Cost To Replace Tail Light: A Complete Guide

Checking all the lights and signals around the vehicle before you drive can help assure your safety. You should immediately fix a tail light if you find something wrong with it. What follows naturally is the inquiry of how much it costs to fix a tail light.

How Much Should It Cost To Replace The Tail Light?

Every car has a set of rear lights that signal oncoming traffic when the vehicle stops, turns, or reverses. The tail light lens houses the brake lights, turn signal indicators, reverse lights, and, typically, the tail lights.

Throughout routine use, the taillight lens may either become clouded from the surrounding environment or, more frequently, it may accidentally break and need to be replaced.

An average tail light repair can cost you $5 to $300. Between $100 and $300 might be needed to replace a whole tail light system. It should be, at most, $25 to replace a fuse or tail light bulb. Spending $50 to $200 on a replacement lens or cover is possible.

Here is more specific information about each sort of tail light replacement since the price to fix a tail light may vary depending on what you want to replace.


The worst-case scenario is that the wiring to the tail light has a problem. Especially if you need to know what you are looking at, these might be the most challenging problems to solve and take the longest.

Expect to pay a technician for an hour or two of labor if you need to pay for a professional diagnostic. Once the issue has been identified, there is also the cost of resolving it, making an estimate of the cost challenging.


The mechanic’s hand inserts the bulb into the frame rear lamp of the car.

You might need to replace the entire tail light assembly if your automobile has LED lights built into the cover as a single unit. When the light goes out, you won’t be able to replace the bulb by yourself.

The assembly could cost less than $100 if you drive a less expensive automobile. Conversely, you might pay more than that, particularly if you’re buying an LED assembly or need assistance installing it. A tail light assembly with LEDs might cost $300 or more for various automobile models.


In rare circumstances, it would be possible to replace the tail light cover or lens, which would be a little less expensive than doing the whole taillight assembly. The cover is another name for this lens. It is available in many different designs and styles. Sometimes the cover becomes dirty, necessitating restoration.

A $20 automobile light restoration kit is inexpensive and easy to use. You must replace the body or lens if they are damaged and obstruct the view. Excellent coverings can be purchased for anywhere from $20 to $200 per pair, depending on your vehicle type.

You won’t need to spend more money if you can replace the component yourself. But, if you need help installing the lens, you risk further harming the new feature.

Therefore, thinking about going to a repair shop could be wiser. You may need to replace the entire tail light assembly if you have a newer automobile with LED tail lights instead of simply the cover and lens. This is covered in the following section.


Like all other electronic systems in the car, the taillights are powered by a fuse. A blown fuse may be the cause of a light outage. In this instance, the cost will likewise be small, and the problem is simple to resolve. Locate and test the fuse that powers the taillights.

Replace it with a new fuse with an equivalent amp rating if there is no power. It would help if you spent an average of $10 for a replacement fuse. The fuse box for the taillights is often found within the automobile, either in the trunk or under the dashboard. For information on the precise location of the fuse box, consult your owner’s manual.


The costliest repair is to change a blown-out bulb. Certain styles of tail lights demand a bulb and a cover. With this setup, replacing the old bulb with a new one will cost you very little. The least expensive choice is a halogen light. They are going to be only $5 per bulb on average.

The LED bulb is the more expensive option, although these are brighter. A compatible LED bulb may cost $10 or more, and you must also confirm that your car will accommodate the LED replacement. To make them equal, if you install an LED bulb on one side, you should also install one on the other.

Are Tail Lights Easy To Replace?

Most people can do the straightforward task of changing a fuse or tail light bulb independently. You don’t require any specialized equipment or knowledge. The majority of lenses, coverings, and assemblies share this trait. You should be able to fix your tail light if you can only follow a few basic instructions.

Yet, complicated wiring problems must only be handled by experts. It might be better to attend a repair shop for assistance in this area unless you are familiar with the wiring and have a copy of the schematics for your car.

A man holding car tail lights being assembled with the car body.


You can save money if you feel competent enough to perform simple repairs independently, particularly when changing light bulbs. Take your car to a repair shop if you still decide whether to fix it or want the work done well.

Recall that operating a vehicle without working tail lights can result in hefty fines and even accidents; as a result, they should be fixed as soon as feasible.

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