Dent Removal Cost? How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dent In Car?

If you have a dent in your car and need it repaired, then you have come to the right place.

What makes a car dent repair expensive? How much does a car dent repair cost? Is it worth fixing a car dent? Read on in this article to discover the most common questions and answers for repairing a car dent.

What Makes a Car Dent Repair Expensive?

There are many factors that will lead to high expenses when repairing a car dent. These include the size of the dent, location of the dent, if it is a high steel material dent, multiple car dents, or if multiple parts need to be removed.

Speak with a car dent repair mechanic before making a decision about what repair shop will fix your car dent. A specialist will have the experience to explain each dent, how it will be repaired and some real-life ideas about how to stay away from getting dents on your car.

A customer and dent specialist checks a car issue.

It is best, to be honest, and specific with your mechanic as much as possible. Even if you do not know a lot about cars, have the measured size of the dent, and location information ready for your mechanic to help him determine the best way to reach the dent for repair.

💡 By giving your mechanic exact information, he will not have to probe for the car dent, which decreases labor costs.

Size of the Dent

The size of your car dent is a major factor in how expensive the repair will be. Obviously, a smaller dent will be less expensive than a larger dent. A good rule of thumb would be to measure the size of your car dent and speak with a dent specialist to get an estimate on how expensive your car dent repair cost will be.

It is best to fix your car dent if the size of the dent is smaller in size. A dent can get larger and worse on the surface of your car and lead to larger cracks that begin to spread to other parts of your car. Fix your smaller car dent immediately to avoid unnecessary and more expensive car repairs.

Location of the Dent

Hard to reach dents require time by your mechanic to get to the dent for repair. The more time, the more expensive it will be due to labor costs. If you have a surface dent, then your expenses will be less than a dent that has gone into other parts of your vehicle and require more labor.

As soon as you discover your car dent, speak with your mechanic about getting it repaired. Once your mechanic looks at the source of your car dent, he may discover other things that are going on with your car or a dent on the inside of your car in other locations. This could lead to serious labor costs and an expensive overall repair bill.

High Steel Material Dent

Your car is made mostly of steel. If the dent is in a high steel area, then expect an expensive repair bill.

A dent repair mechanic must do more labor to replace the dented steel with a new piece of steel. Replacing the steel material is an expensive cost that will be seen by you when you pay for your car dent repair.

An automaker installs dent-resistant steel on the vehicle’s door.

Remember that the outside of your car is made up of steel. The chances that your car dent is in a high steel area are high. Dents in these areas are more expensive because of the expensive steel material. The steel material is meant to be durable and strong to prevent car dents.

However, the strength and durability costs that come with repairing a car dent often lead to expensive repair bills.

Multiple Car Dents

If you have multiple car dents, then you can expect your repair costs to be more expensive. Multiple car dents mean that each dent must be repaired by your mechanic. These extra costs add up to more labor costs that can lead to an expensive repair bill.

While it may seem obvious that multiple numbers of car dents will lead to more labor costs, this is not always the case. A car owner can take his car in to repair one dent and find out from the mechanic that he has several car dents on the inside and outside of his car that is unseen to the naked eye.

Having a professional mechanic and car dent specialist examine your car for dents is the best way to ensure that all of your car dents are properly repaired.

Multiple Parts Need to be Removed

A car dent repair will become expensive when multiple parts of your car have to be removed in order to repair the dent. The more labor a mechanic has to do to fix the dent, the more expensive your car dent repair cost will be.

Newer model cars have better technology and often use a computer panel to operate it on the road. These panels must be removed along with other parts of your car in order to repair one car dent. The more time a mechanic needs to get to the car dent for repair, the more labor is required to repair your car dent and bring your car back to its original form.

Car mechanic using a computer in the auto repair shop.

A newer model car may be more expensive because of the parts that have to be removed before repair can be done. With older model cars, the computers are not there, which makes it easier to get to the source of your car dent and repair it.

How Much Does a Car Dent Repair Cost?

A car dent repair costs on average in the range of $50 to $300. However, there are certain factors like car model, scratch size, and location that will be a part of determining the final car dent repair cost.

💡Do your best to stop getting car dents by not parking too close to cars in a parking lot and not running over unpaved roads or bumps in the road. 
💡Also, stay away from places where kids are playing to keep rocks from possibly being thrown at your car. Accidents are also high-risk factors for getting car dents that can be damaging and lead to expensive car repair bills.

Car Model

Your car model is a major factor in how much your car dent repair will cost. Newer cars have more technology which can sometimes make dent repair more costly. Newer model cars often require taking the entire car apart to get to one dent. Pricier model cars will have pricier parts which will also send you into a higher cost bracket when repairing your car dent.


Car dent size is always a major factor in the cost of repairing a car dent. The size of the dent will often determine the range of price that you will need to pay for your repair. A larger dent requires more labor which means more repair costs.

Location of the Dent

The cost to repair a car dent will be determined by the location of the dent. If the dent can be easily repaired on the surface of the car, then this brings down your labor cost and ultimately the price for your car dent repair.

Is it Worth Fixing a Car Dent?

The short answer is yes, it is definitely worth fixing a car dent. If your vehicle is in otherwise great shape, it will help with the resale value when you decide to sell your car. Do not give your buyer any negotiating room by complaining about your car dent and trying to lowball your price. Offer him the best-looking car for the highest possible price.

Customer buying a used car in good condition.

However, if your car is an older model vehicle and you have fallen in love with your car on a sentimental level, then repairing a car dent may not be necessary. A car dent repair may not add value to your car even if you do decide to sell. If you are planning on keeping your car for a lifetime, then a car dent repair may be something that does not need to do.

The average car dent repair cost is worth the value of a car that will showcase well when you are trading your car into a car dealership for a newer model or selling your car to an anxious buyer. If your car is a more expensive vehicle, then you will definitely want to repair your car dent to keep your car looking presentable.


Do your homework before choosing the best dent mechanic to repair your car dent. He must have experience with repairing dents and understand what to look for. Look at past customer review ratings to make your final decision.

Remember that size, location of your car dent, car model, if it is in a high steel area, or if multiple parts need to be removed to repair the dent are all factors in how expensive your car dent repair will be.

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