Subaru SUV Models: Here Are The 4 Smallest

In the automotive world, Subaru stands out for its unique blend of performance, versatility, and robustness. When it comes to sport utility vehicles (SUVs), the brand offers a compelling lineup with models that cater to different preferences and requirements.

This article will focus on Subaru’s more compact SUV offerings. In spite of their smaller size, these models uphold Subaru’s commitment to safety, performance, and comfort, making them perfect options for urban drivers, weekend adventurers, or families who appreciate a nimble yet spacious vehicle.


4 Smallest Subaru SUVs

1.     Subaru Crosstrek

The Subaru Crosstrek, formerly known as the XV, is the smallest SUV in Subaru’s lineup. It blends the best of both worlds by offering compactness that allows for maneuverability in tight city spaces, and sufficient cabin and cargo space for your adventures. Its standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and ground clearance make it a capable option for off-road driving.

2.     Subaru Forester

While a step up in size from the Crosstrek, the Subaru Forester is still one of the brand’s smaller SUV offerings. It is designed with a focus on interior space and visibility, offering an impressively spacious cabin and wide windows for clear views. The Forester also comes standard with Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, making it a capable and reliable vehicle in various weather conditions.

3.     Subaru Outback

A unique blend of wagon and SUV, the Outback is a standout model in the Subaru lineup. It offers more space than the Forester and Crosstrek, but its clever design keeps it from feeling bulky. The Outback is popular for its comfortable ride, ample cargo space, and off-road capabilities, courtesy of its standard all-wheel-drive system.

2024 Subaru Outback exterior shown.

4.     Subaru Ascent

Although the Ascent is the largest Subaru SUV, it is worth mentioning as it rounds out the smaller end of the midsize SUV segment. It is Subaru’s first three-row SUV, designed to cater to families who need extra space but still want the signature Subaru features, like Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and high safety ratings.

Each of these Subaru models, despite their size, uphold the core principles that the brand is known for: dependability, safety, and the capability to take on various terrains. Whether you’re looking for a compact companion for city driving or a spacious SUV for family trips, Subaru has got you covered.

Which Subaru SUV Is The Smallest?

The Subaru Crosstrek is currently the smallest SUV in Subaru’s lineup as of my last update in September 2021. Compact yet versatile, the Crosstrek is a popular choice among urban drivers and weekend adventurers. Its design provides a comfortable interior space while maintaining a compact footprint for easy maneuverability in city driving.

Why Is Subaru Discontinuing The Crosstrek?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Subaru had not announced any plans to discontinue the Crosstrek. If there are recent developments in this regard, I recommend checking Subaru’s official website or reaching out to Subaru’s customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Does Subaru Have A Subcompact SUV?

Yes, the Subaru Crosstrek can be considered a subcompact SUV. It is smaller than the rest of Subaru’s lineup, making it more suitable for city driving and tight parking spaces, while still offering sufficient interior and cargo space, AWD capability, and off-road versatility that Subaru SUVs are known for.

Which Subaru SUV Is Cheapest?

Typically, the Crosstrek has been the least expensive SUV in Subaru’s lineup. Prices, however, can vary based on the specific model year, optional features, dealership location, and other factors.

As of my last update in September 2021, the base model of the Subaru Crosstrek had a starting price in the low $20,000 range. For the most accurate and current pricing information, please refer to Subaru’s official website or contact a local dealership.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek Sport SUV dashboard.

Remember, while the initial purchase price is important, you should also consider factors like fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, insurance costs, and the vehicle’s resale value when calculating the total cost of ownership.

The Subaru Crosstrek combines the best of both worlds: the compactness suitable for city driving and the rugged capability for off-road adventures. Its smaller size allows for easier navigation and parking in tight city spaces, while its standard all-wheel-drive system and generous ground clearance enable it to handle rough terrains.

Despite its compact dimensions, the Crosstrek offers ample cabin and cargo space, making it a versatile vehicle for both daily commuting and weekend getaways.

How Does The Subaru Forester Differentiate Itself From The Crosstrek?

While the Crosstrek is designed with a focus on compactness and maneuverability, the Forester leans towards offering more interior space and visibility. It has a taller and more spacious cabin compared to the Crosstrek, providing a roomier feel and greater comfort, especially for rear passengers.

The Forester’s design includes large windows, resulting in excellent outward visibility, which is a sought-after feature in SUVs.

What Unique Attributes Does The Subaru Outback Offer?

The Subaru Outback stands as a unique blend of a wagon and an SUV in Subaru’s lineup. It offers more space than both the Forester and Crosstrek, but its design prevents it from feeling bulky.

This vehicle is widely appreciated for its comfortable ride, roomy and high-quality interior, ample cargo space, and off-road abilities, thanks to the standard all-wheel-drive system. It is the perfect choice for those who want the capability of an SUV but prefer a more car-like driving experience.

Who Is The Target Demographic For The Subaru Ascent?

The Subaru Ascent is designed to cater to families who need extra space and comfort without compromising on performance and safety. As Subaru’s first three-row SUV, the Ascent provides ample space for up to eight passengers, making it an ideal choice for larger families. Despite its size, it maintains Subaru’s hallmark features like standard all-wheel drive, robust safety features, and impressive performance.

What Are Some Common Features Across All Subaru Suvs Mentioned?

Despite their differences in size and design, all Subaru SUVs mentioned share some core attributes. These include the standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, which provides excellent traction and balance, high safety ratings, and a reputation for durability and reliability. Additionally, they all offer considerable ground clearance, making them capable of handling various terrains and weather conditions.

Why Is The Subaru Crosstrek Considered A Subcompact SUV?

The Subaru Crosstrek is considered a subcompact SUV due to its smaller size compared to most SUVs, yet it offers the ruggedness and versatility typical of larger SUVs. It provides sufficient interior and cargo space and a higher driving position like other SUVs but in a more compact package, making it easier to handle and park, particularly in urban environments.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Assessing The Total Cost Of Owning A Subaru SUV?

While the initial purchase price is an important consideration, other factors play a crucial role in the total cost of owning a Subaru SUV.

Car agent is giving the keys to a female customer.

These include fuel efficiency, which determines how much you will spend on gas; maintenance and repair costs, which can vary depending on the model and its reliability; insurance costs, which are influenced by factors such as the vehicle’s safety features and ratings; and the vehicle’s resale value, which reflects how well the vehicle retains its value over time.

Understanding these factors will give you a more accurate picture of the long-term costs associated with owning a Subaru SUV.

How Does The Subaru Crosstrek’s Size Benefit City Dwellers?

The compact nature of the Subaru Crosstrek makes it an ideal choice for city dwellers. Its smaller footprint allows for more comfortable navigation through narrow city streets and easier parking in tight spaces. Additionally, despite its compact size, the Crosstrek doesn’t compromise on interior and cargo space, ensuring practicality for daily use.

What Features Of The Subaru Forester Contribute To Its Excellent Visibility?

The Subaru Forester is designed with a focus on spaciousness and visibility. It is characterized by large windows and slim pillars, which together minimize blind spots and enhance overall visibility. This makes it easier for the driver to monitor the surrounding environment, contributing to a safer and more confident driving experience.

What Distinguishes The Subaru Outback In Terms Of Design And Utility?

The Subaru Outback stands out due to its unique combination of wagon and SUV attributes. It has a longer, lower profile compared to traditional SUVs, giving it a car-like ride and handling. However, it also possesses a generous ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive, features typical of SUVs, making it capable in off-road conditions.

This blend of characteristics ensures a comfortable, car-like driving experience without sacrificing the versatility and capability of an SUV.

Why Is The Subaru Ascent Particularly Suited To Larger Families?

The Subaru Ascent is the largest model in Subaru’s lineup and the only one with three rows of seating, accommodating up to eight passengers. This makes it an ideal choice for larger families.

Subaru Ascent Touring SUV rear interior.

In addition to its spaciousness, the Ascent also offers features like rear-seat climate control, USB ports in every row, and a variety of advanced safety features, ensuring comfort and security for all occupants.

How Does The Standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System Contribute To The Performance Of Subaru Suvs?

Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system is standard on all its SUVs and plays a crucial role in their performance. It delivers power to all wheels simultaneously, providing excellent traction and stability, particularly in slippery conditions. This system also balances weight distribution between the two sides of the vehicle for improved handling and response.

Why Might Someone Opt For A Subcompact SUV Like The Subaru Crosstrek Over A Larger Model?

A subcompact SUV like the Subaru Crosstrek offers the benefits of an SUV—like a higher seating position and greater cargo space—while maintaining the agility and fuel efficiency of a smaller vehicle. It’s an ideal choice for those who frequently drive in urban environments with tighter spaces, yet still need the versatility of an SUV for outdoor adventures or cargo needs.

What Factors Contribute To The Subaru SUVs’ High Safety Ratings?

Subaru SUVs are renowned for their high safety ratings, a result of several factors. Firstly, their design includes a robust structure that effectively absorbs and dissipates impact energy in the event of a collision.

Additionally, all models come with a suite of advanced safety features, including Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, which includes automatic pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane keep assist, among others. These features work together to prevent accidents and protect occupants if an accident occurs.

What Makes The Subaru Crosstrek A Favorite Among Urban Dwellers?

Despite its compact size, the Crosstrek doesn’t compromise on comfort or cargo space, making it both practical and versatile for urban use.

The Subaru Crosstrek’s compact dimensions make it an appealing option for city dwellers. It offers an optimal balance of size and functionality, providing the benefits of an SUV such as higher ground clearance and all-wheel-drive, while maintaining a smaller footprint that’s easier to maneuver and park in crowded city spaces.

How Does The Design Of The Subaru Forester Enhance Visibility For The Driver?

The design of the Subaru Forester is engineered with a focus on visibility. The model features large, well-placed windows and slimmer A-pillars, providing an expansive field of view from the driver’s seat. These design elements help to minimize blind spots, making it easier for drivers to see other vehicles, pedestrians, and the road surroundings, thereby enhancing safety.

What Makes The Subaru Outback A Unique Choice In Subaru’s Lineup?

The Subaru Outback stands out in Subaru’s lineup due to its distinctive blend of wagon and SUV characteristics. While it boasts a more car-like driving experience and handling due to its longer, lower profile, it also offers the rugged capability of an SUV with high ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive.

This hybrid nature makes it a versatile choice that can comfortably handle both city streets and off-road terrains.

Why Is The Subaru Crosstrek Considered A Good Choice For Someone Seeking A Subcompact SUV?

As a subcompact SUV, the Subaru Crosstrek combines the benefits of an SUV and a smaller car. Its size makes it easy to handle and park, particularly in tighter urban environments. Yet, it still provides the ground clearance, all-wheel-drive capability, and versatile cargo space typically found in larger SUVs. It’s an excellent choice for those needing a vehicle that can transition seamlessly from city driving to off-road adventures.


From the compact and agile Crosstrek to the spacious and family-friendly Ascent, Subaru’s range of SUVs offers options to meet various needs and preferences. Whether it’s for city driving, family trips, or off-road adventures, these models deliver on Subaru’s reputation for safety, performance, and reliability.

As with any vehicle purchase, it’s essential to consider all factors, including size, cost, safety features, and your specific needs, to make the best choice. Subaru’s lineup offers a variety of options, each with its unique blend of features, ensuring there’s a Subaru SUV for everyone.

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