A Complete List Of Foreign Car Brands In The US

The United States of America is a symbol of power when it comes to automobiles. With Hollywood movies featuring luxury cars from different popular brands, most people think that they came from the U.S. but apparently, there are only 11 top car brands that originated from this country.

These are Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, GMC, RAM, Lincoln, and Tesla. On the other hand, there are many foreign car brands in the U.S. that have been popular for a very long time.

It is important for you to know what these car brands are because you might buy one of these brands someday. Here is a comprehensive list of Foreign Car Brands in the U.S.

Foreign Car Brands in the U.S


Toyota is a powerhouse name in the industry of automobiles and one of the most well-known foreign car brands. Celebrating its 75 years, this Japanese car company has been making prominent cars for a very long time. Their models are loved around the world because of their high-quality design, continuous innovations, and bold moves.

2022 Toyota Prius Prime in Blue Magnetism.

In 2015, the most popular and best-selling car was the Toyota Camry. Toyota has 10 manufacturing plants in the U.S. and 14 in total in North America. Toyota is the company that brought hybrid technology to the forefront of the industry and is responsible for Prius. Toyota has always focused on making its cars the best.


You’ll be surprised to find out that Lexus is the luxury car brand of Toyota. It was launched in the U.S in 1989 and has become Toyota’s luxury brand. This is Japan’s best-selling maker of premium cars as they offer luxury sedans, SUVs, and hybrids.

Also, it represents America’s best­selling line of luxury mobiles. The Lexus RX is the best-selling model in the United States. This SUV has sold more than 100,000 models per year and is expected to consistently keep the numbers.


Honda is another Japanese car company that is well-known as the world’s leading engine maker. This company has localized its operations overseas and has 12 manufacturing plants in the U.S. that produce 5 million products annually.

They offer reliable and affordable vehicles to the masses. Its new model, CR-V is one of the best SUVs and is often called the “total package” as it gets outstanding ratings from critics. Honda has various popular models you can choose from such as Accord, Accura, Civic, Odessey, and CR-V.


Mazda also originated in Japan but its largest source of revenue is in the United States. This car company is known for crafting powerful yet fuel-efficient engines. Their cars are lightweight and are famous for being “fun-to-drive” whether they are sports cars, sedans, or SUVs.

2023 Mazda CX-5 in White Metallic.

They have reputation for designing impeccable automobiles. Its stylish models such as Mazda CX-9, Mazda RX, Miata, and Speed 3 receive a warm reception from the mass. This is why this Japanese car company still stands out in the industry.


Originating in Yokohama, Japan, Nissan has also built a reputation for affordable and reliable cars like Honda. Nissan is the world’s largest electric car manufacturer. Its famous models like Altima, Pathfinder, Armada, Maxima, and Xterra are some of the most sought-after vehicles on the market.

Nissan owners can enjoy good mileage, superior interior features, modern design, and good performance. Most of these models can be availed at affordable prices that do not compromise their quality, making them more appealing to customers.


INFINITI is Nissan’s luxury brand that started in 1989. This is similar to how Toyota has Lexus. INFINITI remains one of the prestigious luxury brands in Japan. They offer various models of luxury SUVs, Sedans, Crossovers, and Coupes.

Their best-selling models such as INFINITI QX50, Q50, and Q60 are known for their comfort and elegance. Despite the company having a short history, it has been known as an exceptional carmaker company.


This car brand is the first German automobile on the list. Everyone is familiar with the name of the brand. After all, Porsche has been known for selling sought-after luxury cars. This company started in April 1931 and has become popular in 1948. Their models are known for their unique and magnificent designs.

They also offer a good driving experience, customizability, and luxurious appeal. The uniqueness of their models comes in several different ways but the prominent one is the rear-engine layout. Porsche produces powerful, precise-handling sports cars with high attractiveness. You just can’t stop looking at any Porsche model you’ll see.

These cars are quite expensive but many still buy them because of their vintage frame, innovative engine, and sleek color designs and models. The Porsche 911 is the most loved and desired model but the other vehicles like Cayenne, Cayman, and Boxter also sell a lot.

Mercedes Benz

This German car company has been known for being fearless in building prestigious cars through the years. The company is very popular in the United States and celebrities and well-known rappers always feature their cars in Music Videos and MTV.

This car brand is regarded and hailed to produce the most advanced, luxurious, and performance-oriented cars. It has built an undisputed reputation in the industry that many people say that if you own a Mercedes Benz, you have made it in life. This is a classy brand that offers vehicles made by combining quality with innovation.


BMW or Bayerische Motoren Weike is another strong car brand from Germany. Its cars have been sold in the U.S. since 1956 and they started manufacturing in 1994. This is currently a subsidiary of Rolls Royce.

The BMW Manufacturing plant in Greer, South California has the highest production of BMW around the world. BMW makes high-quality cars and the all-wheel-drive is one of the top systems in the world. Its popular luxury cars are the M3 coupe, Z4 Roadster, and X3.


This German car brand started in 1937 when the Government of Germany under the control of Adolf Hitler formed a new state-owned automobile company. It was known as the “People’s Carm Company”. Its sales in the United States started slower but now it has become an iconic car company and a prominent car brand.

Over the years, its sales grew and have been loved especially in the U.S. because the cars are tough and reliable. The VW Bettle is undoubtedly one of the best-selling cars in the twentieth century. The cars are cheap and well-assembled, emphasizing the strongest point of sale of the company which is durable mechanics.


This is the last car brand on this list that came from Germany. Audi is a company that is a part of the Volkswagen Group but they produce luxury vehicles. This is why Audi is presented separately from Volkswagen Vehicles.

This company produces high-quality vehicles packed with plenty of ground-breaking technology. The cars are also known for their distinct style and elegance. They offer good models in different categories so that the consumer can have many options to choose from.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a British car brand that is known for producing legendary cars since 1904. The vehicles from this brand are highly regarded in the Holywood and are treated gems. The models can be easily recognized for their notable designs, incredible quality, and strong reliability.

The Rolls Royce Ghost Extended.

Everyone is aware that each car could cost you a lot of fortune because it is a symbol of the success of its prestigious appeal and extraordinary workmanship. It is also an aero-manufacturing business.


This Italian car company has been making headlines since 1947 in Maranello, Italy. The black-horse logo can be recognized by anyone because of the dominant branding this company has established through the years.

Ferrari is known for creating outstanding, flashy, and most respected race cars around the globe. Most sports cars are used for racing because of their utilization of race technology and sophisticated engines. Cars from this company are very expensive and owning one will fancy people around you. Ferrari has built the world’s strongest luxury and premium brand of cars.


This is another Italian car manufacturer that is only going to be practical for the wealthiest of Americans like Ferrari. The luxurious car models are mostly owned by the CEO of big corporations, famous celebrities, and business tycoons. The brand can be associated with power, status, wealth, and luxury.

Lamborghini started in 1963 and they started producing majestic cars after Ferrucio Lamborghini, the founder of the company, was insulted by Enzo Ferrari. Now it is one of the most exclusive car brands in the world and the cars it produces are dreamed of by many people.

Alfa Romeo

The third Italian car manufacturer in this list of Foreign Car Brands in the U.S. They are not as famous as Lamborghini or Ferrari but this company has still earned massive respect in the racing world.

The Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI.

In the 1990s, Alfa Romeo V6 Ti became a hit with buyers across the globe after earning podiums and successful victories. Alfa Romeo put emphasis on unique design elements like road feedback, comfort, passion, and emotion. Their luxury cars such as the 4C, 4C Spider, and Giulia showcase novelty and rareness.

Kia Motors

The first South-Korean car company on this list is recognized as the second-largest car manufacturer in South Korea. It was founded in 1944 in Seoul, South Korea. It has a very high-quality image and has also become big in the U.S. because it is a reliable car brand.

The vehicles they produce are mostly seen as stylish and fun. The Forte and Sportage are the best-selling models because they have a youthful appeal.


Hyundai is the largest car manufacturer in South Korea. It was founded in 1967 and has become a multinational automotive manufacturer. They started selling in the US in 1986 and have expanded in the market.

Their cars are known for their quality, reliability, safety, and low-cost-to-own which is why they became a leading brand in the market.

Aston Martin

This car company’s roots began in 1913, in London, United Kingdom. It is a British brand associated with both luxury and speed. Creating quality sports car have been the company’s competitive advantage and their cars have become a British icon as people regards the car produced by this company as works of art.

The cars are famous for being sleek and cool which is why they were featured in many of James Bond’s films, helping them gain notoriety in the market. The brand has become an exceptional standard of styling and design.


This is another famous car company that came from Great Britain. The symbol of the Jaguar exudes elegance and high status. It was founded in 1922 in Blackpool U.K and is the luxury brand for Jaguar Land Rover, Jaguar Land Rover is the largest automotive manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

The Land Rover is leading in manufacturing all-wheel-drive vehicles while Jaguar is one of the world’s premier luxury sports saloons. It may not have a strong presence in America but they are still a well-known brand.


This car company started in 1927 and they are headquartered in Gothenburg Sweden. They are recognized for producing luxurious cars and they also build some of the safest cars in the world. They take their reputation seriously by inventing a three-point seatbelt and side-impact protection system.

The three-point seat belt as seen on passengers.

They emphasize quality, reliability, and high-tech features. Some of the best-selling cars from this company are Volvo C70 Convertible, XC 780, and 184. It is a subsidiary of a Chinese car company known as Geely. They are well-known in America, China, and European Union.

What Counts as a Foreign Car?

When researching foreign cars, there’s no specific definition available on the internet. It can always be tricky to define something which is complex to understand. Many have tried, but only a few definitions remain available.

With that, this article has tried to provide the answer to the question of what counts as a foreign car, in a manner that everyone will be able to understand.

When the automobile industry became popular in the United States, issues regarding the importation of cars and their parts arose. In the cases where a car needs repair, and the parts necessary for that repair are not available in the United States, exporting the car to be assembled in another country became the next step.

This is where foreign cars exist. In simpler terms, what counts as a foreign car is the fact that it includes some processes of car parts assembly which is made outside the country.

Foreign cars are said to be more expensive when compared to those locally made cars due to the additional cost of shipping. Most of the time, assembled cars are exported to a country popularly known for producing the car parts needed.

Top 5 Foreign Cars

The following are the 5 most famous unfamiliar vehicle marks that are viewed as the business benchmark with regards to wellbeing, unwavering quality, extravagance elements, and everything.

1.     Porsche

Dearest by driving fans everywhere, Porsche is a model of consistency. Virtually every model Porsche discharges ranks close to the highest point of its group if not on top of it.

However, while Porsche is maybe most popular for its games vehicles, for example, the notable 911, Porsche acquires lights and cameras for being unafraid of extending to different business sectors.

With a developing group of sports vehicles like the previously mentioned 911, Cayman, Boxter, and surprisingly the Panamera, which presently accompanies a module half and half variation, Porsche turned a great deal of heads by presenting the Cayenne.

Porsche’s Cayenne Platinum Edition.

At first, idealists expected that Porsche’s very first SUV would harm the brand. In any case, the market ultimately heated up as Cayenne’s marketing projection justified itself with real evidence. Presently, the Cayenne, alongside the Macan, have both substantiated themselves as essential pieces of Porsche’s future.

2.     Genesis

An aggressive off-shoot of Korean vehicle producer, Hyundai, that was set up in 2015, Genesis has rapidly substantiated itself as a rising competitor with regard to extravagant vehicle brands. Honestly, Genesis’ rundown of contributions is not even close as broad as the other extravagance vehicle brands on our rundown, with just 5 models right now.

Nonetheless, each model has secured itself as one of the most mind-blowing extravagance vehicles in every one of its particular portions to the extent that wellbeing and dependability go. Presumably, Genesis’ 10-year powertrain guarantee assumes a critical part in this.

3.     Tesla

When a youthful upstart hoping to overturn the car business, the California-based vehicle producer that plans, constructs, sells, and offers help for every one of its vehicles in-house is presently one of the main extravagance vehicles that mark any place it’s accessible.

Tesla’s future is likewise looking splendid. Subsequent to presenting battery-electric vehicles and hybrids for the majority of the previous decade, Tesla is set to invite a roadster and a get in the years to come.

Tesla’s greatest selling point is that each vehicle they make is very not normal for whatever else is presented on the lookout. Every one of Tesla’s vehicles is fueled by electric powertrains that, in the Tesla Model S, permit the extravagance car to go from zero to 60 miles each hour in somewhat more than 2 seconds.

In the interim, the vast majority of the inside capacities are overseen by a gigantic touchscreen up a front console that continually gets refreshes, just as new components, and has since turned into the jealousy of each and every other vehicle maker.

4.     Mercedes-Benz

In case there is a brand that is inseparable from extravagance vehicles around the world, it’s Mercedes-Benz. It’s the most established car producer on the planet, with a top-of-the-line vehicle opened in each extravagance market fragment. This incorporates SUVs and pickups, albeit both are remarkably missing in America, for reasons unknown.

Similarly, as Porsche can follow its underlying foundations in sports vehicles, Mercedes-Benz fabricated itself on its visiting roadsters and cars. Notwithstanding, lately, Mercedes-Benz has since extended its set up to incorporate a developing number of hybrid and SUV models to more readily take into account the developing requirements of the market.

What’s especially intriguing with regards to Mercedes-Benz offerings is the means by which everyone figures out how to offset extravagance with execution. The internal parts are fitted with excellent materials. The organization’s long periods of involvement make autos additionally become much more clear upon additional examination.

Right now, Mercedes-Benz is advancing into something beyond an extravagance vehicle brand that a couple can manage. The Mercedes C Class and Mercedes GLB hybrid address Mercedes-Benz’s work to bring down the section point and oblige a more extensive market.

Inside its sticker price, the Mercedes C class rivals VW Passat and BMW X3, however, comes out as the unrivaled vehicle as far as execution.dvg

5.     Jaguar

One of Britain’s head automakers, Jaguar has gained notoriety for its interesting and incredible cars and sports vehicles. As of late, Jaguar has since changed their contributions to the market. Albeit rich cars and sports vehicles are still a lot part of the brand’s DNA, Jaguar has added battery-electric vehicles and SUVs to its item setup.

The last option, specifically, presently makes up a colossal piece of Jaguar’s yearly deals. Right now, Jaguar’s extravagance minimal SUV, the F-Pace, is one of the organization’s blockbusters. It has a few motor choices accessible, finishing out with a 5.0 Supercharged V8 with 542 hp and 680 Nm of force.


There you go. That is the complete and comprehensive list of Foreign Car Brands in the U.S. These foreign companies have a lot of manufacturing plants in America but not generally all of them.

The car companies above are considered the top in the industries and you’ve probably heard and encountered cars from them. Some of them make the finest, most reliable, and most cost-efficient cars that are definitely worth looking for. If you are looking for a high-quality luxury car then there are lots of foreign companies that you can look at to get what you need.

Some of these companies have already left a great impression on the world based on what they produce. If you’re planning to buy a new vehicle with your hard-earned money, then you should definitely consider these options. The choice will still be up to you to get the best deal you can.

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