Cars With Red Interior: 14 Best Cars With Red Interiors You Must See

The excitement of having cars with red interiors is something that we will never forget, and many of us choose to continue our search for bespoke quality every time that we make that new car purchase. Cars are complex and expensive, so it is vital to get what we want, and to ensure that this happens it may be necessary to place your order early.

Red can be a subtle symbol of power for the man or woman in an executive role, and with the right color red can look highly sophisticated and alluring.

Cars With Red Interiors

A lot of cars are available with red interiors, although the vast majority are white, silver, and black. If you are buying a sports car the good news is that the Lexus RC 350 F Sport comes with amazing red accents.

1.     Toyota Camry

An affordable car with a red interior is a 2023 Toyota Camry, and if you choose the XSE model, red leather is available on order. The car looks sleek and smart and is a great choice for the first car purchaser, and makes an excellent choice to drive the family in.

The Camry fits 5 people comfortably, giving a very smooth ride on the red leather seats.

2.     Toyota Highlander

This is a midsize Japanese SUV displaying luxury red trim. A great car for the weekend off-road trip as the car offers a range of consumer attractions. The Japanese believe that red is a calming color, and they may be right because the baby always goes straight to sleep when he rides in the car.

Toyota Highlander XSE SUV dashboard.

It also has LED lights internally and they glow in an unusual way giving an effervescent experience. The car always appears warm and inviting, making it a good choice to take on weekend skiing trips. It is quite hard to find SUVs with red interiors, however, this is one that ticks all the boxes.

3.     Lexus LC 500

This is a stunning vehicle with Circuit Red Leather and Satin Metallic trim and many people will really want to be seen driving it. The car is beautifully styled, although not for everyone it certainly has a bold red interior, and driving a Lexus is such a good experience.

Driving cars with red interiors lifts the mood, and this is how we all want to start our day.

4.     BMW M3

The BMW offers bucket seats or carbon fiber seats. Alternatively, you can get the car with soft Merino leather red seats. The cost starts at $45,000 making it a great buy for running around town.

BMW X3 is a rear-wheel drive with Tacora Red perforated interior a no-cost option.

5.     Honda Civic Type R

This exciting car even has red seat belts, red car doors, and red carpets. If you are looking for red interiors this is where the magic happens. It is available in the USA and all of the interiors are red.

6.     Porsche Macan

There are 8 interior options for this model, and one of them is Bordeaux red leather.

The dashboard and door inserts. Red interiors really suit the Macan and Porsche will charge you $3,880 for the red options. Porsche 911 offers internal Bordeaux and black stitching. The Porsche has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the basic model.

Leather interior option in Bordeaux red.

7.     Jaguar XE

Highly luxurious interiors. Some people feel that there is too much black trimming, and there may not be enough red to meet your needs. Mars red leather will cost extra but may be more of what you are looking for.

8.     Bentley Flying Spur S

You can purchase the S with red accentuating the black interiors or alternately if you want to pay more, the whole interior can be red. This is great as it lightens the look, and if you have that kind of money to spend it is a good plan. As the Bently costs about $200,00, you should have whatever you want, and it is a quality vehicle.

9.     Mercedes-AMG SL63 Roadster

To have a vehicle where the top goes down is ideal and choose a Red Pepper Nappa Leather interior. Summer is coming and you will be able to drive around in the balmy air and show off your lovely red interior.

This is another expensive vehicle, but whether the top is up or down it is extremely classy, and all your friends will admire your excellent taste.

10.     Mercedes S Class

The luxury sedan is nearly $100,00 cheaper and might just fit your budget. It offers supreme luxury including a Carmine Red/Black Exclusive Nappa interior (leather). As cars with red interiors go, it will cost an extra $5,000.

11.     Kia K5 GT-Llne

This car is a reasonable price, with a gorgeous red interior. For those of you who are Vegan, this is the car for you, as the leather is Vegan! It is very soft and feels like leather, but you know it is not leather and this is a great selling point!

12.     Maserati Levante

This high-performance sedan comes with a choice of trims, and one of these is Red Nappa, the front seats are heated (common in many cars now), and LED lights show off the Nappa Red to perfection. The price starts from around $90,000.

Maserati Levante interior in Napa Red.

13.     Ford Mustang

Ford has always believed in bold interiors, and if you are searching for cars with red interiors the Mustang may be the right car for you, it is reasonably priced and comfortable to sit in. Different colors used in car interiors are becoming mainstream and whether you choose a comfortable runabout or a luxury model, you can get the interior of your dreams.

14.     Acura RDX (2021)

The Acura RDX takes cars with red interiors to the next level and you can purchase the vehicle with a beautiful red leather interior, looking better than almost any interior I have seen. This is an upgrade on previous models and made to ‘meet the market’ at $48,000.

What Exteriors Go with Red Interiors?

Once you have chosen your gorgeous red interior, you may want to tone down the exterior to allow the interior to shine. Graphite, white silver, gray and black exteriors all look amazing with red, so you will have plenty to choose from when deciding on the vehicle color. Make your choice as tasteful as possible to ensure the best resale value.

The Professional Driver

If you drive for a living, like Uber, install two downlights in the back seat to add comfort and illuminate the lovely red leather. Cars with red interiors look warm and inviting on that long trip to the airport, and people will remember you and call you again, especially if you have an entertainment screen as well.

There was a time when a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce had a table and a cocktail cabinet in the rear, and as the trips were slow and could take all day so the comfort of the passengers was crucial. Red leather seats and picnic rugs kept the family warm on their way to the destination and they often ate a meal while traveling.

Do People Care About the Color of the Interior?

Young fashionable girl driving a sportscar.

Well yes, they do, especially younger fashion-conscious people take a strong interest in the interior design of the vehicle, and red is an extremely fashionable and popular choice. It seems that many people plan the interiors of the vehicle down to the smallest detail, and nothing is overlooked. Some people prefer a leather fabric, while others go for a softer look.

Caring for Your Car’s Interior

Where possible, garage your car to prevent the upholstery from fading in the UV light.

If you can’t garage the car purchase, a good UV windscreen protector to prevent the light from fading the lovely red color scheme in your vehicle.

Keep it clean and the dashboard polished with a preserving product like Armor All that stops any cracks from appearing on the dashboard panel.

Take the car to the car wash every month where it will be properly cleaned and detailed by the experts.

Choosing Your Interiors

Cars with red interiors take a bit of careful planning, as there are so many different reds from pale to bright. On searching for a Jeep with a red interior, I was unable to find one!

Out of all the cars listed, the 2023 Toyota Camry with the red seats was the most affordable. Toyota never hesitate when it comes to using red, as it is one of their most popular color choices.


The reasons that people purchase cars with red interiors are varied and for some culturally significant. The Bentley Flying Spur S probably does not belong on this list, however, for those with professional fleets of cars like Wedding Cars, a Bently with a red interior would be considered a lucky wedding car and would be hired out constantly.

At the other end of the scale the two Toyotas, Camry, Highlander, and also Kia make great, safe, family people movers, so when it comes to car choice you might need more than one.

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