Flowmaster Chart: Everything You Need To Know

The exhaust system of every car includes a muffler. It releases the flow of combustion gases while serving primarily as a means of reducing the noise made by the engine. It is challenging to discover the best mufflers.

On the market, there are countless sorts and models. As a result, choosing which is best requires a lot of thought and time. Be at ease, though! We’ll give our list of the loudest mufflers today after testing, evaluating, and studying them.

For the great majority of autos, the muffler is never audible. Specific mufflers, however, have a design that lets you know when a particular car is moving down the highway.

What Is The Loudest Flowmaster Muffler?

1.     Flowmaster Outlaw

The Flowmaster Outlaw, a product of one of the oldest companies in the muffler industry, comes in first. This kind of exhaust pipe is straight. The hollow form of the Flowmaster Outlaw allows sound waves produced by the operation to exit along with exhaust gasses and gas freely.

Moreover, it includes a fiberglass cover to absorb sound waves partially, increasing the suppression ability while enhancing performance. It benefits horsepower and performance in general.

It’s pretty loud because it’s at the top of this post! Street drivers are not advised to use the Flowmaster Outlaw because of the noise it may produce. Even in the car, we can still hear the sound.

The cost may vary slightly between stores. Without the installation fee, the price is often between $100 and $120. Due to its incredibly harsh sound, we cannot utilize the Flowmaster Outlaw on public streets or on routine driving. The majority of its applications are in off-road or racing vehicles.

2.     Flowmaster Super 44

A chambered pipe product that is. The steel plates in this product do a little bit of sound absorption. In comparison to the two above, the Super 44 produces an aggressive and deep tone quality that is far more ear-smoothing and comfy. But even at that volume, we can still hear the exhaust noise inside cars. Hence, after a few rides, some people could find it bothersome.

Costs for the Flowmaster Super 44 range between $75 and $95. It is one of the most well-liked mufflers available. Of course, it can be used for racing and off-roading. Also, some places permit the production of noises at higher decibel levels than others.

Close up view of Flowmaster Super 44 muffler.

As a result, Super 44 is legal to drive on public roads in several areas. The most excellent strategy is to check the driving laws in your place.

3.     Flowmaster Super 10

The Flowmaster brand is also responsible for the second-loudest car exhaust position. One of the most well-known models in the muffler industry is the Flowmaster Super 10. A chambered kind is Super 10. Steel plates are used in constructing the chambered muffler type to bounce sound waves produced by the operation and cause them to cancel one another.

However, Super 10’s internal core has few steel-plate components with a modest sound-suppression effect. To improve sound quality, the manufacturer, in other words, minimizes the details. Even whether idling or accelerating, this product emits a loud boom. Those who drive on the main roadways risk getting into problems because of these loud noises!

The Super 10 from Flowmaster costs between $70 and $90. In addition, the installation charge will range from $70 to $100, depending on the auto services and the makes and models of our vehicles. This top-two loudest muffler on the market, like the Outlaw, is solely suitable for off-road use or racing.

4.     Flowmaster Super 40

The Flowmaster brand’s loudest exhaust system is this one as well. A chambered muffler is also the Super 40 product. The Super 40 is built with more steel plates and chambers than the previously mentioned models, which results in more robust sound suppression.

The Super 40s sound is still excellent, even with increased suppression. The Super 40 is louder than competing items on the market yet is manageable and gentle to everyone because it generates an aggressive and deep tone. We may hear a slightly deep tone from Super 40 when driving.

Flowmaster Super 40 prices range from $100 to $150. Yes! Because of the design’s increased labor and steel material requirements, it is costly. The installation charge is comparable to others in its range.

Black Corvette driving on the road.

This muffler suits most applications, including off-road, on-road, racing, daily driving, etc. It is the loudest street-legal muffler, as far as we know. Be aware, though, that the Super 40 can make some automobiles’ powerful engines create louder exhaust noises. Thus, it is a good idea to consult the mechanic before installing.

5.     Hooker Aero Chamber Muffler

This item features a chambered design and carries the Hooker brand. Because it is made of raw aluminum steel, the soundproofing is stable. Although Hooker Aero is at the end of this list, it is still a noisy muffler compared to others on the market.

It is renowned for producing a throaty, powerful sound. Furthermore, the Hooker Aero is rated 23% better compared to the most popular high-performance brand, creating more torque and horsepower.

Costs for Hooker Aero range from $90 to $110. The installation will cost between $70 and $100 from the mechanic. Also, looking for and purchasing Hooker Aero online rather than at actual muffler stores is advised because the brand is less well-known than Flowmaster goods. The auto repair company might then be asked to install it.

One of the noisiest legal exhausts is this model. We can use it without worrying about breaking the law because it offers stable sound suppression. Everyday driving, major metropolitan streets, off-road excursions, etc., are all no problem for Hooker Aero.

6.     Flowmaster 50 Series Big Block Muffler

This series was created to demonstrate improved horsepower, torque, and maximum sound reduction. The 50 Large Block muffler is the quietest model offered by Flowmaster. When you install this muffler on your vehicle, you can keep a subdued tone and improved performance for enhanced horsepower and torque.

You can buy the 50 Big Block muffler from Amazon here for between $200 and $250. It could be pricey. But you’ll be persuaded by its sound to get one for your car. Street legality applies to the Flowmaster 50 Series Large Block Muffler. It doesn’t emit noise and is quiet.

How Are Flowmaster Mufflers Rated For Sound?

Flowmaster’s mufflers are assigned to one of the three sound-level categories—Aggressive, Moderate, or Mild. The loudest mufflers are aggressive, which produce a significant amount of vibration and exterior sound within the car simultaneously. Although many Flowmaster exhaust systems in this category are street-legal, they are also regarded as racing-level exhaust systems.

Users can anticipate experiencing a moderate level of external noise, with low interior sound and vibration, in the moderate category, which is popular with truck owners and those with V6 or V8 engines. Drivers will hear reduced sound pressure levels in the third category, mild, which adds some distinct tonal character while being closer to stock or factory settings.

Flowmaster Muffler Comparison

Your options may feel overwhelming if you’re looking for the best Flowmaster exhaust for your car, preferences, and price, which is why we’ve added this brief section of three of our top Flowmaster muffler categories.

All three are tried-and-true, premium goods we’ve sold in large quantities. This may be helpful if you’re trying to make your decisions more specific:

1.     40 Series Original Mufflers

Interior and exterior tones are aggressive. The first, best-in-class Flowmaster. Available in a range of pipe sizes, materials, and configurations. Stainless steel has a lifetime warranty. Not for those with delicate ears.

2.     Super 10 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

The strongest Flowmaster muffler that is currently offered. Recommended for use in racing. Stainless steel comes in small sizes and has a limited lifetime warranty. Like an open pipe, it is short, single-chamber, and loud.

3.     Super 44 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

One of the most muscular Flowmaster exhaust systems ever produced. A deep, aggressive tone with greater exhaust flow is desirable for performance muscle vehicles and trucks. Increased delivery of power and torque.


The Outlaw, Super 10, Super 44, and other famous candidates are all from the Flowmaster, a venerable manufacturer of exhaust systems, along with the remarkable and reliable Hooker Aero. This ranking of the loudest exhaust pipes can only be accurate for some or complete.

On actual reviews, experiences, and thoughts, though. I hope that this essay provides beneficial information to all of the readers.

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