Are Duracell Car Batteries Good? Everything You Need To Know

To keep an automobile running, a dependable battery is essential. It provides electricity to a vehicle’s electrical components, such as the engine, lights, and accessories. Duracell car batteries are among the most popular, despite the fact that there are many choices.

Duracell car batteries are well-known for their reliability and performance. Even under the most severe conditions, they can deliver maximum power. Duracell makes a variety of batteries, ranging from basic to sophisticated.

They provide reliable power regardless of the conditions, whether for a little automobile or a huge truck. The Duracell brand provides a number of good automobile battery types that deliver great capacity and cold-cranking amps. All of these great qualities are available at a reasonable price, making them a standout alternative on the market.

Continue reading to find out more about Duracell car batteries, including their features and specifications, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Review of Duracell Car Batteries

Duracell automobile batteries are recognized for their strength, longevity, and innovation. They are capable of meeting the high demands of today’s high-performance cars. They provide a wide range of automotive batteries for tiny vehicles to big trucks. Even under the most extreme conditions, Duracell batteries deliver dependable performance.

We’ll look at the four Duracell batteries listed below:

  • Car Battery Duracell Starter
  • Duracell Advanced Car Battery
  • Car Battery Duracell Extreme EFB
  • Duracell Extreme AGM Battery

1.     Car Battery Duracell Starter

Duracell Starter Battery.

The Duracell Brand’s entry into the realm of high quality.

High-intensity, Short-duration Energy Boost for Starting a Car

A starter battery provides a powerful but brief burst of energy to help you start your automobile. The charging mechanism recharges the energy that the battery expends while simultaneously delivering the required electrical loads once the engine is running.

Consistent Results

If you’re searching for an entry-level car battery, this is the best option. It combines solid performance with a reasonable price. The unique calcium technique is one of the most noticeable characteristics. It takes no maintenance, so even if you’re a novice, you won’t have to worry about the battery’s care.

Protection Against Leaks in Four Chambers

Another advantage of this battery is the four-chamber leak-protection system. This battery offers the maximum level of protection, even when there are significant vibrations. It is not only free of mess but also safe since it prevents acid from leaking.

If you choose this battery, you will have 12 alternatives. Depending on your power requirements, you may pick from a variety of types ranging from 44 to 95 Ah.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this Duracell battery. When compared to the company’s other battery models, it has the least amount of power. High temperatures should also be avoided since they increase the danger of corrosion.


  • Affordable
  • It does not need to be maintained
  • Even when subjected to high vibrations, there is no leak


  • It isn’t as powerful as its more expensive competitors
  • Corrosion is accelerated by high temperatures

2.     The Duracell Advanced Car Battery

The Duracell Advanced Car Battery.

Maximum starting and vehicle system power – the best battery for today’s automobile.

Fits: PKW, Kleintransporter, Taxi, Motorboote

Meets the Needs of Today’s Automobiles

The Duracell Advanced Car Battery is the next battery in our Duracell car battery review. Duracell Advanced batteries are hard to beat if you’re searching for batteries that can keep up with the demands of modern vehicles. There are 24 distinct types to select from, with power capacities ranging from 40 to 110 Ah.

Vibration Resistance That Is Unparalleled

It also offers outstanding vibration resistance when compared to other Duracell batteries. You may rest certain that the battery will not be damaged even in the most extreme conditions. There will be no leakage of acid. The battery reduces the effects of vibration on its longevity and performance by attaching its plates to the floor.

It’s Capable of Cold Cranking

Many batteries have the problem of being difficult to start especially when it gets cold. Cold crank capabilities are included with Duracell Advanced, allowing automobiles to start readily even in cold weather.

But because it’s a lead-acid battery, proceed with caution. It contains an acid solution that, if it comes into touch with the skin, might cause chemical burns.


  • Vibration resistance is excellent
  • Even when it’s chilly, you’ll be able to crank it out
  • There are 24 variants to choose from, depending on your power needs


  • Chemical burns are possible

3.     Car Battery Duracell Extreme EFB

Duracell Extreme EFB.

The perfect battery for medium small automobiles and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) with only minimal stop-start functionality.

Fits: PKW, Start/Stopp, Taxi, Off-Road, Baumaschinen, Motorboote

The Duracell Extreme EFB vehicle battery is the second battery in our Duracell battery review. This is an amazing battery worth considering for automobiles with a unique and environmentally beneficial start-stop feature. This vehicle battery comes in eight different versions with values ranging from 38 to 80 Ah.

Good Resistance to Cycles

The good cycle resistance, which is up to two times greater than that of ordinary batteries, is one of the finest qualities.


Another feature worth mentioning is the product’s long-term durability. There is a non-woven cover on the divider, as well as a dual lid. Leak protection is improved with the latter. It keeps the fluids inside the battery, ensuring operating safety.

Loaded with Carbon

Another advantage of this battery is that it contains carbon. You will have shorter charging times if you use carbon additions. It boosts the battery’s capacity, reducing the need to charge it frequently.

Designed for Small- to Medium-Sized Automobiles

Take note. However, this battery is designed specifically for small and medium automobiles. Large and heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks, require more electricity.


  • Outstanding cycle resistance
  • Carbon additions reduce charging time and ensure a high-quality structure that will last for years


  • Only for small and medium-sized automobiles

4.     Duracell Extreme AGM Battery

Duracell Extreme AGM.

The perfect battery for medium and executive luxury vehicles that require more complex stop-start features as well as braking energy recovery.

Function of Start-Stop

The Duracell Extreme AGM battery variant includes a start-stop capability, unlike the traditional Duracell vehicle battery, which just starts the motor. When the automobile is stationary and the engine is turned off, it also provides the energy that the electrical components require.

Designed for Medium and Luxury Automobiles

This AGM battery is designed for medium and premium vehicles that use braking energy recovery. It has a three-fold higher cycle resistance than conventional batteries, resulting in longer battery life.

Technology of Recombination

Another great aspect of this battery is its recombination technology, which eliminates the need for maintenance. It also features a non-woven pad that inhibits electrolyte bonding from causing leaks.

Grid Layout

It features a grid architecture, which is typical with AGM batteries, and handles severe vibrations. Aside from extending the battery’s life, the grid also enhances conductivity, which improves the battery’s performance.

The battery enables lateral movement up to 90 degrees. It becomes more adaptable as a result of this. Its performance is unaffected even in such a situation. Furthermore, due to the electrolyte bonding, there will be no leakage.

Gassing to the bare minimum

It’s also a plus that this battery has a low gassing rate. The major advantage of the latter is that it may be used even in areas with poor ventilation.

This category contains the smallest number of models of the four on our list. Only five versions, ranging from 60 to 105 Ah, are available. Some consumers may be concerned about the battery’s price. Nonetheless, the battery is well worth the money due to its features and benefits.


  • Designed to be low-maintenance
  • Grid design that will last a long time
  • Allows for up to 90 degrees of lateral positioning
  • For use in confined spaces with little gassing


  • There are only five models available
  • Expensive

Duracell Car Battery: Are they worth it?

The Duracell brand provides a number of good automobile battery types that deliver great capacity and cold-cranking amps. All of these great qualities are available at a reasonable price, making them a standout alternative on the market.

The Duracell DA62 Advanced Car Battery is a reliable type that offers a large capacity, a powerful amplifier, and excellent performance. Despite its modest cost, it has excellent endurance, allowing it to outlast the majority of its competitors.

Where is the Duracell Car Battery Made?

Duracell employs approximately 3,300 people worldwide and has global regional headquarters in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The firm became a permanent member of the Berkshire Hathaway group on March 1, 2016.

Samuel Ruben and Philip Mallory are the founders, and the headquarters are in Bethel, Connecticut, United States.

Are Duracell Car Batteries a Good Choice?

Duracell has come a long way since it first opened its doors. It is today a well-known global corporation with a wide range of goods, including automobile batteries, that began with the production of batteries for World War II equipment.

  • Duracell is well-known for its alkaline batteries, but it’s also a tough competitor in the automotive battery market. Starter, Advanced, Extreme EFB, and Extreme AGM are the four major kinds of automobile batteries that they provide. Depending on the power requirements of your vehicle, you will have numerous options in each category.
  • Duracell batteries are more expensive than other lesser-known manufacturers, but they provide excellent value for money. They are durable, dependable, and powerful. Duracell batteries are available for a wide range of automobiles, from tiny cars to premium vehicles.
  • Samuel Ruben and Philip Rogers Mallory came up with the idea for Duracell. Ruben was a scientist seeking equipment when he came across Mallory, a company that specialized in tungsten filament wire production. Duracell International was born as a result of their collaboration.
  • Mercury cells and alkaline manganese batteries were the company’s earliest products, which were utilized in World War II equipment and Kodak cameras. It was also the moon’s first battery. Since its humble origins, Duracell has produced a variety of goods, including automobile batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ll answer some of your queries concerning Duracell vehicle batteries:

Is it possible to swap Duracell batteries?

Duracell batteries may only be swapped if they are of the same type. For example, if your automobile has a Duracell AGM battery, you can only replace it with another Duracell AGM battery of the same type, not with a Duracell EFB. A standard starting battery cannot be used to replace a battery with start-stop capabilities.

How can I extend the life of a duracell car battery and is there a warranty on them?

A Duracell vehicle battery’s useful life can be extended with proper maintenance. Charge the battery to its maximum capacity. Use the proper terminals and clean the surface. Avoid exposing the battery to high temperatures or harsh conditions, which might degrade its long-term performance.

Duracell vehicle batteries come with a two to five-year warranty, depending on the model. The warranty only covers regular usage and is subject to the manufacturer’s terms and restrictions.

What Is the life expectancy of a Duracell car battery?

This will be determined by a number of factors, including the battery’s exact kind and the amount of use. It will, however, survive four to five years on average. To extend the battery’s useful life, pay attention to correct care and maintenance.

What are Possible Issues of Duracell Car Battery that Can You Expect?

Charging car battery with a charger.

The alternator may fail to charge the automobile battery to more than 80% of its original capacity in rare cases. Its active mass can potentially become inactive, resulting in a decrease in charging output.

When a battery is fully charged and continues to charge, it might result in increased water consumption and gassing. Adjust the charging voltage as needed, taking into account the outside temperature.

When the battery is subjected to numerous charging cycles and deep discharges, this occurs. The easiest approach to avoid this is to familiarize yourself with the battery’s specifications and capabilities.

Tip: The battery will suffer if it is discharged too much. It has the potential to reduce its useful life while sacrificing performance. Always charge the battery to the capacity recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t let the water completely drain.

When Recharging A Battery, What Should I Keep An Eye Out For?

Is it necessary to remove the battery for recharging to prevent causing harm to the vehicle? Please pay close attention to the sort of charger you’re using. In many situations, helpful hints on charging in the car may be found in the vehicle manufacturer’s or the charger manufacturer’s operating instructions.

Fully automated chargers (charging voltage restriction of 14.8V) are often well suited for charging the vehicle’s battery. The battery must be disconnected from the onboard electronics or removed from the car if your charger has an automated mode with voltages >15.9V.

In the worst-case scenario, overvoltages might destroy the attached control devices, causing massive damage!

What Should I Keep An Eye Out For While Replacing A Battery?

Only use batteries with an open-circuit voltage of more than 12.50V, according to Duracell. Switch off the engine and any power users before installing or removing the battery. Short circuits caused by tools should be avoided.

Disconnect the negative (-) terminal first, then the positive (+) terminal after removing the battery. Clean the battery compartment before installing the battery. Make sure the battery is securely fastened.

Clean the terminals and battery clamps, then gently oil them with acid-free lube. Connect the positive (+) terminal first, then the negative (-) terminal when installing the battery. Make sure the clips are in place.

What Is the Best Way to Use a Duracell Car Battery Charger?

Begin charging any batteries that are 12 or 6 volts. The Quick Connect system allows you to use the supplied ring terminals and battery clamps for semi-permanent battery installation.

Is It Necessary To Vent Automobile Batteries?

It is not necessary to exhaust sealed batteries. Although the majority of the usual gases generated by an SVR battery are recombined and do not escape, oxygen and hydrogen will escape from the battery in an overcharged situation, which is common with any battery type.

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