It’s an excellent choice for urban commuters who value the combination of convenience, speed, and sustainability that an e-bike provides. Furthermore, the bike’s durability, range, and versatility also make it suitable for those who enjoy recreational riding, whether on city bike paths or countryside trails.

How Does The Cooper Endeavor Plus Perform In Varied Weather Conditions?

With its all-weather, puncture-resistant tires and integrated lights and fenders, the Cooper Endeavor Plus is designed to handle varied weather conditions effectively. The tires offer excellent traction, even on wet roads, which is crucial for safety. The integrated fenders help keep road spray off the rider in wet conditions, and the lights ensure visibility during low-light conditions or night rides.

Considering The Price, Is The Cooper Endeavor Plus A Good Investment?

While the Cooper Endeavor Plus might be more expensive than other e-bikes on the market, the quality of its components, its robust performance, and its versatile features make it a worthy investment. The bike’s durability means that with proper care and maintenance, it should serve its owner well for many years, providing excellent value over time.


In the realm of e-bikes, the Cooper Endeavor Plus carves its own niche with a distinctive blend of performance, quality, and versatility. Its robust motor and battery, high-quality components, and thoughtful features make it a reliable companion for both commuting and leisure riding. The bike’s puncture-resistant, all-weather tires are designed for reliability and offer excellent traction and a smooth ride.

Regular maintenance, including battery care, brake checks, tire pressure maintenance, and chain and gear care, is crucial to keep this bike performing at its best. Suitable for a wide range of users and designed to handle varied weather conditions, the Cooper Endeavor Plus stands out as a worthy investment in the e-bike market.

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