Honda Grom Top Speed: A Complete Guide

Nowadays, city travel is significantly more expensive than it was a few decades ago, from increased gasoline costs to increased road charges to actual automobile and motorcycle costs.

The 2023 Honda Grom is a low-cost option, which is a happy development. It is renowned for being compact, light, and inexpensive. Additionally, it is praised for being fuel-efficient and straightforward to maneuver. Many riders regard them as enjoyable and valuable motorcycles ideal for commuting.

How Fast Will The 2023 Grom Go

The Honda Grom’s most recent model year (2023) claims a top speed of 59 mph, while some riders claim they can only reach 73 mph. The Honda Grom’s top speed during a revolution has never been measured in practice.

Can You Make Grom Faster?

Yes, there are several ways to speed up your Grom. Here are several examples:

1.     Boost Your Brakes

The stock Honda Grom parts are passable, but they cannot assist you in achieving your perk speed. After tuning, experts advise replacing these factory-installed brake systems with aftermarket components that offer superior performance.

Closeup disc brake of a motorcycle.

Are you unable to afford to replace your brakes? Installing a steel hose kit is a less expensive alternative. In contrast to their rubber equivalents, steel braided kits never expand at high temperatures, maintaining constant braking and an excellent response to system control. Your bike will have significantly more fuel capacity and travel amazingly quickly!

2.     Change The Fork Oil

In reality, every routine maintenance procedure includes changing the fork oil. However, if you want to boost the motorcycle’s speed, using denser oil to refuel it will make the 125cc engine modifications more rigid and unyielding.

Therefore, your best option is to swap out the old fork with thinner fluids, which flow more quickly and result in a springier, quicker response to a single shock in the rear tires.

3.     Reduce The Overall Weight

Better speed is correlated with lighter kids and motorcycles. Cutting the weight is a solid strategy if you want to go farther on a bike while making some performance compromises.

Lithium-ion batteries can be used in place of lead-acid ones as a standard (and affordable) fix. The latter alternatives are incredibly light, which enhances the motorcycle’s acceleration, handling, braking, and fuel efficiency.

What Other Factors Affect The Honda Grom Top Speed

Person riding a red motorcycle.

The weight of the rider, the terrain, and wind resistance are additional variables that affect the Honda’s top speed. Any vehicle’s top speed is significantly influenced by wind resistance.

Wind resistance increases as you travel faster. The Honda Grom is no different, and because of its diminutive size, it is particularly vulnerable to severe gusts. You can anticipate slower top-speed biking in windy weather.

The rider’s weight also influences the Honda Grom’s speed. The bike will accelerate more slowly and have a lower top rate with heavier riders than with lighter ones. This is because bigger riders might affect the engine and tires to function less well by putting additional strain on them.

Lastly, the terrain influences the Honda Grom’s top speed. When riding on smooth asphalt, you can go faster than on rougher ground like gravel or mud. This is a result of friction; the bike slows down on uneven surfaces because there is more excellent contact between the tires and the ground.


An excellent max speed for a little bike like this is the Honda Grom’s top speed of about 73 mph. The Honda Grom can go faster without over-revving thanks to the gearbox’s more extensive spread of ratios, fifth gear, and four-stroke air-cooled engine.

The Grom is worth considering if you’re seeking a fast and fun ride. In addition to making you smile broadly, the 2023 Honda Grom ABS will let you make significant financial savings during regular trips. Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, this bike is enjoyable for both!

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