Brown Interior Car: Here’s The 10 Best Looking Brown Interiors

Although we commonly see black leather cars or black interior cars, there are lots of other variations such as our topic, the brown interior car. Usually, there is a lot at stake to find a car with an interior such as that.

In this article, we’ll tackle the Brown Interior Cars and what cars has such design and variation.

Cars with Brown Interiors

1.     BMW M5

The most recognizable sports sedan on the road is the BMW M5. The original model was constructed in 1985, and since then, six generations have been produced. Although there aren’t many interior options available for the BMW M5, those that are available are excellent.

These choices include different interiors made of brown leather. Its Aragon brown stretched Merino leather upholstery is one such style. The full-Merino leather upholstery in Aragon brown is another option.

Merino leather seats in BMW sedan.

Full Merino leather delivers more and costs more than extended Merino leather. Steering wheels, kick panels, and armrests are all made of leather in Merino leather interiors. Leather is used for the dash, door panels, and other surfaces.

2.     Jeep Grand Cherokee

One of the finest off-road SUVs available is the Grand Cherokee. Since 2016, it has consistently sold more than 200,000 copies in the US, thanks to its reputation for dependability. The Grand Cherokee’s numerous trim levels are among its most appealing features. Brown leather interiors are one of the distinctive elements that each level offers.

When purchasing a set of standard levels such as the SRT, brown leather interiors are an option. The black and sepia color combination is used to create the interior’s leather and vented Nappa materials. The reddish-brown color of the Sepia gives it the upscale appearance people had learned to expect from automobiles featuring brown leather interiors.

3.     Ford F-150

Among Ford’s F-series trucks, the F-150 is without a doubt the most well-known model. Over the past forty years, this pick-up vehicle is the most popular car in America. To receive brown leather upholstery for their F-150, customers will need to switch to a platinum midsized sedan.

With multiple seats, this grade level has dual-tone Carmelo leather. Light brown and black tones combine to create the distinctive leather of the Carmelo. It’s not the most fashionable design on this list, but it’s also not the least attractive.

4.     Audi A3

German family automobile, the Audi A3, has been produced since 1996. With almost 90,000 units delivered in 2020, the vehicle, which is currently in its fourth generation, is currently the most effective in terms of selling the Audi model.

Audi A3 chesnut seat interior.

Premier, Premier Plus, and Prestige are the 3 primary trim levels for the vehicle. Chestnut brown comfortable leather choices are available for all three trim levels. The chestnut color is named for its reddish-brown hue that resembles a chestnut.

5.    Toyota Highlander

Midsize crossover SUVs include the Highlander. It has already entered its fourth generation since its initial announcement in April 2000. These are some of the best-selling automobiles in the US, it continuously sold more than 200 thousand units each of the previous five years.

The interior of the Highlander has glazed caramel leather. However, it is only offered on the premium trim level. The premium type of Toyota Highlander is the top trim level and is well worth the extra money because it has other premium features like leather-trimmed seats.

6.    Nissan Sentra

A little sedan produced in Japan is called the Nissan Sentra. The subcompact automobile, now in its eighth iteration, was first introduced in 1982. Nissan Sentra is a well-liked automobile in the US, with over 150 thousand copies sold annually.

The car now comes in three trim levels, only one of which has the highly desired brown leather upholstery. Tan quilted leather inside, and the steering wheel covered by leather are features of the SV specification level. The interior of your automobile will have a posh feel thanks to tan leather’s elegant, light yellowish-brown tint.

7.    Toyota Avalon

Toyota appears to offer a lot of possibilities for you if you’re searching for a vehicle with brown leather seats, and thus the Avalon is among them. Full-sized sedans like the Avalon have been manufactured since 1994. Car owners who desire a brown leather upholstery will, as one might anticipate, choose the top-tier trim option.

Cognac leather covers the inside of Avalon Limited. It’s reddish/grey-brown hue highlights the car’s distinctive styling. The warmed steering wheel and leather interior are further features of this trim level.

8.    Hyundai Tucson

A hybrid SUV that is included on this list is the Hyundai Tucson. Tuscan, Arizona is the inspiration for the name of this small car, which was originally produced in South Korea around 2004. Hyundai Tucson, now in its fourth generation, consistently sells more than 100,000 US units a year.

The Hyundai Tucson Limited, one of its higher trim levels, includes seats made of brown leather. Its most recent version has six trim levels. You will receive a beige leather inside with complete leather upholstery on this trim level. The interior of the car has a grayish-tan interior that has a retro feel to it.

9.    Ferrari

Although not everyone has one, it is unquestionably a type of vehicle that everyone is familiar with. Several road and racing cars have been produced since the sports car first went into production in 1940. Ferrari produces brown leather interior automobiles frequently, staying loyal to its opulent appearance.

The Ferrari 308 is one such vehicle and has genuine leather brown upholstery. The Ferrari 348 TB and Ferrari 456 are two further models in the Ferrari lineup with brown leather seats. You will have options for brown leather seating if you choose to purchase a Ferrari, that much is certain.

10.  Range Rover Sports

There aren’t too many alternatives greater than that of the Range Rover Sports if you would like a reliable SUV with a dash of elegance. It is a second-generation premium crossover SUV that first went into production in 2005. The interiors of this car, which has become the finest SUV within the Land Rover lineup, are highly enticing to fans of brown upholstery.

Elegant vintage tan leather interiors are available in the Range Rover sports. Its bright brown color scheme wonderfully complements the SUV’s opulent styling. Additionally, you have the option of grained leather or semi-aniline leather upholstery.


To conclude, there are lots of choices as to what brown interior car is the best. This field of ideas is marked by the rarity of these types. Although there are lots of entry-level cars out there that have a brown interior design, these cars are the most go-to for certain people as they guarantee good quality and good design.

To answer your questions, these cars are a must-buy and will be worth every single penny that you will spend.

If you have any questions, please comment down below so we can give you a direct answer. Thank you for reading the article!

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