Toyota VSC Light Reset: What To Do If It Appears

Toyota Highlander is a sports car that has average size, has a ready-to-go transmission, third-row nice sit choices, and it’s a 4×4. This vehicle is known for its high protection which means it requires regular inspection of its tire pressure, air cushions, and steadiness control system as these are the primary thing that ensures your safety while driving this vehicle.

What is VSC

Ever wondered about what “VSC” stands for in VSC Light Toyota Highlander? It simply means “Vehicle Stability Control.”  It’s the one that is responsible to make you safer when driving, as it’s designed to reduce the rate of accidents while raining, snowy, or in foggy weather were having clear visibility is hard.

As what Toyota Highlander is designed for, this vehicle prioritized the safety of the people who use the vehicle. However, Toyota Highlander isn’t the only vehicle that has a VSC system placed to the safety percenters and it’s not only limited to Toyota cars as other car brands also have this, but these are also: Sienna, Rav4, Camry, etc.

The 2022 Toyota Highlander cruising the road.

The reason why VSC light on Toyota is because there has been an error registered, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Also, it notices that the car is losing traction, and it tries to apply the brake on all of the wheels of the car to prevent it from sliding unintentionally and losing further control that may result in an accident.

At this point, the engine power usage will be reduced which provides better control for the driver. With this kind of system, the driver of the vehicle can still manage emergencies concerning, understeering, and any kind of slides the car might be involved in.

How to Fix your VSC Lighting

With that, here’s a way how to fix your VSC light on Toyota Highlander, this requires a few steps but it will help you to fix the problem.

A man opened a car air filter box inside the hood.
  • First, short down the engine of the car and apply the emergency brake so the car won’t move out of your knowledge and also, it’s for your safety.
  • Second, open the hood for you to be able to examine the vehicle’s engine compartment and then try to track down the air filter box which must be on the upper leftward side of the engine. If you’re unsure what does air filter box looks like, it is square-shaped and has a black surface, and is large with a ribbed inlet hose.
  • Third, thoroughly check all of the little vacuum lines all over the air filter box. If you notice that there is disconnection, reconnect it or any visible unfastened vacuum stroke, tighten it. 
  • Fourth, go back to the driver’s seat and try starting the motor and drive it to get rid of the VSC warning on the light display.

Now, this is an additional step if the warning fails to disappear and it’s still on the light display.

VSC light button on a vehicle.
  • Find a place where you can park safely, off your car engine, and set it to the emergency brake to avoid it from moving.
  • Go back to the hood of your car and open it, and then disconnect the battery’s ground cable for a few seconds, using the correct fit socket. It will hereby reset the computer of your car, and after that it will remove the VSC caution on your light display, and it’s done.
  • Don’t forget to be consistent in checking it, especially when it starts to malfunction or stops from working normally.

However, if you’re afraid to fix the VSC light on then this question might come to your mind, “Is it safe to drive with a VSC light on?” the answer is it depends upon the situation, especially when it’s related to an O2 sensor issue.

You can still drive your car without issue but if it’s not, you should contact your Toyota dealer, visit an automobile store or take your vehicle in for service to have it checked and have the VSC light removed because it will remain until it is repaired, reset and cleared to all problems your vehicle might have.


VSC Light on Toyota Highlander is great and provides much more safety as it quickly notifies the driver that there’s an error occurred and something needs to be fixed.

If you still have questions in your mind, feel free to leave a comment. We will end this one with a reminder to always check your VSC light and overall car health, especially in your Toyota Highlander to avoid accidents from happening and further ensure your safety.

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