Ford Edge Years To Avoid: Everything You Need To Know

The Ford Edge is favored for its comfortable ride, roomy cabin, and a wealth of standard features, to name just a few. To improve passenger comfort, the Edge does not feature third-row seating like other models in the midsize SUV sector.

What Are The Best Years For The Ford Edge?

1.     2009 Ford Edge

The 2009 Ford Edge is the earliest model on this list, but that does not change the fact that there are few negative reviews and many positive ones. Compared to 1,400 and 702 complaints for the 2008 and 2010 models, the 2009 Edge garnered only 271.

Choose this car if you want the cheapest Edge that is dependable, simple to drive, and well-designed (for its generation).

2.     2014 Ford Edge

Despite being an older model than some of its predecessors and successors, the 2014 Ford Edge had a few issues. This car was praised for being dependable and reasonably powerful.

3.     2018 and 2019 Ford Edge

The Ford Edge models from 2018 and 2019 offer the best of both worlds in terms of price and modernized technology. Purchasing one of these models will be brilliant if you have a keen eye for detecting quality cars on the secondhand auto market.

2019 Ford Edge Titanium 4dr SUV exterior.

Given that Ford updated the exterior with new bumpers, a new grille, wheels, and reworked lighting components, we suggest the 2019 model.

4.     2020, 2021, and 2022 Ford Edge

If you want the newest features, the Ford Edge models from 2020, 2021, and 2022 are excellent. A new wheel design was added to the Edge lineup in 2021, and the Black Appearance package, which gives vehicles a Batman-like appearance, will be available starting in 2022.

What Are The Worst Years For The Ford Edge?

1.     2007 Ford Edge

The 2007 Ford Edge is the sad fourth vehicle on our list to receive the “beware of the clunker” emblem. The primary issues are burned-up coil packs, PTU failure, and scream from the rear wheels.

2.     2008 Ford Edge

Another vehicle has received the “clunker” label, and this time it belongs to the 2008 Ford Edge. Many owners of this car experienced transmission issues, and airbag issues were another primary source of worry. The main issues are transmission failure, engine stalls/cuts out while driving, sputtering and hesitating, and the airbag light on.

3.     2011 Ford Edge

Electrical problems were a significant problem with the 2011 Ford Edge, just like its successors. It also attracted a lot of complaints since, due to a malfunctioning throttle body, it would lose power while being driven.

Electric socket wire connector inside car engine.

The primary issues are the door ajar light remaining on, losing power, the wrench light coming on; the brakes failing, and the backup camera malfunctions.

4.     2012 Ford Edge

According to, “electrical difficulties” are the most often mentioned complaint from 2012 Ford Edge owners.

The main issues include the door ajar light staying on, won’t stop unless applying brakes hard, and the pedal going to the floor, which is also supported by, which lists a total of 436 problems filed under “electrical system.”

5.     2013 Ford Edge

Out of all the model years, the 2013 Ford Edge has the most complaints and issues, excluding yet another “clunker” alert from Electrical problems with the backup camera, door ajar indications, and body control module were just a few of its issues.

Door ajar light lingers on, the engine stalls or shuts down while driving, and unresponsive brakes are the most significant issues.

6.     2015 Ford Edge

Regarding this specific model year, which was troubled with engine problems, warns, “beware of the clunker.” These problems forced owners to have the oil pan rebuilt and resealed numerous times.

This model year was notorious for its engines dying and turning into limp mode while moving. The most significant issues include fractured glass on the vista roof, total electrical failure, and deaths in motor vehicles.

7.     2016 Ford Edge

Besides the odd fragility of the glass panels, which seemed to break for no apparent reason, engine-related issues are a more urgent concern for the 2016 Edge.

Oil leak from the engine of a car on a concrete floor.

Owners claimed the car would stall while driving and spill oil; this was blamed on a throttle body flaw. the primary issues are shattered vista roof glass and engine oil leaks, check engine light on, and broken rear window

8.     2017 Ford Edge

The 2017 Ford Edge may not have had as many complaints as some of the other model years, but the flaws were severe enough to merit inclusion on the list of the worst. Most issues started at around 66,000 miles and were engine-related (coolant leaking into the cylinders).

This problem has an estimated repair cost of $6,600, as it usually requires a replacement engine. The primary issues include a coolant leak into the cylinder, a damaged head gasket, a cracked flywheel, and a corroded engine block.

What Years Have The Most Complaints?

The 2011 Ford Edge has the most complaints, 442, with 2,268 problems.

What Problems Do Ford Edges Have?

Here are the most typical problems with a Ford Edge, according to information we have found online:

  • Door ajar light stays on
  • Coolant leaks into the cylinder
  • Power loss
  • Wrench light on

What Are The Best Alternatives To The Ford Edge?

An average option for the midsize SUV market is the Ford Edge. We have forecasted‘s scores because the website could not gather enough information to establish a rating.  


The Ford Motor Company produced a line of crossover SUVs called the Ford Edge. The Edge debuted for the 2007 model year and is currently in its second generation, was Ford’s first midsize SUV to be sold in North America.

The Ford Edge, which takes its name from a Ford Ranger trim package, sits between the Ford Escape and the Ford Explorer in the company’s lineup of vehicles. AAA and Parents Magazine named Ford Edge as one of the “Best Cars for Families” in 2007.

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